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SIM Assist

UI-UX / Android App

The SIM Assist is a tablet app to record the evidence-based diagnostic assessments of the aged patient suffering from continence. The app behaves as a central collection of the important clinical data of the old age homes people, ensuring better tracking of their health. We had developed this app to allow conducting the medical assessment of the elderly patients by reducing the time and bring more authenticity to the clinical data.

SIM Assist Login

The Client

Our client wished to improve the quality of the life of ageing population. As the continence is a common health problem among the ageing people, therefore we were asked to develop a diagnostic tool that could be used easily and record all different types of clinical data.

Core requirements were:
  • A clean and easy app design to obey frequent usage effortlessly
  • No text entry field is required excluding login form
  • Multiple users can access the app
  • Give an alert of new assessment messages specific to the patients
  • Integrate different types of assessments to make the observational entries
  • Different parameters and values to record an observation entry
  • Display history of the observations recorded on the same day

The Solution

We had developed an SIM Assist app with an interactive user interface to record clinical data with easy tap facility. The app was designed with the necessary observational entries and parameters to effortlessly record the data. A sleekly designed app with self-explanatory images to make an observation.

Key Features were:
  • Design facilitated an easy access to the observation fields
  • Appropriate icons and images were used to indicate the clinical data
  • Accessibility of the app to the multiple users
  • Facilitate to view make entry of different records with minimum text entry
  • Comprehensive history browsing
  • Notification indicated number of newly available clinical data of every patient