The client was already having a Shopify eCommerce website where customers can order parts for DIY garage door repair and install them on their own. He coordinated with eTatvaSoft for developing a plugin that can conduct proper management of the spring.

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Services used on this project

  • Platform

  • Programming language

    Node.js, Liquid theme
  • Integration

    Custom Node.js App
  • Development tool

    Visual Studio Code

The Client

The US-based client already had an eCommerce site name Garage Door Nation, he wished to design a customized wizard interface that would integrate with its existing Shopify store to help the customer select the correct springs for their DIY repairs.

Core requirements were:

  • To integrate the wizard to the existing website and add-on Shopify functionality.
  • Access to Shopify APIs whenever required.
  • Integrating the calculator and training pages and functionality into the system.


We analyzed the software concepts and requirement descriptions of the client and developed a flexible plugin that will collect some information from the customer required to supply them with the right springs.

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The Solution

We developed the calculator wizard using Shopify that will contain 3 main parts which are:

  • Video and Information sections which explain how to measure the parameters and enter values in the calculator.
  • Calculator with three parameters from which matching IPPT values will be identified.
  • Retrieve products based on IPPT and other values.

Key features were:

  • Home Page: Add section or call-to-action button on the home page which will redirect the user to the homepage of the calculator wizard.
  • Calculator wizard: Custom made wizard calculator with three parts i.e., video and information section, two calculator paths, show products based on the results of the calculator.
  • Custom Springs: If there is no exact or close match found, the user can send custom quote requests.
  • Suggest High Cycle Upgrade - Upsell: There will be a suggested upgrade to high-cycle springs immediately after providing the initial products.
  • Add-Ons: Shows all the items that can be added by the customer before purchase.
  • Customer Also Purchased: List other items purchased by similar purchasers
  • Admin Features: Manage email/SMS notifications, manage product group, video/text CMS management.

Highlighted Features



Product Listing

Product Listing

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