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Yard Kids

UI-UX / Responsive Design / Magento

Yard Kids is an online backyard game selling store. As the website was dedicated for children, therefore we planned to use only fun colors. The complete website was intuitive and simple that made easier for anyone to use it. We decided to display the information in a proper structure to allow its easier accessibility. The designed website was user-friendly and provided consistent information.

Yard Kids

The Client

Our client wished to have some games that can be played in the backyard with the children. Yard Kids is a better platform available for children to involve in the sports activities outside their home, gain more focus, engage in sports, get a chance to practice more and build their target. All available games are colorful and weatherproof.

Core requirements were:
  • Reduce the long checkout process to a single-step checkout process
  • Display game information in a proper structure
  • Allow to upload the product video

The Solution

We decided to design a website that should be user-friendly and attractive for both adults and kids. Our team had used consistent fun colors to display the information of the children's games. It was a very simple website that covered all requested details of our client.

Key Features were:
  • Installed a third-party extension to initiate a single-step checkout
  • Followed structured information concept to display all information on the website
  • Facilitated to upload video on the website