A global B2C eCommerce sales are expected to reach $5 Trillion in 2021. E-commerce has now become a key factor for many organizations to stay ahead in the competition. Having a B2C e-commerce concept in mind, the client wanted a system that sells workout supplements like multivitamins, dietary supplements, Pre-Workout, Recovery, weight gain supplements, accessories, and sportswear online. This is extremely convenient for the customer and a great opportunity for merchants to reach a wide customer base in Kuwait.

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Services used on this project

  • Platform

  • Server

  • Programming Language

    PHP, JavaScript
  • Database

  • Integration

    Checkout.com, MyFatoorah
  • Development Tool

    Sublime, PhpStorm

The Client

Our client from the Middle East approached eTatvaSoft with an idea of developing a digital platform for selling workout supplements online. Moreover, our client is a kickboxing champion, a trainer and a nutritionist. Before starting the e-commerce business client helped many individuals in finding the right choice.

Core requirements were:

  • Improving offerings using the data gathered by tracking customer purchases.
  • Increasing sales opportunities by reaching a huge audience of the country.
  • Best UI/UX for a better user experience.
  • Ability to display and supply nutrition supplements to a wide range to customers.


We have identified the primary needs of the client and his growing business and proposed solution keeping all the budget constraints into account. Our developed solution offered a smooth user experience having a design that can be understood by any layman user.

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The Solution

The solution displays a large selection of protein products available offering simple and quick checkout options to the client. The solution helped in increasing the sales of the client with its robust features and one of the most successful suppliers of supplements in Kuwait.

Key features were:

  • Guest Checkout: Customers can purchase products without having an account.
  • Displays different categories of nutrient supplements.
  • It allows users to grab the best deals in products.
  • Can track their order shipment process.
  • Quick and easy refund process.
  • Newsletter subscription for the latest news, offers, and deals.
  • Social Media integration of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Advance search feature, showing a suggestion of keywords.
  • Order history maintenance of registered customers.
  • The new deals section will give exciting product discount offers.

Highlighted Features



Accessories Listing

Accessories Listing

Product Detail

Product Detail

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