With the increasing evolution in the service industry, clients are bound to come up with an interactive platform that makes property advice accessible to everyone. The aim was to develop a platform that simplifies the process and removes all the confusion of finding the most appropriate adviser for their needs. The client approached eTatvaSoft with a similar idea of launching a website that provides not just acts as a unique platform but make people believe that good advice can make a difference to theirs lives and emphasize the importance of seeking advice.

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Services used on this project

  • Development Tool

    Visual Studio Code
  • Platform

  • Server

    Linux Server
  • Programming Language

  • Database

  • Integration

    Mailchimp and Stripe Payment Gateway

The Client

The Australian based client wanted to develop an interactive platform that provides people to search for a variety of advisers also communicate with them before starting a relationship which provides a new and innovative way that makes advice accessible to everyone. The main objective of the client was to raise standards and support of advice industry among people.

Core requirements were:

  • CMS website accessible by people around the globe.
  • Free registration for client while different subscription for advisors.
  • Consulting advisor should be easy and develop medium of communication
  • Real time notifications for client & advisor.


eTatvaSoft has developed a great understanding of requirements and satisfying their clients by delivering the best solution by using a suitable technology. The client gained immense benefits from a richly formatted online solution which now simplifies the process and remove the confusion of finding the most appropriate adviser.

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The Solution

The client wanted to develop a platform where everyone can get advice and find a suitable adviser so that they can make a decision for their personal, family or business circumstances. The aim was to increase consumer confidence in advice industry, raise awareness and advocate how important it is to seek advice.

Key features were:

  • Customer can search adviser with specialty (accounting, financial, legal, property, lending) state, radius, postcode or suburb.
  • Create/View and analyze request listing like; drafts, submitted, pitched to me, in progress, completed.
  • Customer will be able to view and create a request listing like; draft, submitted, pitched to me, in progress, completed.
  • Web admin can see statistics on dashboard, total advisers, total clients, total pitches, total reviews, total advice brief.
  • Create events, invite app users, as well as receive event invitations
  • An adviser can see request issued by customers and able to send a response to the customers.
  • Manage customer profile & account/ submit review or rating for adviser.

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