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Job Marketplace


A platform offering the go-to service for both - One looking for reasonably priced and vetted local contractors and the service providers who would like a format through which to offer their skills and knowledge to the mutual benefit of all. It acts like a job marketplace for customers those looking to outsource home improvements and general tasks, as well as businesses handling larger industrial projects, with skilled individuals and professional contractors. Membership management is also a task that is performed to let the workflow be efficient and keep going.

Job Marketplace

The Client

To book any kind of service or find someone who can do the multiple services is a difficult task to do. Instead of dealing with typical a system, the solution of this problem was suggested by the Irish client to make a portal where a person can submit the services and bid the request. Payment will be handled through the system and process will continue with the help of technology without wasting time.

Core requirements were:
  • Multi-user sign in and register facility to post category wise a project or job. User can also search and get details about it
  • User can submit the bid and receive the project access to perform the tasks
  • Payment should be done through user and managed by administration with facility of holding
  • Invoice generation and history management of orders
  • Management of huge data, user and creation of bidding portal based on some mathematical calculation
  • Multiple types of report generation through different activities and plan future strategy for business solution

The Solution

Under the solution where users and service provider will have access to the solution and on top of that business user will manage the solution and expand it through the statistics. The solution contains registering, biding, booking, payment and voluntarily working. A CakePHP based solution has been built and delivered to the client with efficiency and timely achievement.

Key Features were:
  • An interactive and eye-catching solution to deliver various kinds of services
  • Normal user will be able to login/register through the system and can select the services or add from their end
  • A service provider will register/login through the system place the bid and after winning the bid, start working on the service
  • The User will pay complete amount required to proceed the services further and administration will receive it. They will hold the payment and then shift it to service provider's account with deduction after customer agrees for completion of services
  • To provide recurring payment and payment holding facility we have integrated PayPal and PayPal Mass Payment facility
  • Admin can check the usage of the solution and generate multiple reports with a complex calculation to decide the business strategy for long-term planning