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Top Common mistakes that PHP Development companies make

A lot can go wrong in the web development realm. For starters, you may find this list a bit exhaustive but at the same time it points out some of the most vital pitfalls made by PHP development companies around one should be wary of.

Table of Content
  1. Overview
  2. PHP Development Mistakes to Avoid
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Business owners these days crave having an online presence that requires minimal to zero maintenance; that’s where PHP development comes into the picture. Being capable of building highly interactive apps and dynamic websites, PHP is one of the finest server-side scripting languages available since 1995. Some of its non-avoidable benefits include:

  • It is secure, fast and reliable
  • PHP supports MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc
  • Compatible with servers like Apache, IIS, etc.
  • Successfully runs on platforms such as Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Ease of use (functions, methods, and syntax of this language)
  • Compatible with Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, osCommerce, etc. 

With websites being an integral part of your online presence, businesses strive extremely hard to develop dynamic and robust applications and PHP MySQL is a preferred choice. The server-side scripting can directly run/maintained on the web. And since the files contain only the scripts; things become way easier when it comes to change. As per the consumer’s perspective, an interactive and user-friendly website is said only when it allows the visitor to freely interact while producing flexible and dynamic content.

Know more about MySQL operations with PHP

Another interesting aspect of PHP is it offers a comprehensive range of libraries that assists well in extending the core functionalities of the website. Moreover, the source code can be easily modified to integrate custom-created components and extensions. Lastly, the platform offers top-level security and prevents cyber attacks. It may quite interest you to know that you can create websites that are hacker-proof. However, it’s the building of a solid and dependable database that demands time and expertise. All you require to do is get in touch with a reliable PHP development company like eTatvaSoft.

PHP Development Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes are inevitable no matter how perfect the professional is or how robust the technology is. Misunderstanding some basic issues and most PHP developers end up making a mistake while getting a PHP project off the ground. However, these errors do not hinder the functionality of the code and thus are often overlooked at times. But at the same time, it becomes very important to know that these mistakes have the potential to cause serious logical or semantic errors introducing unwanted security loopholes into the app. In all this chaos, there is one ray of hope – All of them can be easily dogged.

Here we aim to provide you one of the finest PHP development services and expertise ensuring that these mistakes are avoided resulting in improved quality and efficiency of all our PHP based projects.

Further below we would like to mention some of the most common yet avoidable mistakes companies make in the PHP development realm.

Focusing on wrong end-users

Consumers play a key role in the success or failure of your PHP based web store. They are marionettes who control (on their preferences) what types of goods and services will be delivered in the market. Different locations call for different products based on the kind of clients available. Before coming to any conclusion, ensure that you understand your location very well and the type of customers you intend to provide services to them.

In addition to this, try knowing about what they love and explore what is the reason behind other businesses’ failure. Defining the target audience is always recommended to be done at the planning stage that is before the beginning of the development process. So that there is no scope of mistake or failure while specifying the target audiences. Doing all this later will force you to re-do some steps leading to wastage of more time and resources. After all, there is no point in designing a product that doesn’t fit your target audiences.

Error reporting disable

Amateur PHP developers often get annoyed as soon as a PHP error shows up on the web. So what they do is simply disable the error keeping it on their local system to debug codes and report the same in production. This is a huge mistake. The user won’t find it in case if the error occurs in production, but this also means that the programmer won’t be able to find that something is wrong either.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. So, it is always recommended to have an appropriate reporting system in place. Well, it isn’t necessary to be seen in front of the user but log it to a file, which can be viewed later on. After all, it is better to fix your fragile site before it ends in disaster.

Ignoring support and communication

Another basic error committed by most PHP development companies around is the imperfect communication channel. Being one of the core elements to succeed, programmers do end up miscommunication which must be avoided at any cost. Imagine yourself being stuck in a PHP project for days, weeks, and months where neither you nor the development company will be able to come up with a relevant solution. Would you like to deal with a company where there is no one to talk for days even after you drop an email or skype message? Probably not!

PHP as a skill is critical but in the end, what saves your day is your communication. So before picking one make sure you get to know them inside out on the basis of their decision-making, problem-solving and analytical ability (how they understand your requirements/ problems), and then answer instead of directly pouncing on the project. Besides, choose a PHP development company that incorporates a proper mode of communication for reviewing and solving the latest updates and issues.

Not examining past works well enough

This is something everyone would agree to; you have to judge the work of potential PHP development service providers before choosing them. Let us assume that you do have some know-how about certain skills required for the job so you judge the previous work solely on aesthetic merit.

Of course, your online presence needs to excel in regards to aesthetics. So try examining how seamlessly it works and offers a smoother user experience. Do not forget to check important things while hiring PHP experts in advance.

Poor or inadequate research strategies

No two businesses are similar so how can two approaches be the same. After conducting an adequate amount of research as soon as you are settled with the product idea, try visiting different markets offering the same products (your competitors) and analyze what works for them, what is not working for them, etc. Think of new ideas that could make your existing space outstanding that the available one.

Get to know if there anything the customer is missing in the existing product and try to resolve it as early as possible. Do you possess the art of foreseeing future trends? If not, start learning as it will help you invest your money and resources wisely. In the end, what matters the most is customer satisfaction. Take your time, research, ask questions, review what other businesses did, and where they went wrong. Understand how they overcame the issues and, finally, how they launched their products.

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Not sharing a vision with the Programmer

One word can be interpreted in a surprisingly wide number of ways. Again communication is the key to success particularly in the early stages of the PHP development project. A high amount of confusion and chaos can create differences in interpretation of the scope of work, with the task beginning a completely unexpected way in comparison to what you had imagined.

That’s why not sharing your vision with a reliable PHP developer is a grave mistake. Before even commencing the project, the expert must be able to truly grasp what you are trying to accomplish. There are times when businesses and developers discuss work and do not ask questions about the project; business owners assume that it must be understood. Which is wrong!

Assumptions are the reason for all goof ups. So what is the solution, you may ask? Well, you know what your business is all about. You have extensive knowledge regarding everything which is the foundation of what type of software you need. So give project descriptions clearly and concisely. Also, ask the programmer questions about your venture and perceive how the individual in question rethinks the task in their own words. This is a decent method to reveal the programmer’s concealed presumptions.

Ignoring technical SEO

Over a span of a few years, SEO has become pretty much in vogue. So hiring a PHP development company who doesn’t know anything about Search Engine Optimization is a big No-No. Now you must be confused about how development is related to SEO. Well, it is, and here’s how! The main aim of an online store is to drive potential customers and increase sales. So sooner or later you will require to hire a technical SEO to optimize your website.

Great SEO starts with great web development. Whilst certain on-page SEO and content-driven tactics such as crawlable site architecture, minimizing page load time, mobile optimizing, decrease bounce rates, increase online visibility must be implemented from the beginning of the development process instead of doing it afterward. Besides, try hiring a PHP development company that also excels at offering SEO services or is well-aware of the process. After all, the company that cannot provide the business with an SEO optimized website cannot help you in reaching your potential customers with your website.

Expecting fast outcome from Developers

Many PHP experts tend to make these false promises of completing the work in no time or least amount of time. That’s it! Whenever your preferred company says this; you should know that it’s time to make a move. Developing any kinds of applications like Chat System, mobile application or a website is a complex process no matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are. It is and will always remain time-consuming.

However, the work isn’t limited just to the developer but several parties are involved to get things done. So, for development companies do not make this mistake of boosting to complete work in no time and business owners do not fall into such traps and look around for someone who is more reliable and does not expect to get things done quickly.

Off to find a tech partner?

First of all, how did you feel about this list? Do you find this something too esoteric or does it cover common aspects? PHP development is all about trials and errors – it’s a fact! But dodging all the aforementioned mistakes will leave you with a better web development team.

eTatvaSoft is a reliable PHP development company that has been offering a plethora of customized and flexible services such as CMS development, integrations, PHP migration, API development, Maintenance & support with the least possible chances of misjudgment. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Also, if you have some more common pitfalls the post has failed to mention? Feel free to mention in the comment section below.


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