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Empower your business with industry-specific, bespoke Android applications that creates breakthrough impact

Android is a powerful, user-friendly, and secure way to develop smart, handy, and high-performing and engaging mobile apps. eTatvaSoft- a leading Android app development company in India, serves the unique needs of clients with their end-to-end android app development process from discovery, UI/UX design, architecture and Android development, QA, and play store submission. Our mobile app developers are adept and experienced in developing innovative ideas offering an exemplary user-experience in smartphones, tablet and Android TV apps.

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Android App Development Services

Tap on our ability to bring the best for your business using our expertise in Android app development solutions

  • Android App Development Consulting

    Android App Development Consulting

    Our adept Android app developers will suggest the best solution for your businesses as per the needs and lead you to develop best mobile apps.

  • Custom Android App Development

    Custom Android App Development

    We address all your custom mobile app development needs by using the right framework, tools, language, and features.

  • Android Application Migration

    Android Application Migration

    Our team of Android app developers seamlessly migrate your feature rich apps with higher compatibility and scalability

  • Android App Design

    Android App Design

    Reinvent the look of your Android Apps using Google’s Material Design offerings with different resolutions for mobile phones, tablets, and TVs.

  • QA & Testing

    QA & Testing

    With a strong team of Android app testers, we have the potential to deliver flawless, reliable, high-performing solutions for you

  • Native Android Apps Development

    Native Mobile App Development

    Our Android app developers develop performance-oriented and high-quality native mobile applications.

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Customized Android Applications

Employ the talented pool of Android app developers for businesses to create dynamic and cutting-edge mobile applications

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Capture the Crawl

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PHP

A simple android application that focuses on engaging friends by encouraging them to participate in and earn a winning prize from interesting scavenger hunting events. Users can create their own custom events, choose challenges to participate in, and join any event. Google map integration has served as the main feature that enables it to make route maps.

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Android Development Experience

Expedite your process of top Android App development by utilizing the skills of eTatvaSoft- one of the top Android app development companies in India. Our Indian App developers have extensive experience in creating dynamic web apps, interactive Android apps, and eCommerce cross-platform solutions. From startups to large-scale enterprises, we offer best-in-class cloud services by optimally using all the Android technology frameworks and platforms to build all types of high-performing Android-based mobile devices, Android Tablets, Android Wear and Android TV.

  • Bespoke Android App Development
  • Android Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile ERP, POS and mCommerce Development
  • BLE Enabled Application
  • Healthcare & Lifestyle Solutions
  • Social Media with Instant Chat and Call
  • E-learning Solution
  • Hospitality & Restaurant Solutions

Technology Stack

Core Libraries and Frameworks Core Languages

  • Kotlin
  • Java

State Management State Management

  • Flow
  • ViewModel
  • LiveData
  • Consumer
  • RxJava , RxKotlin
  • Coroutine

UI and Styling UI and Styling

  • Xml
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Material Design

Backend, Integration Backend, Integration, and Data Management

  • Retrofit , OkHttp,Volley
  • WebSocket
  • FCM
  • SQLite
  • Room DB
  • SharedPreferences
  • GraphQL
  • Realm DB

Build, Debug, QA & Testing Build, Debug, QA & Testing

  • Android Studio
  • Firebase Crashalytics
  • LeakCanary
  • Logging
  • Stetho
  • Unit Testing
  • Instrumentation Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Chunk Intercepter

Backend, Integration Design, Prototyping, and Asset Management

  • Miro
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Zeplin
  • Android Asset Studio
  • InVision

Why Hire an Android Developer from us?

If your business is striving to develop a stable, fully-functional and customized Android application, then eTatvaSoft's Android App Development team can help you achieve breakthrough results.

eTatvaSoft is a leading software development company in India that provides full-stack and end-to-end mobile app development services. As a tech-frontier, we understand the insides of programming languages like Java and Kotlin and imply it using Android SDK and Android NDK kits to deliver engaging apps. We are an Android app development company that understands Android and Eclipse Studio and create new-edge applications with higher customer engagement that boost business growth.

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Flawless Design

Explore the best design with the help of our designers for your project.


Effective Code

We code by using suitable development platforms to cater to business needs.

React Native
Node JS
Vue JS

Easy Communication

Stay updated with daily code validations and reporting sheets with android developers.


How to Hire the best Android Developers?

Transform your business ideas into a real-time futuristic application that streamlines business operations, elevates sales graphs, and improves time-to-market using our Mobile App Development process. Hire our expert developers by filling out the inquiry form.

Team work

How does the Android development team at eTatvaSoft work?

We are one of the top Android App Development Companies in India focused on the development of cost-efficient and high-performing mobile Android applications. Our standardized business protocol follows definite steps before initiating your android app development project

  • Need Analysis

    Introduce us to your business goals, company profile, and services so that our experts understand your process and recommend services based on it.

  • Access Your New Android Team

    Meet your custom team of Android App Developers which we have chosen based on skills, experience, and best fit as per project needs.

  • Project Initialization

    Kick-off your new Android project in coordination with your business team and our Android App developers for best business results.

Engagement Model

Android Development Engagement Model

  • Dedicated Android App Development Team

    Perfectly fitting into your Agile Android development needs, eTatvaSoft can help you expand your business and develop cutting-edge apps leveraging the skills of a dedicated Android app development team. Our Android developers will be completely committed and flexible to changing business requirements to lead you through this growth and transition phase to embrace profits.

  • Fixed Price Model

    Your well-planned vision and predefined project goals can be easily achieved through the Fixed Price engagement model. Rely on our high-skilled Android Developers who consider your budget. We draft a roadmap considering the scope of work, technical complexity, and utilization of different features of the Android development framework. Gain the maximum advantage of Android functionalities by easily developing apps that are material design compliant and crash-free.

Key Benefits to Choose Android Application Development

Cost-effective Development

One of the power-packed open-source app development platform- Android is a cost-effective way for developing cutting-edge native Android apps

Flexible and Scalable

Strive to become the best in this competitive marketplace with Android apps that uses flexible SDK tools, and NDK tools

Developer Friendly

As it is an open-source platform, it has a wide variety of free features that most developers find user-friendly to develop and run

Enriching the Community

With multiple carriers, software partners, Android applications never fail to stand out of the league


Enables compatibility and flexibility among multiple cross devices such as smartphones, and tablets

Easy to Install

Android apps can be easily installed from third-party websites with effective security measures.

Quick Deployment

Deployment process of Android apps is much quicker and easier than iOS.

High ROI

Android apps are profit-boosters and accelerate the ROI with greater outreach in marketplaces.

Community Support

Android app development marketplace has huge community support for quick support and guidance

Let’s start your Android Development project now.

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What technologies do you use in development of an Android Application?

Our Android developers use the latest Android trends like Kotlin, Java, RxJava, RxKotlin, Coroutines, in Android Studio, to make the perfect, and most optimized native Android app.

Do you reuse the code?

eTatvaSoft is a bespoke Android app development company. Based on the client's requirement we deliver Android application solutions. Our Android developers use open source libraries and code to speed up implementation. However, we never use client's intellectual property like code or content as we do have very strict NDA norms. Once the Android solution is deployed to the Google Play Store we never store the codebase.

What procedure do you follow in developing an Android Application?

We follow a custom waterfall or agile process of understanding client’s requirements and proposing a clear roadmap to clients about Android app development services. Aligning to the needs, we allocate resources that include a custom team of Project Managers, UI/UX developers, Android developers, and Quality Analysts.

How do you provide support to my Android application if it does not work properly for the new Android release?

If there is a new Android OS release, our Android developers will test your existing app in the newest OS and list all the conflicts and reported issues. There may be nominal changes or fixes involved but we provide Android maintenance and support service to cover such scenarios.

How do you choose the best fit Android developers for my project?

First, we assess the requirement domain, complexity, project size, and based on the same we align Android Developers to the project. We always try to provide a balanced team combination for every Android application project.

Will I have a complete control over the hired Android dedicated team?

Yes, Android developers who you hire from us will dedicatedly work on your project as well as your employees. They will directly report you regarding the project update. At any point in time if you feel any issue you can contact the project manager as well as you can upscale or downscale Android developers based on the project need.

Do you provide application mockups prior to starting development?

Yes, our UI/UX designers design the Android Mobile screens and we get client approval before our Android developers start implementation.

Are your Android developers compatible working with other backend teams?

Definitely yes. If you are going to manage the backend and APIs then our Android developers will cooperate with your backend team regarding API needs and will develop an Android application.

What support and maintenance services do you provide after development of an Android application.

We provide the below listed after-sale services based on the signed agreement.

  • Bug fixing
  • Version upgrade
  • Data migration/up-gradation
  • Enhancement and implementation

How native Android development good over cross platform implementation?

There are several reasons that why one should go with the native Android development rather than cross-platform

  • In cross-platform, it is hard to achieve performance like Native whenever we have to deal with games, hardware usage, network terms, strict security, offline capability.
  • One can easily find Free Android Community support for any particular issue
  • Immediate support for any update or integration in Native Android development
  • Comparatively high speed and performance
  • Easy to find good Android developers

What are the advantages of an Android application compared to an iOS application?

Targeting the Android platform may result in large community access as well as a user base. As currently, Android devices are cheaper and easily available compared to iPhones so plenty of people tend to use Android OS devices. In addition to this Google Review process is not very strict and lengthy while uploading the Android application on the Play store.

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