Purchasing smartphones online has become the new norm, but at the same time, when it comes to selling, many of us are still relying on traditional methods, going to the shop, and negotiating on the price. Like it or not, but there are times when these conventional processes fail to give proper justice to you. To save you from this hassle, we have developed an online platform with great features using which users can sell his/her used mobile online and get fair enough price after a transparent evolution procedure.


Services used on this project

  • Framework

  • Web Server

  • Programming Language

  • Database

  • Integration

    WPML integration for multilingual support
  • Development Tool


The Client

The idea was inaugurated by one of our clients who want to have a transparent online system for customers from where they can get a price for their used mobile according to mobile condition and also able to see price count criteria to get a better idea.

Core requirements were:

  • Create a product list with a large number of products
  • Smooth checkout process
  • Fair price count system
  • Multilingual website


The Aim was to full fill all the aspects of the client through delivering an online solution with great features and functionality. This project provides a platform to the user to sell their used mobile online and best value for the used device based on the transparent assessment process.

solution-image-1 solution-image-2

The Solution

We have developed an online mobile selling system from where customer can find his/her device, can set device conditions through filling up the product questionnaire and make a request to get a quote. We have provided two admin interfaces in the backend, i.e., financial admin and Technician interface.

Key features were:

  • Product listing with detailed information and search/filter functionality
  • Multi language support - Dutch and English
  • Questionnaire to describe the mobile condition
  • Newsletter subscription
  • User account creation/ Checkout process
  • User can request for a custom quote for their mobile

Highlighted Features



Product Listing


Category Listing


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