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Golf App

UI-UX / iOS App

Golf app is a convenient, easy and simple iPhone app developed for the dedicated golfers and professionals to improve their lowered scores. It is a centralized platform to connect all golfers and provide them the opportunity to sharpen their skills. Our app is available for golf players who wanted to play better golf, coaches who instruct and book right course for golfers and organizations who organize tournaments and training. The offline capability of the golf app makes its availability to the millions of golfers by providing accessibility all time.

Golf iPhone App

The Client

The client offers an online platform for professional golfers, coaches, and organization to connect with each other. They wanted to provide a facility to the golfers to improve their golfing skills, learn from professionals, and maintain proper fitness. Organizations to conduct their tournaments and strengthened their brand. The client has helped the players in achieving their fitness goals. Several golf experts and skilled professionals are associated with the client's website.

Core requirements were:
  • A self-improvement golfer app that works offline to connect golfers globally
  • Track mental and physical fitness of golfers
  • Accessibility of the golfers tests results by coaches and member players
  • Insight of better training programs from experienced coach
  • Fitness coach and administrator rights to assign physical and mental tests to the golfers
  • Scorecard analysis

The Solution

The Golf App iPhone app succeeded in meeting the client's objective that took the golfers platform to the next level. Using the advanced technology, golfers were benefitted to commit themselves in enriching their skills and practice tournaments under expert supervision. The app worked in offline mode and display details interactively across any screen size. The mobile app strategy has catered the smart experience to the users and improved golfer skills and leveraged experts to strengthen their brand.

Key Features were:
  • App accessibility in offline mode without internet connectivity
  • Two modes – Pre-coach and Member mode to restrict golfer's entry
  • Data synchronization between app and web application
  • Logbook entry of daily activities of golfers
  • Golfers test protocols assignment to track physical and mental fitness
  • Scorecard analysis by text and graphical representation of test result
  • Assign new training to golfer, change schedule of training and details of completed training
  • Accessibility of online resources like training material