Node.js App Development

Achieve business agility by developing fast and secure Node.js applications with superior UI, performance, and scalability

Node.js is an open-source, light-weight, and flexible app development platform built on Google’s V8 engine. Our Node.js developers expedite the development process with Node.js features of reusable codes and automated migration. As a reliable Node.js app development company in India, eTatvaSoft addressed all unique needs by providing custom Node.js services for an agile, High performing and real-time application.

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Node.js Development Services

Explore our expertise of our on-demand Node.js developers in diversified Node.js consulting services for your business.

  • Node.js API Development

    Node.js API Development

    Right from scratch to creating fast and secure API-based Node.js web and mobile applications

  • Real-Time App Development

    Real-Time App Development

    Build Robust, and high-performing apps using Node.js framework that integrates seamlessly and offers real-time solutions

  • Node.js Application Maintenance

    Node.js Application Maintenance

    We provide senior Node.js developers for scaling and maintaining your Node.js solution

  • Front-end and Back-end Development

    Front-end and Back-end Development

    Using Frameworks like MEAN, Node.js, we bolster the functioning of both the front-end and back-end applications.

  • Migration to Node.js

    Migration to Node.js

    Our expert Node.js developers from India provide hassle-free Migration services in a cost-effective manner.

  •  Package Development

    Package Development

    Our dedicated team of Node.js programmers can create innovative cutting-edge apps using reusable packages in Node.js

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Customized Node.js Apps

Transform your business requirements into fast and flexible apps using eTatvasoft’s Node.js development services

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Dropshipping Solution Image 2
  • Node.js
  • Moleculer
  • Mongo

Dropshipping Solution

Dropshipping platform includes an expanded list of wholesale items for vendors that can connect preferred goods to their store and sell online without taking care of distribution and warehouse maintenance. Built on Node.js, the solution is capable to export products to various solutions like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify.

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Node.js Development Experience

eTatvaSoft is a top-notch Node.js Development company that believes in meeting unparalleled quality benchmarks with its consistent application enhancement process. Our unmatched experience with businesses of all scales and verticals has offered clients best-in-class Node.js apps with speedy data synchronization and performance. Some of our superlative Node.js development experience is

  • Custom Node Web development
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Hospitality solution development
  • Retail solution
  • Node Enterprise solution
  • Live Video/Audio solution
  • Healthcare solution
  • Socket implementation
  • Procurement solution
  • Logistics solution

Technology Stack

Backend Backend

  • Node
  • Express.js
  • Hapi.js
  • Molecular
  • LoopBack.js

Front-end Front-end

  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular
  • jQuery

Database Database

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Elasticsearch

Testing Testing

  • Jest
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Sinon.JS
  • TestCafe

Cloud & DevOps Cloud & DevOps

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • PM2
  • Nginx
  • Firebase Functions

Others Others

  • Third Party API/SDK Integration
  • Sequelize ORM
  • GraphQL ORM
  • TypeORM
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Microsoft team
  • RESTful API

Why Hire a Node.js Developer from us?

We have a remarkable track record of innovating business apps using the capabilities and skills of our Node.js development team.

Tap on the potential of eTatvaSoft as top Node.js development company that offers end-to-end Node.js development services. Our broad array of development services range from Node.js migration, Node.js consulting, Node.js web app development, and Node.js maintenance and support. Our knowledge of years in industry-specific Node.js Framework has decreased the complexity of codes and delivered compatible web and mobile applications.

Get Expert Node.js Consultation

Flawless Design

Explore the best design with the help of our Node.js developers for your project.

Adobe XD

Effective Code

Design the code by using suitable frameworks to cater to business needs.

React Native
Node JS
Vue JS

Easy Communication

Stay updated with daily code validations and reporting with Node programmers.


How to Hire a Node.js Development Team?

Enable your business with top-class Node.js developers who would digitize, scale and transform your applications using best Node.js development practices. Trust our abilities to develop a sturdy secure and performing Node.js application

Team work

How Node.js Development Team at eTatvaSoft Works?

eTatvaSoft has fostered multiple businesses with their quality-driven and consistent business solutions. We follow a standard business practice before initiating your Node.js project

  • Requirement Analysis

    Let’s go through your company’s goals, business profile and domain. Our Node.js experts are ready to provide assistance on your custom requirements

  • Meet Your New Node.js Team

    To meet your unique business needs, we have hand-picked Node.js developers that fit best to your requirements.

  • Initiate Your Project

    It’s time to kick-off your new Node.js project in coordination with your existing business team for exemplary business outcomes.

Engagement Model

Node.js Development Engagement Model

  • Dedicated Angular Development Team

    Perfectly fitting into your Agile Node.js development needs, eTatvaSoft can help you expand your business and develop cutting-edge apps leveraging the skills of a dedicated Node.js development team. Our Node.js developers will be completely committed and flexible to changing business requirements to lead you through this growth and transition phase to embrace profits.

  • Fixed Price Model

    Your well-strategized vision and predefined project goals can be easily achieved through the Fixed Price engagement model. Rely on our highly-functional Node.js Developers takes your budget into consideration and draft a roadmap considering the scope of work, technical complexity, and utilization of different functions of the Node.js development framework. Gain benefits of Node.js functionalities by easily developing write Node.js apps in specific

Key Benefits to Choose Node.js App Development


JavaScript V8 provides faster speed to Node.js application to run at high speed.

Real-time Apps

Efficient to handle multiple client requests to enable sharing and reusing packages of library code.

Data Streaming

Leverage the benefits of the HTTP request and response for building features such as file processing.

Handle SQL Queries

Data conversion using NoSQL databases like Couch DB and MongoDB for a smooth function.

Proxy Server

If the enterprise lacks existent infrastructure then Node.js is used as a proxy server.

Boosts Productivity

Merging front-end and back-end teams for increasing enterprise productivity.

Node Package Manager

Robust, Consistent and super-fast Node.js packages to help you get the exact dependency management.

Improved Scalability

Due to event-driven and asynchronous processing, Node.js provides highly scalable solutions.

Highly Compatible

Easy to use on Windows, Linux and MAC operating system

Let’s start your Node.js Development project now.

Our service team will get in touch with you with relevant information and proper documentation.


How do I begin?

You can feel free to discuss your requirements with us. We will analyze them and based on our understanding, we will propose the best-suited solution that meets your business objectives.

What makes your company unique from other offshore Node.js development companies?

Unlike other companies, we do not provide body shopping for developers, instead create a customized Node.js Developer team and put them on contract with SLA’s and NDA on point.

What process do you follow to develop a Node.js Project?

As a leading Node.js development company, our procedures are quite standard. Depending on the custom requirements, we assign a tailor-made team for the project which includes UI/UX designers, Node.js developers, Project manager and quality analysts that makes sure superior results are met.

What security policy do you follow?

etatvaSoft is a reliable Node.js development company and is strict with standard security protocols. We ensure that there is a Software agreement or an NDA (Non Disclosure agreement) is signed before initiating the project.

After outsourcing my Node.js development project, How will your company secure my Intellectual property rights?

After you outsource Node.js development projects with us, we will sign NDA to secure your intellectual property rights. You will have the complete ownership of your source code. We don't reuse the code and have service legal agreements with our employees to protect client code.

What is the cost of developing a Node.js project?

There is no fixed price. The development cost entirely depends on the project's size and complexity. Also, the number of features that you want in your application.

What approach does your company use for project development?

We use agile development methodology to deliver your software product fulfilling your business needs. Agile allows adaptive planning, continuous improvement and implementation of rapid changes that arises in on-going development.

How soon can you develop a Node.js project?

It completely depends on the custom Node.js development requirements. From our end, we ensure that we meet clients expectations and agreed deadline with Node.js development services.

How can I track my project development progress?

We generally use project management tools as per client preference such as Google drive, e-mail, slack, Skype, Jira, Attlasian, Trello, Asana. From this you will get clear insight on the project as well as our team do daily or weekly meetings, as mutually agreed, for project update and discussion.

Will I own the legal rights of my project?

Yes. The team at eTatvaSoft builds the projects and the client holds its absolute legal rights.

What if I need any change or modification in my application after launch?

Depending on the type of change or modification you want in your app, our team will assist you further. After development if required we can sign a maintenance contract to maintain your solution.

What are the benefits of using Node.js for web development?

Following are the benefits of using Node.js:

  • Comprises speedy native bindings.
  • Cheap hosting and cloud scalability.
  • Rapid minimum viable product (MVP) delivery.
  • Multiple-platform compatible written code.
  • Many available packages and extensions.

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