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Fashion Marketplace


GBOM is an online platform, where the genuine selling and buying of branded clothes, jewelries, and accessories takes place. It's an online luxury fashion store developed to offer an exclusive and latest designer products. The sellers can connect to this platform and offer their wide range of products and earn profits. We used PHP to develop this extensive platform to simplify buying and selling process by spanning it across the globe. Sellers gained retailing opportunities to achieve incredible profits.

GBOM Fashion Marketplace

The Client

With an idea of providing the latest and fashionable online store to the customers and an interactive, hassle-free platform to the sellers, GBOM online store was launched to fulfill our client's objectives. The clothing line showcased major brands, where the clothes were offered to meet the quality standard, targeting everyone.

Core requirements were:
  • Develop an interactive platform for the seller to grow their business and customers, to buy with confidence
  • Creatively present the product categories to ease the product navigation with products access limited to registered users
  • Represent the product advertisements in the different ways along with related products
  • Categorize the seller's registration and their products listing into two types
  • Set the shipping rates based on the product price
  • Reward programs and Refund facility to value the customer relationship
  • A messaging system to enable the communication between the seller and customer
  • Broaden the checkout in two ways - brand specific and complete order

The Solution

We responded to our client's request with a fully functional PHP website for the sellers and customers, where the former can run business easily, and later can save on their purchase. The website was simple, yet engaging to attract new customers and provided a flawless way to navigate across. The intuitive functionalities had advanced the website usability, such that our client has experienced maximum user's interaction.

Key Features were:
  • Developed an engaging website that was easier to navigate and fully functional
  • Made the product details available only to the logged-in users. Not-logged users can only view the product image
  • Vendor area to manage all products and orders
  • Professionally designed two display areas for promotion; a banner slider for all promotional products and today's choice products
  • Developed a logic of calculating the product shipping rates, according to its price
  • Reward program included coupons redemption and Refund involved the conversion of an amount into points for the future purchase
  • Integrated an internal messaging system to initiate communication between the sellers and customers
  • Supported all brands and specific brand checkout process