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UI-UX / Responsive Design / Prestashop

Kosmika, a designer clothing market for women has been recognized as a fashion specialist in France. They are known for offering fashionable women outfits to the wholesalers who are particular about the trends. We used Prestashop platform to maximize the website functionalities and secure greater visibility. The result was a completely new functionality rich, responsive website to ensure a smooth shopping experience.


The Client

Four Italian fashion designers from Florence had set up their own marketplace for women fashionable clothing. Launched in 2003, Kosmika reinvented everyday fashion and diversified the future of fashion by participating in the online shopping. It has gained immediate recognition in reflecting the true fashion of the garments.

Core requirements were:
  • Streamline the product import process to save the time
  • Facilitate users to spilt their payment amounts of a single transaction
  • Allow admin to decide different payment modes for users
  • Make the products visible only to the logged-in users
  • Change default color and size selection facility

The Solution

Kosmika is a trusted place for women fashion apparels, therefore buyers look them out for new inspiration. We wanted our client to have an engaging website, therefore we chose Prestashop to create a brand identity. Our team strongly focused on the design process to integrate creativity and amazing functionalities. We provided the image “Zoom” and “Scroll” view facility to identify every detail of the product.

Key Features were:
  • Merged product and attribute CSV files to reduce the time of importing the products
  • Authorized users were allowed to make partial payment in cash and remaining online
  • Privileged admin to decide online and offline payment mode for the users
  • Integrated visualization email to send an invoice copy in PDF