To figure out the traffic and link hits, check out behavior and bounce rate, Google Analytics is commonly used as a site holder. But it gets difficult for a non-technical person to go through each scope, so ease the woe, client came up with a web analytics tool. It works as a virtual data analyst tool and simplifies the data fetching process and segment the data into defined categories to make it more appealing and comprehensive to view. Even the required data can be sorted out, to let the data synced accordingly.

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Services used on this project

  • Framework

    Laravel, Angular
  • Server

  • Programming Language

    PHP, JavaScript
  • Database

  • Integration

    Stripe, Google Analytics API
  • Development Tool

    Visual Studio Code

The Client

The client wished to create a platform to identify the key area of focus on target audiences as well as avail more profit by improving their online marketing strategies. He asked us to analyze the basic stats of visitors that came to their entire range of web properties and come up with a solution that would increase their ROI.

Core requirements were:

  • Leveraging capabilities of the site so that they can make the best business decisions
  • Segment the Google Analytics data and then prepare reports on a site-to-site basis
  • Reports about traffic patterns, trends, what's fading in, what's fading out, etc
  • The solution within a quick turnaround time that provided some vital insights


After working closely with clients, we aimed to come up with a solution where registered customers in tool were able to get important information about their websites.


The Solution

In the end, we were able to offer efficient and fast web analytics services which helped customers to make informed decisions regarding their business.

Key features were:

  • Google Analytics account integration
  • Retrieve GA statistics
  • Run Crunch engine on retrieved GA data to find the important statistics
  • Display statistics based on Data stack created based on the criteria selected for analytics
  • Generate the chart based on the data
  • Stripe payment integration for subscription packages
  • API integration for frontend app with AngularJS

Highlighted Features

My First Datastack

My First Datastack

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