Why Shopify can be the Best ECommerce Development Platform?

Everyone is going online and you seem to be no exception. Also, to take your brand to the global audience it is very important to create an eCommerce platform. The good news is that you will find a wide range of reliable options such as Shopify to Magento, OpenCart, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Drupal. And the bad news is because there are so many options around choosing a relevant one seems a bit daunting. 

The following post emphasizes how considering Shopify development can be the best way to launch your new eCommerce store?

How does an ideal eCommerce platform look like?

Commonly known as online shopping, eCommerce business are considered as one of the most profit-spinning realms. The concept of anyone can shop from anywhere and anytime is spreading like fire. Today, imagining a world without internet or eCommerce stores seems like a nightmare. And of course, one doesn’t need to be a business expert to know the impact or how these web stores (in comparison to brick-and-mortar businesses) have reshaped the modern marketplace in a couple of years.

Essential Features of an eCommerce Platform:

  1. Enable customers to buy products and services in a seamless manner. 
  2. Comprises one such feature that ends up attracting more and more consumers.
  3. Offering the best and most convenient payment gateway option 
  4. The web design must look appealing and user friendly
  5. Appropriate security features 
  6. It must comprise of a bunch of scalable options so that the owner can upgrade their store to the next level

Meet Shopify – The Perfect Match

Acquiring customers and generating revenue is no child’s play. Certain things such as conversion optimization, customer engagement and retention, SEO, scalability, and omnichannel integration, etc must be addressed by an eCommerce store. With so many options available, picking a solid one that coordinates your plan of action and objectives requires serious thought. However, for those who haven’t tried using Shopify before feel free to connect with our experienced team of Shopify developers who can show you how amazing it is. Other than that, read away!

Among a wide range of eCommerce platforms available, Shopify turns out to be a clear winner. Here’s why!

Easy Set-up and Installation

One of the most obvious reasons to choose Shopify development as your eCommerce platform is that it is easy to set up and use. This works for both business owners and developers too. Moreover, the fact that Shopify has millions of stores running on it says it all about the platform. No further explanation seems to be needed. The number is increasing day in day out. After setting up one, to operate, or sell products through the store you don’t need to possess any technical skills. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have any coding knowledge or not as the store owner but as a creator/developer, one must seek assistance from a reliable Shopify development company like Etatvasoft around. They won’t just create a unique consumer-friendly website for you but also give a new perspective towards embracing innovation for your business.

Know more about Shopify eCommerce Store Launching Checklist

Functionality Rich

Another interesting aspect of the eCommerce development platform is that it offers a great number of features and functionality. Even after this, the platform remains easy to use. In addition, all the current and potential barriers of processing the orders, adding products, handling orders, customer records, apps, reports, and keeping your store running smoothly can be taken care of right from the dashboard with just a few clicks.

There are more than 100 premium themes featuring a wide range of customization options. Each one of them is responsive giving merchants more control over customizing. Customizing the look and feel of your online store becomes way easier with the simple drag and drop editor. For deeper customization and design control, it is advisable to rope in a vetted Shopify developer who knows how to make the most of JavaScript and CSS.

Payment Gateway Set-up

With 100+ professional themes, get ready to explore 100+ payment gateways. For those who find this term new, a payment gateway is a simple software application that connects between your e-commerce website and the bank that authorizes (or declines) your customer’s credit card payment. The last but certainly not the least procedure of the sales process, without it you won’t be able to securely charge your customer in case they purchase any items from your online store.

Right from Credit and debit cards, Cash on Delivery (CoD), Net Banking, Wallets, Bank Transfer, UPI, EMI’s, PayPal, Shopify development supports all of them. In addition, it offers its own which is powered by Stripe. The second you pick this, instead of incurring any transaction fee. Moreover, you will be benefited from lower credit card fees. However, there is no need to use a merchant account.

Security Features

It is always advisable to develop an online store that is fast, secure, and always online. After all, eCommerce stores are all about dealing with sensitive customer information including credit card details, impatient customers. One of the finest reasons for the hosted platform is the security or reliability it provides. In simple words, you no longer need to worry about all server maintenance and upgrades. As a result, all pages are loaded quickly, and don’t worry about your store, and shopping carts are available at all times.

SSL certificates can be enabled to encrypt all data and pass it through a secured connection. With top-end servers and technical support working behind the scenes, the platform also takes care of PCI compliance which is required when you deal with credit cards.

Mobile Friendliness

It is expected that mobile eCommerce will account for 60% of all retail online sales in the upcoming years. with the advancement in Shopify development technology, leads to making your online shopping store mobile-friendly. By 2025, over 80% of all online sales will be made on mobile devices.

Developing a mobile-friendly site right from the beginning that serves its potential customers with fast, safe, and reliable services will surely win the race. The website will display as intended on any type of device – this is what Shopify’s fluid design is all about.

That means your store looks great and is easy to navigate on any device. Let’s say, desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and anything else you can imagine. 

All Shopify development themes include a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart and are mobile responsive.

Know More about Responsive & Mobile Friendly Framework

Multiple Languages

The point is pretty simple actually, imagine you have an online store that sells its products in Canada. Their native languages are English and French so you include both the languages in your store. And one fine day, you decide to expand your business in Germany. Now here’s the big question? Would you create a similar-looking store featuring English and French in Germany as well? Probably not! It would be preferable if your website appears to Germany folks in their native language.

According to several surveys, it had been concluded that 9/10 internet users said that if given a choice of languages, they would love to visit a website in their own language. Fortunately, you have plenty of Shopify developers around who are happy to help! Otherwise, choose plugins like ‘Langify’ (manual translate), Multi Lingo that allows the merchant to translate their storefront into multiple languages.

Additional Tip: Always use the manual translation app instead of that auto-translation app.

Marketing & Admin Features

Other than being mobile-friendly, Shopify is quite marketing-friendly. From editing the content of your eStore to optimizing it according to the SEO perspective, everything can be taken care of. Speaking further, it becomes way easier to manage on-site SEO means you can play with meta titles, meta descriptions, page titles, URLs, page visibility, and even redirect pages when necessary.

Techno savvies are no longer required to generate a sitemap.xml and robot.txt file as they can be automatically generated with Shopify development. Now as a store owner it is very evident for you to manage the with the administrative chores than any other thing, the majority of your time will be spent in the backend of the site – you may require adding products or pasting -in Analytics fields, putting drop-down highlights, setting up agendas, serving clients and so forth. Also, one should be assured of the fact that Shopify has an amazingly simple backend system; you won’t find your every day authoritative tasks dreary or troublesome.

Mobile Application

Like I said before, Shopify is customizable. Time to know the “How” part. A small piece of flexibility in Shopify comes from the fact that they have got their own app store. Creating tools and offering them from free or for sale to shop owners, all this is done by Shopify experts from all across the globe.

It’s more like an app store for your smartphone; Google plays store and iPhone app store but something exclusively for Shopify. There you may find more than 1500 apps ready for you to add a plethora of features such as specialized analytics, shipping label generation, and integration with your accounting software to customer-side bonuses such as loyalty programs and wish lists to your store and you can always develop your own Shopify application with other technologies like NodeJS.

Name anything and you will probably find it on the app store.

Hire Shopify Developer

App Integrations with SaaS Services

Many SaaS companies tend to choose Shopify these days. One of the basic reasons here is familiarity with monthly plans. Moreover, SaaS companies, on the other hand, aren’t keen on other eCommerce competitor platforms like WooCommerce or OpenCart because people who use them do not require paying monthly subscription fees.

App integration saves ample time, money, and potential errors; giving your apps better data insights making them cost-effective and easier to consume. 

Abandoned Cart Tracking

With one of the best-abandoned cart recovery systems, Shopify qualifies to be the best shopping cart solution for eCommerce business. It has been proven that customers who leave their products in their carts are supposed to leave your website without making a purchase or will come back soon to make one. Keeping this in mind, Shopify developers came with this interesting idea of the Abandoned cart recovery system that tracks and emails those potential customers, reminding them that their purchase process is yet to complete. This feature enables e-retailers to increase their conversion rate.

Dedicated Support

Another area where Shopify excels in customer service. Already being stellar, with 24/7 support, Shopify gives merchants the best possible attention. Time to get acquainted with Shopify plus where each account is given a dedicated “Success Manager” who aren’t just there for support or to answers questions but also can act upon design modifications, feature requests, and internal suggestions, assist in regional store setup, custom integrations for marketplaces, create strategies for your business, international expansion, including languages and currencies.

Promotional Tools and Bandwidth

Again keeping the plus store in mind, Shopify gives you a wide range of promotional tools. For example, the launchpad that lets you plan as well as automate the entire activities needed to execute campaigns more like the flash sale or product launch. Furthermore, you can even schedule bulk changes to your eCommerce platform that coincide simultaneously with the start to the end of the desired campaign. You can even use it for monitoring and managing the promotional campaigns and creating invitation-only and limited-edition product collections.


And that’s it! So now you know about all the amazing benefits Shopify plus serves you. It’s high time to create your eCommerce store. The best way to proceed is to hire Shopify developers from eTatvaSoft who have the potential to leverage all the features to your business advantage. Get in touch to get started with the journey today!

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