Why you should Hire Shopify Developer?

For most of you people building an online store feels like you are drowning in a never-ending to-do list. Business owners are often found exhausted while donning so many hats right from an account manager to a marketer and of course the best of all “CEO”. One man army is no longer a necessity; there is always help available around to take some of the burdens off of your shoulders. All you have to do is ask for it. And that’s where a Shopify development company comes into existence.

Why Shopify?

After hosting online stores for celebs Kylie Cosmetics, CR7.com, Tony Robbins Store, Shopify has gained popularity like never before used by 8,20,000 merchants worldwide. Why may you ask? Well, this can be accredited to a bunch of interesting features offered by the platform such as:

  • Ease of Use – Available with a comprehensive interface, Shopify prevents the seller from dealing with technical headaches. As a result, they can focus more and more on the overall growth in revenue or other relevant businesses; if any! 
  • Customized Features– Flexibility being the fundamental segment of Shopify development permits entrepreneurs to get a custom application created with hardly any highlights that satisfy their unique requirements. Moreover, Shopify developers like Etatvasoft can be brought on-board to enable such customized functionalities. 
  • Safe & Secured– With more and more security breaches taking place day by day. It becomes necessary to choose a platform that provides 100% SSL. Being a hosted platform and with Level 1 PCI certification Shopify offers high security layers for your ecommerce store and keeps your store updated. The platform ensures that the trust of users is well-maintained.  
  • Extensive App Store– With a huge base of Shopify development community you will find different types of extension available like multi-channel selling, email marketing, and other such benefitting exercises. In addition, the Shopify app store is a habitat to download a bunch of both free and paid plugins developed to enhance the functionality of your store. 

The reasons mentioned above are good enough to pursue Shopify platform when launching your upcoming eCommerce store.

Who is a Shopify developer? A professional who not only has a better understanding of development stores but is also able to create, enhance, and archive development stores in a short span of time. He or she must also be well-acquainted with terms like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, command line, etc. 

Why Hire a Shopify Developer?

Well, if this is the first time you are launching an eCommerce site then it is pretty easy to underestimate the amount of effort that goes into an online business. Hiring a few web developers, designers, and marketers won’t be enough to get your site up and running. Unfortunately, this is not just the case. Many decisions need to be taken right from the start resulting in a huge impact on your business. Solid planning, appropriate strategizing, and executing the plan to completion is all that takes to succeed. Therefore, hiring a Shopify developer who is both skilled and well-experienced enough to get you off the ground can be of much help. Of course, it will take time to screen potential hires and go through all the onboarding procedures; but all this will be fruitful.

  • High-end Quality Work – They aren’t just any developers; they do specialize in Shopify development. This means they see how Shopify functions and have broad information concerning all the payment gateways, navigation, inventory systems, and checkout logics.  
  • Saves Time – Different specialists require distinctive periods for finishing a similar activity. So regardless of whether you have an ambiguous thought of what you want; an experienced developer can go through their extensive information to accompany the correct solution. 
  • Improved Customer Experience – Hiring a Shopify programmer implies you are good to go to actualize every one of your procedures depending on their knowledge and long stretches of understanding. However, you always have this option of using page building Shopify apps like Shogun to make your site look and function in a way like never before without any outside help. But when it comes to having highly customized functionality or long-term maintenance. Hands down, you need to seek assistance from a professional. 

When it’s time to Approach One?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you have started or are stuck in the middle somewhere of your plan; you can hire Shopify development services at any point of time. But you make a choice to start by identifying the problems you want to be solved. For example, figure out do you want to create a new website or a web application? What target audiences are you trying to reach? After learning these basic aspects of your requirement you can rope in an expert who has the potential to create the best website, graphics, or apps for your business. 

It’s time to simply Google the term “Shopify developers” and you will be filled with many flashy websites promising to give you nothing but the best from their space. While filtering candidates, it’s essential to analyze their websites, case studies, and showcased expertise just to ensure they can complete the task at hand. 

What to look for in a Shopify Developer

Shopify Expertise

A skilled Shopify developer can assist you in numerous ways that you on your own would fail to do. Right from email marketing to launching your landing page, installation of Google Analytics, He may even give input while performing catchphrase researching or keyword researching (one of the most critical components of site improvement (SEO) to be precise. After everything is set up, even Shopify experts can assist in building your online store, selecting the right theme, design product descriptions, finalize the much-awaited launch, and whatnot.

Look out for Specific Qualities

Check whether he possesses in-depth knowledge in Shopify development? One of the foremost criteria for selecting a professional is how knowledgeable he is or else he will never be able to initiate a development based project. Apart from this check whether he is more specialized in different services related to Shopify development such as Shopify cart development, developing Shopify apps using NodeJS, integrating third-parties apps. If yes, it means you have hit the bullseye.

Another interesting quality one must look for is that does he have a problem-solving approach? Developers should not get stuck with a minor problem during store development. So ensure that as a Shopify developer, you choose the one with those skills to solve all minor-to-major problems that arose during development.

And lastly, he must be able to convey his thoughts effectively. Plus, he should be giving regular updates about your project clearly & precisely. So, do not forget to check on their communication and aptitude skills. Technical experts have a significant part to play as their understanding and a free progression of communication while building up a site.

Should have Good Portfolio

To build a top-quality custom Shopify eCommerce website, one must have a good experience and certain proven skills. In simple words, an ideal Shopify developer must be able to manage the eCommerce platform deftly. In addition, he should have a sound information of the platform, information about core PHP, enough first-hand experience of working with APIs integration, and top it all; an entrenched record of the experience of utilizing a wide scope of eCommerce platforms

Evaluate the Work Strategy

Everyone has a dream to make their online store a grand success and so do you. But to make one, you need to look out for a Shopify development company that has a group of experts who can satisfy your desires for building up a site highlighting a profoundly usable plan and pulls in the clients with its easy to use set-up. He must be able to create such an eCommerce website that spares valuable time for clients with the assistance of its instinctive usefulness and smooth navigation.

There are different scales over which you can assess the Shopify developers for example, the sort of system they have to ensure your eCommerce site gets well known or what endeavors they will place in to make the client experience remarkable or such a further customizations the designer will have the option to give you so that focused crowds are pulled in towards it.

Agreement Policies

This aspect does count in effective communication skills. Agreement policies must be open and crystal clear before you people start working with each other.


So, that’s all for now! With all these emerging tools and technologies worthy of booming your online business; you must seek the assistance of a reliable Shopify development company like eTatvaSoft who are capable enough to create your store just in the way you desire. Get in touch to get a better perspective regarding the same today! 

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