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Develop bespoke, and scalable .NET applications with improved service quality, faster performance, and higher sustainability.

Microsoft .NET is one of the pioneering and renowned technologies for web, desktop, and mobile app development services. It has the potential to offer secure and highly efficient application performance. eTatvaSoft is a leading .NET development company empowering businesses to develop real-time apps embracing cutting-edge .NET software development solutions. It helps clients to seamlessly integrate enterprise-grade applications and amplify customer satisfaction with rich user experience.

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.NET Development Services

Explore the Customized, Effective and Quality-driven .NET Application Development Services.

  • Desktop and Web App Development

    Desktop and Web App Development

    Our expert developers develop all types of compatible desktop and web applications in a highly secured, reliable and performing environment.

  • Custom Application Development

    Custom Application Development

    Tailored to business growth, we shape the custom application using .NET based modern technologies like C# and MVC or conventional .NET Core framework.

  • .NET Quick and Agile Deliveries

    Xamarin Application Development

    Our expert Xamarin developers transform your visual ideas into real world apps. Our Developers are compatible to develop xamarin apps with every platform like ioS, Android and windows.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    We meet our client’s post project needs and requirements with our continuous and consistent support and maintenance services for .NET development.

  • API Integration Development

    WPF Application Development

    Using the WPF Framework, our .NET programmers create well optimized and lightweight applications with increased speed within client’s budget and deadline.

  • App Integration

    App Integration

    We provide support in seamless API integration with third-party apps using .NET services for easier and flexible A2A and B2B .NET development solutions.

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Customized .NET Application Development

We explore the nitty-gritty of customized requirements to offer bespoke .NET application development services leveraging the skills of our proficient developers

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  • .NET
  • Xamarin
  • MySQL

Palladium accounting application, part of a comprehensive web ERP solution, facilitates its users to address their tasks from a remote location and efficiently manage their day to day organizational work when they are away from their desk. The app has features like managing sales related documentation, stock management, inventory and internal transfers within the warehouses.

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.NET Development Experience

For startups or enterprise-level companies, we at eTatvaSoft, offer full-fledged .NET application development services for scalable and compatible applications. As a top-notch .NET development company in India, we understand each need of clients and provide full cycle support through ASP.NET web development services, .NET core development, maintain CI/CD or DevOps that boosts business and offers cross platform compatibility.

  • Banking and Financial Solutions
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Retail and Point of Sale (POS) Development
  • .NET Desktop Application Development
  • Custom ASP.NET Web Development
  • Enterprise Grade SaaS based Products Development
  • ERP Solutions
  • ASP.NET Web Development

Technology Stack

tech-core-library Core Libraries and Frameworks

  • .NET Core
  • .NET Framework
  • WPF
  • Azure Cloud Development
  • MAUI
  • Blazor

Front-end Frontend

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • UWP Apps

Cloud & DevOps Cloud & DevOps

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform

Components, Libraries APIs Components, Libraries & APIs

  • Entity Framework
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • SignalR

Database Database

  • SQL Server
  • Postgre SQL
  • My SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Azure SQL
  • Amazon RDS
  • Oracle
  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch
  • Dynamo

Automation Automation

  • Azure Devops
  • AWS pipeline
  • Bamboo
  • Jenkins

Security Security

  • OAuth 2.0
  • NTLM
  • X.509
  • SSO
  • Encryption
  • Kerberos
  • Auditing
  • Logging

Architecture Architecture

  • MVC
  • MVP
  • Microservices
  • MVVM

Caching Caching

  • Memcached
  • Redis

QA and Testing QA and Testing

  • Selenium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • BrowserStack
  • Postman
  • JIRA
  • Azure DevOps
  • NUnit

Project Management Tools Project Management Tools

  • Github
  • BitBucket
  • Code Commit
  • Jira
  • Azure DevOps
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Test Rail

Others Tools and Libraries Others Tools and Libraries

  • Power BI
  • Sharepoint
  • GraphQL
  • ML.Net
  • Office 365
  • Biztalk Server

Why Hire .NET Developers from us?

Creating an interactive and intuitive app that performs as per changing market trends is a dream of every business. .NET development services at eTatvaSoft can help you accomplish it.

Develop modular, scalable and reliable applications using our experience in .NET development services. eTatvaSoft- a leading software development company is continuously setting a benchmark of developing robust and bug-free applications. Our.NET developers are proficient in the .NET technology stack including the knowledge of .NET core, VB.NET, MVVM, ASP.NET and other interconnected entity frameworks. We apply a pragmatic approach to develop light-weighted and bug-free .NET mvc solutions that surpass clients’ expectations.

Get Expert .NET Consultation

Flawless Design

Explore the best design with the help of our designers for your project.


Effective Code

Design the code by using suitable frameworks to cater business growth.

React Native
Node JS
Vue JS

Easy Communication

Stay updated with daily code validations and data reporting sheets with our developers.


How to Hire a .NET Development Team?

Capitalize on our services to save largely on time by using reusable codes, a simpler deployment phase with a reliable .NET development solution. Our team of .NET developers walks an extra mile for your business to reap benefits from the applications developed by us.

Team work

How does the .NET development team at eTatvaSoft works?

eTatvaSoft has been digitizing businesses by offering customized and multipurpose .NET solutions with a unique approach for all .NET projects

  • Business Prerequisites

    Walk us through your corporate objectives, business portfolio, and service offerings. Our tech mavens put recommendations on respective projects.

  • Connect With Your New .NET Development Team

    We vett out .NET Developers that would fit best to your requirements and accordingly craft our customized .NET development service.

  • Idea Implementation

    Jumpstart your legacy business app or new app development with our team of .NET developers by seamlessly coordinating for exemplary results.

Engagement Model

.NET Development Engagement Model

  • Dedicated .NET Development Team

    We provide a dedicated .NET development team that will be fully determined to your Agile .NET development needs for a specific time period or till the project requirements are met. Leveraging their skills in .NET technology, eTatvaSoft can help you expand your business with cutting-edge apps. Our .NET developers will be completely committed and flexible to changing business requirements to lead you through this transition phase and embrace profits.

  • Fixed Price Model

    Fixed Price engagement model is ideal when you have well-defined vision and predefined project goals. This model takes your budget into consideration and drafts a roadmap within that fixed range considering the scope of work, technical complexity, and utilization of different functions of the .NET framework. You can rely on our highly functional .NET Developers to gain the benefits of .NET functionalities and features for your project needs.

Key Benefits to Choose .NET Web Application Development

Build Complex Apps

.NET technology offers tools and libraries that help .NET developers to build complex solutions with lesser and simplified coding options.

Secure Applications

Easier to maintain the security of apps because of ASP.NET built-in Windows Forms authentication and Active Directory based authentication features.

Cross Platform Compatibility

With the introduction of .NET Core, now it is easy to use on Windows, Linux, MAC, and other operating systems.

Customized Deliveries

eTatvaSoft has experienced .NET Developers that Build customized .NET solutions to cater exactly what your business needs. We deliver best in class customized .NET applications at lower cost.

Powerful IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio provides a rich toolbox to the developers with a rich class library along with a drag and drop server that helps reduce development times.

Open Source

.NET Core is open source and supported by thriving developers’ communities around the world, which makes .NET apps future proof by adding longevity due to a supportive Open source community.

Language Independence

.NET developers have the freedom to choose the best-suited language as per the development projects.

Easy Deployment

No need to register components as the framework comes with built-in configuration information for easy deployment of ASP.NET apps.

Technology Stack

.NET ecosystem supports a large technology stack such as ASP.NET, AJAX CT, DevExpress, Infragistics, Telerik, Xamarine, Sharepoint and much more.

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What are the distinctive characteristics of .NET development platform which sets it apart from other web development frameworks?

.NET is a software development platform designed and supported by none other than Technology behemoth Microsoft itself to allow for easy desktop and web application engineering. .NET Platform is best suitable for businesses that are looking for a wide range of features like web-based application development and services, desktop software, and cloud infrastructure support, all in one ecosystem.

The following points made .NET a default choice for everyone and they are:

  • Technical ecosystem that supports almost all platforms
  • Less coding
  • Uninterrupted Process
  • Deployment ready
  • Auto debugging

What are the different components of the .NET development platform? How application development for different devices Web, Desktop, Mobile/tablet are supported through it?

.NET Platform comes in 4 tastes:


    The .NET Framework is the first implementation of the platform. It includes three main application models – WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET Forms

    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)- It is a UI framework used for creating graphical interfaces primarily for desktop client applications on Windows OS.
    • Windows Forms- It is a GUI class library within .NET Framework. Windows Forms are used to develop desktop applications with rich graphics that are easy to update and deploy.
    • ASP.NET - It is used to develop dynamic websites and web applications.

    It’s a cross-platform re-build of the .NET Framework. Unlike the old version, engineers can now use the product on Linux and macOS and create applications that aren’t necessarily tied to the Windows family.


    It is used for developing mobile applications which run in iOS/Android/and Windows OS.


    It enables the development of universal apps for PC, tablets, Xbox, Surface Hub, HoloLens, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

What is the overall .NET technology stack do you offer?

The .Net Platform consists of developer tools, programming languages, and libraries to build desktop, web, as well as cloud-based applications.

  • Web:

    ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, WCF, WebForms, ADO.NET, C#, Razor, Blazor, VB.NET

  • Desktop:

    WPF, XAML, WinForms,.NET Core

  • Clouds:

    Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, NoSQL

  • Continuous Integration / Build Automation:

    VSO/TFS, Bamboo, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Circle CI

  • Development Approaches:

    Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

Are .NET Platform based applications Cross platform in nature?

Earlier, the .NET Platform based application was having one disadvantage that it can run only on Windows OS. But, considering the evolution of the recent open-source technology phenomenon, Microsoft has come up with their latest .NET core framework which is Open Source and Cross-platform and which runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker. In much simpler terms, it is a significant redesign of the previous NET framework. It comes with a range of benefits like improved performance, tighter security, lesser coding, and so on.

What should be the approximate Project Size to build my application with .NET Platform?

There is not any size limit from/up to which you can build the Project in the .NET Platform. It can be used to build the application which can be used by a single user within their organization to SMBs having hundreds of users to Large enterprises having thousands of users. .NET Platform is adaptable and efficient for any Project size.

Any specific Industry for which application developed in .NET platform is more suitable?

As mentioned above, .NET Platform can be used to build the application which can be used by a single user within their organization from SMBs having hundreds of users to Large enterprises having thousands of users. Working with hundreds of customers, we have gained domain expertise for industry verticals like Insurance, Banking, Government, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Healthcare, IT Services, Logistics and Transportation, Energy, Financial Services, Media, etc. You can think of any industry in day-to-day life, you can find tons of references of applications developed using the .NET platform for that Industry.

How to address application security aspects which are developed using .NET Platform?

.NET Platform is best known for the inbuilt security mechanism it provides for the application irrespective of whether it is a small-scale application used by a couple of users OR a gigantic application used by users of fortune 500 companies. As a Custom application development company, we have in-depth knowledge and skills of applying those integral security features available with the .NET platform. An application can contain any feature be it a payment gateway, analytics of any kind, a real-time application used by thousands of users, anything and everything under the sun, we can make it secure enough. We are confident enough to support our aptitude as an authentic ASP.NET development company capable of offering high-quality custom applications for our customers all around the world.

Is there any limitation of using specific front end language for .NET platform based applications?

No, you can use any front-end language of your choice. .NET platform does not restrict you in that regard. You can use plain HTML/CSS OR different Javascript frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular, React, Vue, etc. to name a few.

Are there any additional costs involved if we decide to develop the application with the .NET platform as it is a part of Microsoft Ecosystem?

No, there is no such thing. It entirely depends on the scope of work and the complexity of the project. We imply a transparent approach where we send clients the initial quotes after analyzing their requirements to make them understand the cost and plan accordingly. eTatvaSoft as an affordable and reliable ASP.NET development company makes sure to offer lower investment costs to businesses for their application development with their immense amount of expertise which eventually leads to higher profitability for many of our clients.

What kind of architecture do you support for the applications developed using the .NET platform?

We choose ASP.NET development architecture that will perfectly suit the needs of your specific application.

  • We suggest Multi Tier architecture appropriate for Mid-sized applications to ensure their fast development, reliable Testing, and maintenance.
  • We work in Microservices architecture that enables application development using components, developing new components to the existing Microservices infra, they are a good fit for load balancing needs, CI/CD, and partial updates.
  • We choose Cloud-native architecture to enable maximum scalability and availability by employing renowned cloud platforms i.e. AWS, Azure, GCP

Are Applications developed using .NET platform Mobile friendly?

Yes, we can design and develop the .NET platform-based application in such a way that it will be responsive, intuitive which enhances the user-friendliness of the developed application. These web applications are usable in any browser viewport size.

What kind of Business Model do you work with with respect to application development using the .NET platform?

We work with 2 kinds of business models for any project that we undertake within our organization irrespective of the underlying technology.

  • If you have a clear and specific requirement having a brief of features you would like to have within the application and you want to develop it using the .NET platform, Our Business analyst team can discuss/analyze requirements with you and guide you for the estimation of such an application.
  • If you just have an idea in your mind but you are not clear about what kind of features would be required within the application OR you want to hire our expert .NET resources, we can provide you our .NET consultants who will work as good as your team member.

If I hire .NET developers, how will I coordinate with them?

Once you hire ASP.NET developers, they will be working as good as your team members. Our team members are pretty much familiar with all the usual project management tools like JIRA, Trello, Asana, Slack, Azure DevOps. You can have daily Scrum/Stand-up meetings OR weekly/fortnightly status update meetings with them through any of the communication tools like Skype, MS teams, Zoom, Gotomeeting. You can be in constant touch with them either through Skype, MS Teams, Google hangout, or any other communication channel.

How will my project confidentiality be maintained?

To retain and respect the uniqueness, confidentiality and privacy of your project, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client before they start sharing their project requirements with us.

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