The ultimate objective behind introducing this online solution is to alleviate the painful ancient process of reaching the place, ordering the food, and take away at home. The restaurant owners and managers can use the system from the administrative perspective and add details about restaurant and food items. Users who interact with the app can search out the restaurants and available cuisines at the place. They can order and receive the delivery at home. The rating system will try to maintain a lucid atmosphere between user and restaurants.

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Services used on this project

  • Platform

    Web, iOS and Android
  • Backend

  • Programming Language

    PHP, Swift and Java
  • Database

  • Integration

    Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Google Maps
  • Development Tool

    Xcode, Eclipse, PhpStorm

The Client

The client, based in Saudi Arabia, specializes in serving and promoting business management software. He wished to build a solution that can help food chain owners, restaurant owners, and customers who seek for a transparent system when it is about food. The solution that allows searching for various kinds of cuisine and making it possible to order and eat it at any place. More importantly, they aimed to bridge the gap between the food industry and the customers appropriately.

Core requirements were:

  • Multiple types of user login from the same system
  • Live tracking of order that has been placed by the user
  • Multilingual platform and to provide different default language except for English


The main objective was to make a crystal clear system for customers and restaurants with tremendous features like live tracking, food ordering, and online payment. Our approach towards development is to furnish an application which has an attractive look, user-friendly interface, trustworthy system, and potential to handle a large amount of traffic on application.

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The Solution

Our Magento developers India developed an iOS mobile app with a wide range of facilities given to owners, managers, and staff of the restaurants. Even end-users are getting a transparent system to find a restaurant according to various cuisines. Users can find a restaurant, look for the food item, and order the food. On the other hand, administrative have access to track users and orders as well a separate application has been given to a delivery person so that order can be traced in a live manner by user and administrator.

Key features were:

  • API implementation to maintain synchronization between mobile and web application
  • Bi-lingual content uploading system as well as content providing system
  • Provide a live tracking system
  • Restaurant suggestions based on the user's location
  • List of restaurants, food items and category wise cuisine management
  • Multi-currency management through Magento system

Highlighted Features



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