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9 Advantages Of Our Laravel Development Service

Often considered as one of the best PHP frameworks around, Laravel enables us to cope with many known and unknown problems while creating a website. In the following post, we will be discussing why among all PHP scripting languages such as Symfony, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Laravel tops the charts.

Table of Content

  1. History
  2. Laravel at Present
  3. Our Laravel Advantages
  4. Conclusion

Web applications have entered the mainstream via the business world these days. With increasing engagement, web apps can collect more and more data, which leads to market the product more effectively and end up raising awareness of the brand. These are the top three benefits of not using applications to their full extent. At eTatvaSoft, we thoroughly understand the need to build a bespoke platform tailored in accordance to your unique specifications. For us, due to its lightweight and robust nature, Laravel development India turns out to be a perfect choice.

History Says

Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel offers a bunch of more advanced features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization. After its first beta release in 2011, Laravel became more favorable among current and potential developers than other existing frameworks such as CodeIgniter. Many programmers back then enrolled themselves in learning about the technology and become highly-skilled Laravel developers today! Now, let’s get acquainted with all the versions of Laravel to date for a better understanding of the framework.

Laravel 1 – The first and foremost version which included built-in support for authentication, localization, models, views, sessions, routing, and other mechanisms, but lacked support for controllers ( the most important thing required to prevent it from being a true MVC framework) 

Laravel 2 – With the second version, a wide range of newest features were included such as support for controllers making Laravel 2 a fully MVC compliant framework, high built-in support for the inversion of control (IoC) principle and a templating system known as Blade. All these features and functionalities were highly influenced by the author and the community.

Laravel 3 – This version came with a set of new features including the command-line interface (CLI) naming Artisan, built-in support regarding database management systems,support for handling events, a packaging system called Bundles database migrations as a form of version control for database layouts. This increased the emergence of more and more Laravel development companies around the world.

Laravel 4 – The fourth version was a complete rewrite of the technology. Some of the most interesting features included were database seeding for the initial population of databases, support for message queues, built-in support for sending different types of email. Moreover, professionals have started migrating their layout into a set of separate packages distributed through composer, serving as an application-level packaging manager.

Laravel 5 – Again a new bunch of features were released ranging from support for scheduling periodically executed tasks through a package that allows remote storage to be used in the same way as local file systems called Flysystem. Apart from this, it has incorporated improved handling of package assets through Elixir, and simplified externally handled authentication through the optional Socialite package. Another interesting aspect that was found here was a new internal directory tree structure was developed to create applications. 

Laravel 5.1 – Emphasized on long-time support

Laravel 5.3 – Mainly focused on improving Laravel developer’s speed by adding out of the box improvements for common tasks

Laravel 5.4 – Laravel Dusk, Laravel Mix, Blade Components and Slots, Markdown Emails, automatic facades, route improvements, higher-order messaging for collections, and many other features were created. 

Laravel 6 – This version comprises of shift blueprint code generation, semantic versioning, compatibility with Laravel Vapor, improved authorization responses, job middleware, lazy collections, and subquery improvements 

Laravel 7 – Here features such as Laravel Sanctum, Custom Eloquent Casts, Blade Component Tags, Fluent String Operations, and Route Model Binding Improvements came into light.

Laravel, as of now

Writing quality code with zero errors, and making a platform accessible and not exclusive by collaborating with others are some of the biggest advantages of using Laravel Development. On and all, building an application with the Laravel framework opens up a plethora of golden opportunities. 

9 Advantages Of Our Laravel Development Service

  • Bespoke platforms & apps

Let’s meet the first advantage! Bespoke, Magento, WordPress – buzzwords are endless and so is their importance! We all know that time is money – there is no debate about it. But what we don’t know is the longer time we take in creating something the more expensive it becomes. As a web developer, we often end up looking for solutions or frameworks which allow us to create bespoke websites in a short span.

With the advent of technologies, the use of off the shelf solutions has now opened the door of endless possibilities.

  • Lightweight, yet powerful

According to experienced Laravel developers here, another interesting benefits that makes Laravel different from other PHP frameworks is being lightweight yet powerful. This feature surely makes possible the creation of many unassailable and advanced web applications. According to sources, Laravel is considered as one of the most popular tech stacks for “the Entire Internet in Web app”.

Laravel incorporates a wide bunch of features such as dynamic content seeding, impressive layouts can be created by using Laravel’s lightweight templates leading to developing simple yet elegant web applications. It may quite interest you to know that it includes a large collection of widgets with solid structured CSS and JSS. 

  • Enhanced security

With increasing data breaches, security has become one of the major concerns these days. There are times when the bad guys do their stuff even before you become cautious about your online presence. And there is a reason why cybersecurity has not reached up to the level of optimum efficiency. Now you must be wondering what Laravel development has to do with that? Well, here’s how:

Authentication process – Unlike other frameworks, Laravel has its unique authentication procedure where the boilerplate code comes ready to use with it.

Protects against SQL injection – Laravel comprises the eloquent ORM that uses PDO binding to fight against SQL injections. Moreover, it keeps a check on the misuse of SQL queries by malicious users by changing the intent of the queries.

Protection against XSS – The best part is that Laravel offers high-end protection from XSS attacks. More or less, its native support system protects the code against cross-site scripting. It takes action automatically not only in regards to protection but also programming escape tags as outputted in HTML.

To enhance security features, our team of Laravel developers recommends certain pointers such as:

  1. Avoid raw queries
  2. Force HTTPS if your application is exchanging sensitive data
  3. Use double brace syntax to prevent XSS attacks
  4. Use laravel security headers
  • Quality control

Outsourcing to third-party has never been so seamless especially for small size and mid-size businesses. It feels like you are settling in an arranged marriage tradition featuring an element of giving up control to a stranger. And maybe that’s the reason why trusting an outsourcing partner becomes next to impossible. Well, here at eTatvasoft we get it and ensure to deliver best-in-class Laravel development services and do everything we promise.

We do offer outsourcing development services with peace of mind that you will have full control over everything. We exactly know how to get things done which means no nasty surprises are waiting for you!

  • Punctuality

Well, this advantage is not just limited to Laravel development but all the services we offer from our doorstep. We understand thoroughly that you have tighter deadlines to hit and bringing stress with you at night isn’t going to make the processes any more straightforward. 

All you have to do is choose a turnaround time and we will ensure that your finished product arrives right on time. Plus, there is no reason to worry about missing the deadline.

  • Industry leaders

Many of our clienteles have been in this web application development business for a long time, so we certainly do not blame you if you are a bit skeptical. After all, reputation is all about what we do.

However, we believe that our experience and proven track record speak volumes. That’s because we’re leaders in the industry with a client list to match. Regardless of how many big clients we have worked with, we value everyone’s custom and work with the same level of hard work and consistency.

  • Quality customer experience

Quality customer experience is a must when developing a web application. Now there are a few things which come under the hood :

  1. Clarity – We ensure that your end visitor can find what he or she is looking for right in one go. 
  2. Load time – We know end customers hate to wait. Load time has become a very important factor to get ranked under search engines well. 
  3. Conversion – Conversion is a sophisticated word being used instead of success in the online realm. And conversion is way easier when the website is simple with a color scheme evenly distributed in the text and graphics. 
  4. Responsive Design- Last but not least, visitors will come back only when they have a certain picture of the website in mind. A good responsive design can only do the magic. A cutting-edge visual appeal through parallax scrolling, eye-catchy images with big and bold fonts can be all good when it comes to a modern website. But, at the same time, one needs to keep it all balanced.
  • Strong relationship

As the name implies, this can act as a foundation when done in the right manner. For example, start with understanding the briefing and their Laravel development project requirements very carefully. Then the next step is to prepare a realistic plan that enables you to give your client an accurate estimation of the time required to complete the project and to also inform them if their deadline is realistic or not. The next step is to showcase your expertise as a Laravel developer. After all, every decision on the project made must have a reason underneath and you must be able to explain why.

On and all, be transparent and make sure they know everything regarding the project and fully understand your obligations as well as theirs.

Thus, by choosing our Laravel development services, we make sure that all risky factors  are mitigated in no time.

  • Massive popularity

Lack of resources should be the prime reason for choosing or rejecting a framework. I mean the more choices you get the more easy it becomes to make adjustments whenever and wherever required. Due to its massive popularity and strong community, Laravel is recommended by top-notch developers to solve issues anytime when in need.


That’s all for now! Hopefully, you understand what Laravel is all about and why one should choose it as a framework to develop a web application. Also, I would like to add that here we take our work very seriously. So if you are looking for a reliable Laravel development company, you can contact us now.

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