Games have always been important for humans since their childhood. Whether it's a board game or a video game or a game of tag, people love playing games because games are social and they hone a variety of skills that have helped us succeed as a species. Believe or not, the motivation we receive by playing games are closely linked to our general human motivations, so it may be one of the reasons that playing and winning a game makes us feel so good. Looking around for a partner to help them to develop real-time quiz game.

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Services used on this project

  • Development Platform

    Kotlin, Swift, PHP, Yii2 framework, Node.js with Express.js and molecular framework
  • Web Server

    Apache Server - PHP Admin panel, Node.js server - Socket connection
  • Database

  • Third-Party Tool

    Docker, Socket.io
  • Development Tool

    Notepad++, Android Studio, Xcode

The Client

The client is one of the leading digital service providers in Jordan. They are producing dynamic video content in a number of genres- Comedy, Animation, Kids and Family, Social, Tech and Gaming, Beauty, Travel, and more in the Arab world. To begin with, the client wanted to create an Arabic app for quiz games and win the cash price for users.

Core requirements were:

  • The application should run with a minimum of 10,000 users concurrently.
  • Secure login to user's account
  • Easily accessible by anyone and at the same time
  • The application should have Intuitive and smooth user interface
  • Real-time update for quiz question and answers
  • Manage multiple requests for users to participate in the quiz at the same time.
  • Payment gateway integration to purchase lifeline
  • User should be notified before each activity.


There are a number of things we consider when building a new app for your organization. We aimed to create something which will be popular with customers and readily used. We integrated third-party APIs like Docker, Socket.io to streamline client's work.

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The Solution

eTatvaSoft developed an effective solution for the Arab world that enables users to win daily cash prizes by answering questions in a live event, the competition starts daily on a specific Day and Time. As soon as the quiz is completed; the winner will win the prize.

Key features were:

The specifications are divided into two big parts : Front Office (public visible part) and Back-office (reserved for site administration).

Front office

  • Login and Sign up with Social Media accounts
  • Display 12 questions and answers with 4 options
  • 3 lifelines: Use lifeline to skip a question, skip two wrong answers (50-50), get one chance to stay live in-game even if the user gives a wrong answer (heart)
  • Display statistics after attempt each question
  • User can save quiz date and time in own calendar.
  • User will get notified before 5 minutes of quiz.
  • In-app purchase to buy helps.
  • User can use winning amount for buying helps.
  • Use training quiz before play to real one.
  • User can update profile
  • System will choose winner automatically
  • Real-time update of current player count.


  • Authentication based admin interface
  • Dashboard: View revenue generated from the game
  • User management: Manage all registered user information
  • Quiz Management: Manage quiz questions and their answers
  • Receive payment via PayPal Account
  • View game statistics
  • Automatic prize distribution among all winners
  • Real-time multiplayer game server solution to enhance real-time performance
  • Send push notification to users

Highlighted Features

Other Groups

Other Groups

User Chart

User Chart

Wrong Answer Help

Wrong Answer Help

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