Why NodeJS Is Best For Real-time Application Development?

Everyone seems to be buzzing about this Real-time application concept. But hang on a second, do you actually know what’s it about and why is it gaining ample traction in 2020?

The following post focuses on the importance of Real-time application and why it needs to be done with NodeJS rather than any other available around. 

First things first… 

Define Real-time Applications

Can you recall those slow-paced days where you need to wait for hours and hours to get a single reply from your loved one? Not anymore! Today, we have typing signs, green or blue ticks to the rescue! In fact, one can easily figure out whether the message is just delivered or read by the receiver. With the dawn of mobile apps, the need for incorporating real-time features and functionalities seems to have increased to a great extent. Everyone wants instant results like within a snap of a finger.

Some of the finest examples of Real-Time Applications (RTAs) include video conferencing apps such as Skype, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) used with telephone instruments and internet calling services, Online gaming or network gaming apps, Community Storage solutions,  online data is extremely crucial when conducting eCommerce-based transactions like stock broking, Chatting via apps, Instant Messaging and what not!

One won’t be able to deny the fact that real-time messaging and notifications are quite in vogue these days. 

What makes a real-time application worth using?

  • Increased user engagement – Whether you wish to book a taxi or order food online or whatsapping someone, etc such numerous tasks can be handled simultaneously.
  • Connecting with other people virtually appears quite normal for the real-world. Right from Online sharing messages via whatsapp and Facebook to sharing live videos or live locations to explain route in a better way, knowing what’s happening around in your peers by following friends on social media and so more.
  • Now let’s switch to the other side, the programming side. With the arrival of such technologies, it becomes quite easy for mobile app developers to focus on creating intuitive UX (User Experience), inbuilt application features, optimized UI (User Interface) and a lot more – some of their core competencies which shouldn’t be ignored at any rate.

Exclusive real-time application features include

  • Real-Time feed – With the increase in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the need of real-time feed has become very crucial. Also, users can stay updated at regular intervals and they don’t happen to miss out on anything important. 
  • Push Notifications – Push notifications are all time favorites. Users are always curious about what’s new, what’s upcoming in context of the newly added features or products.  
  • Real-Time Messaging – In today’s fast-paced life, people want to talk really fast and nothing works wonders than a real-time messaging feature. Whether you are creating an on-demand app or not, this has become a must-have feature.  
  • Live Streaming –  Industries from different verticals, logistics, real estate, and transportation, and others have started admiring features of live streaming. This has certainly encouraged some profound engagements. Plus, it has created a buzz in the online gaming world. 
  • Live Order Status – Ordering lip-smacking food  online is certainly a boon where one can actually track the status whether the food is being prepared or on the way, etc. All this can be done while communicating with service providers simultaneously. It’s for the benefit of all users as well as businesses.   
  • IoT Devices –  The concept of IoT devices is all about transmitting, processing, and displaying data which has already been captured by sensors placed in the existing devices, (your smartphone, tablet, Laptop, etc) to the end-users with a minimum delay. Since most of the inputs captured by these devices, like temperature and lighting, constantly change with the time, applications working with IoT devices should be able to receive and send data in real-time.    

Enter’s NodeJS development

Development industry today seems to be travelling at a lightning speed. Good news is you have lots and lots of frameworks and platforms around to succeed your first web development venture and so is the bad news. Sometimes having too many options which are one of a kind can be a bit overwhelming. When in doubt, look for the stereotypes or tried and tested ones! JavaScript is one such technology that hasn’t even for once doomed from the beginning and maintained its position since its establishment. And NodeJS is highly based on it which makes it a perfect choice.  With NodeJS you can also able to integrate real time functionality like Voice Chat as well. This means that with NodeJS you can able to implement a lot of things.

“ NodeJS powers our web applications and has allowed our teams to move much faster in bringing their designs to life”. – Jeff Harrel, the Director of Engineering at PayPal 

With an objective to work on both client-side and server-side programming, the cross-platform, open-source javascript runtime named NodeJS was Launched by Ryal Dahl. Elements like V8, libuv, Http-parser, C-ares, OpenSSL, and zlib make the technology a cut above. Now let’s cut to the chase! What makes NodeJS an ideal way out for the organizations hoping to enjoy the perks of real-time application and cross-platform ecosystem?

In the present scenario, creating a mobile application is all about creating something where speed is everything and scalability needs to be in constant focus. One shouldn’t ignore features like non-blocking I/O and event-driven, should they! All you need to do is hire a relevant NodeJS developer in India and they will take care of everything!

Why use NodeJS for Real Time Application development?

  • Event-Based Server – Managing all the real-time users, this is what real-time application is all about. By using NodeJS, you can ask your developer to make it  supportive in terms of response. Also, one shouldn’t avoid non-blocking functioning, the outcome of using this event-driven server.
  • Scalable and Fast – Since Node is a JavaScript-based program, application can be developed like never before.
  • Data Sync – Data transmission between server and client is now possible and that too in a hassle-free manner. Simple, Node.js developers are required to use the non-blocking I/O feature.
  • Sharing and Reusing – One should know that Node does support microservice architecture being a real-time programming language. NodeJS developers can use the library code package again and again. This surely leads to enhanced productivity and time-saving efforts.
  • SEO Friendliness – SEO is no longer a luxury in the digital world it has become necessitous. This means losing out on SEO, is a big no no! With NodeJS you can get SEO friendliness which leads to better visibility and engagement. Enhanced user experience, high speed, high-end performance are some of the most deciding factors by Google offered by Node.

A Checklist to consider before creating a Real-time Application with NodeJS application

  • First of all, it is required to host the NodeJS chat server – SKySilk has got potential
  • Second, of Course, you require NodeJS technology that will power our application
  • Express : A NodeJS web application framework
  • Socket.io: A javascript library allowing bi-directional communication between clients and servers. And all this is done with the help of sockets.

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Cool now, that we have all got covered. It’s time to get started with your Real-time application with the help of a reputable NodeJS development company like eTatvaSoft. 

Here the team of NodeJS developers can do a lot of great functionalities right off the bat and come up with the finest solutions in the form of a nicely functional application for you.

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