How to hire NodeJS Developer – A Complete Guide

Over a couple of years, technologies have been mushrooming like never before; starting from upgrading the way of website development procedures across the globe to making advancements towards smart apps, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Presently If you are well informed and an enthusiastic adherent of the most recent patterns in the application field, at that point you are more likely than not to have found out about “NodeJS Development.” After all, this is presumably the most drifting subject in the improvement business.

Despite the fact that the back-end innovation has prevailed with regards to catching the eye of tech fans; however it wasn’t a simple excursion to make its very own position particularly when JavaScript was running the market. With the assistance of a cross-platform environment, NodeJS developers can fabricate an assortment of server-side applications using JavaScript. Since most JavaScript applications run within NodeJS run-time, conducting seamless projects on major operating systems and web servers becomes easy.

Also, using NodeJS on an enterprise-level is not a bad idea at all. Many of you have this misconception regarding the success of Nodes development. We are here to elucidate the same. Beside, we can provide you plenty of reasons for choosing the tech instead of any other in today’s competitive environment. For example – mainly written in C++ and built on Google Chrome’s V8 run-time, NodeJS development embraces app scalability right from the get-go. The PM2 process manager is some robust tool making things easier to monitor, optimize, and deploy the technology-based applications.

  • It is possible to create complex apps without writing complex codes
  • Reusable and code sharing provision
  • It’s not a technology; it is a full-fledged package comprising of a wide range of tools
  • Featuring OAuth and SSL security, you get a full-fledged firewall system
  • The evolving Model-View-Controller Features can be found here
  • Ofcourse, one shouldn’t forget all the RESTFul services it offers

Apart from this, the tech works at its best when combined with a Microservice pattern or you wish to build a cross-functional team. Now large enterprises often require dealing with tons of data that may vary in the cloud. NPM enterprise does assist businesses to run the infrastructure behind your company’s firewall. Besides, controlling access to code, identifying vulnerabilities, and automatically replacing the unsafe code becomes easy with the advanced security features offered by Node.


Several NodeJS developers endeavor hard to set up a connection between server and client by using the tech as a backend. As a result, the logic of app functionality is created by the programmer yet performed by the system; this is not it, the tech even enables businesses to work on high-quality processing of user requests. Not so many of you know that NodeJS can be used both as a backend as well as front-end development. So whenever you hire a professional make sure that he is well-versed with the basics of how front-end and back-end work.

Now you must be wondering, all this is fine but what’s the point of hiring a NodeJS developer? Lets’s see why not!

  • To compete in this digital era, one does require building high-performance, having ability to ascend and real-time applications.
  • Dead-locking is no longer a problem, but that doesn’t mean you do not require an expert programmer because they are the ones who are capable of developing such systems featuring functions that directly perform I/O. 
  • These highly skilled and well-experienced programmers won’t just provide you a NodeJS application but also fix some time-consuming bugs in the JavaScript tech as well; if any.
  • If you crave to go beyond any normal HTTP application; look no further than a reputable NodeJS development company. 
  • On and all, hiring a professional does make things easier to kick start and manage applications. 

The next question in line is how to choose the perfect fit who creates all kinds of things such as web applications, command-line applications, scripts for systems administrations, network applications, etc. for your organization?

Skills That every NodeJS Developer Should Have

Well, before into any kind of skills let us understand what activities these professionals are responsible for? For starters, they integrate different elements for the user by using server-side logic. Not to forget, hiring a reliable NodeJS developer means you are hiring an efficient coder who is capable enough to write as well as reuse verifiable and efficient codes. He or she is also responsible for designing a good application performance as well as the implementation of low latency. A well proficient NodeJS expert is also able to develop basic GIT tools in NodeJS while developing a large projects. Of course with so many breaches happening day in day out; they must know how to carry out security and data protection based projects as well as data storage solutions such as databases, key-value stores, blob stores, etc.

Certain competencies and qualifications possessed by them include –

  • depending on its battery technology, your chosen professional should have a deep know-how of tech jargons like JavaScript or CoffeeScript 
  • Must be proficient enough to conduct any project with the help of different NodeJS tools & technology and frameworks such as Express, StrongLoop, etc.
  • Due to asynchronous programming; a professional must know potential peculiarities and its solutions.
  • Good knack of Jade, EJS, CSS – the best template languages on the server
  • A brief understanding of all the Preprocesses and front-end technologies like Stylus, less, depending (HTML5 and CSS) which stack technology you are using.
  • Is he someone who has created base schemes and business support processes before? 
  • Does he know how multiple data sources and databases can be integrated in a single system.
  • What fundamental design principles must be taken into account before creating a scalable application.
  • Understands the theory and practicality of automated testing platforms and unit tests.

Since NodeJS developers conduct so many important tasks at a time; let us get a bit more technical and try exploring each task individually.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is being followed by many NodeJS development companies. The obvious reason is it enables professionals to build applications or websites effectively.

Do you think it is easy? Probably not! There are times when experts frequently miss they convey objectives, unreasonable pace which brings about weariness and innovative bottlenecks making it difficult to convey a rational and top notch finished result. When done right agile can assist you in doing all these things right. On the other hand, popular techs like JavaScript and NodeJS can offer your NodeJS developers a helping hand to unlock their full potential; especially in regards to greater flexibility.

Unlike the waterfall methodology, Agile is all about creating a product that is the simplest, quickest, most basic website which keeps on evolving based on real users’ feedback and their showcased needs. What could possibly be the outcome? 

  • Results are visible on an instant basis
  • Creation of a proof-of-concept and early rapid prototype
  • Receiving feedback from the masses resulting in the effective future development
  • Reduced risk and investments
  • Products are created and used ASAP

Try to choose a professional who not only understands the significance of Agile methods but also endeavors hard to keep up with them during the entire development procedures. It might very intrigue you to realize that utilizing these sorts of philosophies permit experts to appropriately design the cycle and gap it into runs to fabricate the product quicker.

NodeJS in Depth Knowledge

This point is applicable only if you are conducting interviews before hiring one. If you conducted this for the very first time we are pretty sure you must have gone through tons of information on Google regarding how to conduct an interview of a NodeJS developer? Typically speaking, it’s all about the theory something which has been learned by heart.

So what else can be done is try asking them about their previous work portfolios or challenges they have already faced and might expect to be facing in the future. As opposed to what the book says do they talk about real practical problems? If so, hire the NodeJS developer right away! In addition, do ponder points like how they are comfortable working with a team? How do they communicate? Is it often or once/twice a week? Do they carry an experience of conversing with the client directly? If you are hiring an entire company make sure you get all the players in your arsenal; juniors, seniors, team leaders, project managers.

Also, do not exaggerate things much. Rather than prolonging the process, focus on getting the most out of every minute. Remember – the better the candidate is, the more they value their own time. 

Clean Code

Scaling Node applications both ways front-end and back-end is not an easy thing to do. Acting like a mediocre certainly won’t help as sooner or later you will hit the limitations and get lost in the sea of confusion. So, here’s the point! Check whether your prospective developer has even an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript or not. Probe him a situation and let him speak the rest. In case, if you don’t know the solution here’s one for you.

First and foremost, isolate your code. By keeping the code-base clean and readable, make sure they mention separating functions (specific chunks of logic) by the topic. In the case of writing a function it must have a purpose and should not do multiple things at once.

In addition, he or she must not change anything which has been already declared outside the function.

Second, a skilled NodeJS developer does know what needs to be passed on to the function especially after looking at the first line of the function declaration. Besides, there are times when these elements grow in size. Of course, there are times it might seem easier to use the whole object and pass it on the function but for appropriate scaling, this setup works wonders. Just make sure that all the set parameters are carried forwarded in a specific order.

Last but certainly not the least, find the bottlenecks first instead of writing performant and smart code. Only optimize the code when you need to and refer to its true impact instead of dealing with any benchmarks. 


Finding a server-side development among a NodeJS server is pretty complicated these days. With no storing in the database, it becomes crucial for your professional to recommend the usage of the realtime database like firebase or more robust and powerful systems. In case, if he doesn’t then reject him then and there because usage of databases is supposed to be done at the junior level. Other aspects your potential NodeJS developer must be acquainted with include:

  • Knowing a wide range of databases, understanding the differences between relational and non-relational ones. 
  • The capability of setting these structures and relations between documents and tables
  • Lastly, he must be known for making the most of tools like object-relational mapping (ORM), Mogoose (for MongoDB), Typeorm, for npm, SQL databases Sequelize respectively etc.

Also, make sure he is able to spot the difference between advanced features of Database management systems (DBMS) such as views, stored procedures, whereas document-oriented ones like MongoDB comprises advanced features like aggregate functions and data destructing. 


Security is the least expected yet the finest aspect of the NodeJS arena. We already know that you must have read so much on Google to write and deploy Node applications but there has been nothing mentioned about security. Well, this is not a good sign because sooner or later you may end up encountering some of the major disasters especially in regards to NodeJS security in the coming years.

Of course, you don’t want to be a part of all this, nobody does. So here comes the crucial part, check what does your prospective NodeJS development company has to offer when it comes to security, or do they even understand its importance or not?

SSJSi (server-side javascript injection) attacks are some of the basic yet crucial forms that must be mitigated then and there or the situation could be worsened. Did we burst your bubble? We are extremely sorry about that but somebody had to.

We at eTatvaSoft ensure to update our dependencies as soon as security problems arise upstream. Also, we ensure using second-factor authentication with npm. With the sole purpose of taking off application developments, NodeJS developers here ensure to address every class of vulnerabilities.

Using the parameterized inputs to prevent injection attacks, multi-factor authentication, discarding sensitive data after use, sufficient logging and monitoring, enforce access control, sanitizing all incoming inputs, scanning each application for present and potential vulnerabilities, are certain parameters we end up working on.

Third-Party Integrations 

Third-party services like payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree are often used in all serious websites and applications these days. In today’s evolving digital revolution knowing about Amazon services; MailChimp (the email marketing tool); Twitter/Facebook; Google Analytics; etc is a no biggie.

Make sure your chosen candidate not only knows but makes the most of what the tech includes leading to the acceleration of the development process. For example, building a Shopify App with NodeJS or integrating specific bundles of modules and APIs things can work effectively as well as efficient. As a result, choose the one who is able to write minimum lines of code and create your product faster and intimidating. 

Soft Skills

Regardless of how brilliant with specialized, work explicit aptitudes; however in the event that one can’t deal with their time or work inside a group it won’t be a great achievement. One does require interpersonal skills, essential and noncognitive skills. What kind of type of soft skills do they work on?  


As the name implies, adaptability means being able to change or attain flexibility to succeed. It is one of the major soft skills that employers keep on seeking when hiring candidates. Donning multiple hats is not easy especially for a business person and while at it if any unusual situation arises without any instruction manual or explicit instructions; frowning is not a wise decision to take.

Make sure to choose a NodeJS developer who has mastered the art of resting upon their own judgement and have confidence even while taking difficult decisions. Constant learning, persistence, stress tolerance, motivating as well as managing expectations, curiosity are other factors that must be considered while hiring a NodeJS developer. 

Communication & Collaboration

Again sound technical knowledge is not enough, but having great communication skills won’t be a burden on you. Asking your candidate about themselves is the best way to check their basic communication skills.

Or what else you can do is pair him up or team him up with another candidate, or an existing team member. After all, a practical task is way better than hearing him babble about himself. 

Creative Thinking

This one is a non-negotiable aspect! Any professional whether you are hiring a developer or tester or any other professional; having the ability to think out of the box should be the must-have.

Apart from creative thinking, your prospective professional must be able to conduct creative problem-solving. Instead of simply identifying and implementing the norm, he must be able to brainstorm new ways to minimize costs that will provide great help during budget crises or develop new strategies to overcome it.


Communicating, coordinating, high emotional intelligence, logical thinking, listening, are certain aspects of good teamwork. Also it is very important to ensure their tone is friendly but professional.

Discuss about his or her previous projects where he or she is able to negotiate with their team members to set disruptions and all were happy with the team’s choices.

Another interesting aspect is respectfulness, if they are able to convey respect for them and their ideas. Watch out for simple actions like the way he addresses you or uses a person’s name, is he making eye contact, and of course, does he actively listens especially when an opposite person is speaking? These are the smallest yet fruitful ways to make your team members feel appreciated.

Time Management

Though time is not something that you should count on as it keeps on changing but can be one if used wisely. Right from prioritizing wisely to scheduling, Keeping a to-do list, delegating tasks; an ideal professional has to be a pro when dealing with all such stuff. No matter if the task is being interrupted by bottlenecks or situations; all the afore-mentioned aspects can result in appropriate time management.

Other skills that you must be looking forward to include – adapting plans to changing circumstances, auditing how much time is spent and then creating strategies, creating daily, weekly, monthly to-do lists, delegating routine based tasks, eliminating time wasters rigorously, try exercising stress-reducing activities to maximize energy at work.

Conflict Resolutions

Last but not the least skill required to grab the eye of job seekers is managing to create a win-win situation or reaching out for a peaceful resolution during the time of a dispute. Conflicts can be many such as between co-workers or supervisors, subordinates, service providers and their clients/customers, it can occur even among large groups such as management and labor force, whole departments.

So the question is, how to resolve it? Get adequate acknowledgement by the parties included that a difficult exists, common arrangement made to address the issue and discover some goal, recognizing changes disposition, conduct and ways to deal with work by the two sides that will decrease negative emotions, are sure methodologies that can be utilized to determine such clashes.

Articulate, balanced approach, decisive, fact-based, fair, managed emotions, problem-solving, stress-management, effective sense of humour, sociable, verbal communication, are certain aspects through which one can work upon conflict resolutions.

How to Hire a NodeJS Developer?

By now you must have started looking for professionals across the globe, going through different reliable NodeJS development companies but have you figured out what type of professional are you planning to consider for your upcoming project? Yeah, we would like to mention all the potential hiring options but before that start preparing your requirement list and find out what option matches the most. 

Hire NodeJS developer


In house professionals are the ones who sit right in front of you at your place and work. Of-course, much like regular employment, in-house professionals should ace the interview. If the stakes are high, look no further than office employees. If simply put, they do end up providing full-fledged support and maintenance/updates when required. Much like your business, you can grab hold or control each and every member of the team, developers, testers, team leaders and so more.

Often considered as expensive, in-house approach is still considered as an effective one where Node developers can be accessed anytime resulting in well-established communication and collaboration, taking charge of the entire development procedure (this one is for tech savvy geeks). This approach is advisable for conducting long-term projects. Some of the finest examples include Indeed, Stack Overflow, Hired , Glassdoor, etc. 


As the name suggests freelancers are the ones who make their own set of rules they work according to their comfort and convenience. With this option, there is always a catch associated; i.e. freelancers work for themselves and may be indeed experienced professionals who are done with working under adverse conditions, aim to take charge for numerous projects under their belt leading to good rates and nice reviews. 

However, is information provided valid; you have to be pretty sure about that part. Try using this option when you need to get some minor changes done in an existing website or an app, or require someone to work upon a simple short-term project.

Cost effectiveness and wide range of individuals are the advantages of looking for a freelancer but at the same time not meeting the deadlines, sudden disappearance, language barrier, management complicated could be the reason not to choose one. Toptal, Freelancer,Upwork are some of the best places to look for a reliable NodeJS developer.


And this one is us, eTatvaSoft – the leading NodeJS development company consisting of an outsourcing talent pool of professionals from countries like India. We work for both large and small scaled projects irrespective of the budget as outsourcing is way lower than hiring any in-house NodeJS developers.

We assure you to be qualified enough to carry out any upcoming project of yours. With the state-of-art facilities, like high-end PCs, software, tools, we strive hard to represent a strong company culture. Simply provide us with a description of your project and leave the rest on us. Keeping transparency in what we do is the big differentiator so you no longer need to worry about failed deadlines or any documentation signed. Also, try choosing an outsourcing NodeJS development company on the basis of their reputation by monitoring customer’s feedback on a constant basis.      

Why outsourcing, you may ask? Well, minimized cost, no hidden or additional expenses, each aspect can be discussed with the manager right then and there via emails and most importantly NDA is one of the advantages that you will get while outsourcing NodeJS development services Above all, you get talented team experience and quality work.   

Hourly Rate of NodeJS Developer

Time to plan a budget. You can even hire NodeJS developers on an hourly basis. Check out the following :

Customize the Table as it is copied from a website

RegionHourly Rate, $ (Middle to Senior Level)
North America90-110
Western Europe80-100
Australia 80-100
Eastern Europe50-80


That’s all for now, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading the post! As a gentle reminder we would suggest before choosing one, make sure you be doubly-sure about your requirements as well as the prospects skills. In case, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the topic or something we didn’t include in the post, feel free to mention in the comment section below.

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