What Makes React.js Better Option for Enterprises?

In today’s competitive technical world, one of the most popular and loved tools by both businesses and developers is React. As per a survey by StackOverflow, React JS is the second most appreciated technology by the developer with 68.9%. And the reason behind this popularity is its benefits and learning curve. Even after such recognition in the market, there are some organizations that doubt the use of React js for enterprise applications development. So, in this blog, we will go through some of the major points that prove that React JS is one of the best tools for enterprise application creation.

1. Is Using React JS for Enterprise Applications a Good Idea?

React is one of the most popular tools when it comes to creating user interfaces and this is mainly because of its excellence, flexibility, and scalability. It is known as the best option to create enterprise-level apps. But that is not what ReactJS is only used for. Let’s have a look at the different types of projects React can be beneficial for and later we’ll go through some of the major benefits of ReactJS in enterprise app development. 

1. Single Page Applications

With the help of React, developers can create single-page applications (SPAs) that enable the users to interact with data from the server. And this is possible without getting the page reloaded. Basically, SPAs are responsible for dynamically updating the web page content as per the user’s input.

2. Enterprise Application Development

The component-based architecture of ReactJS enables the mobile app development team to create big projects. They can break down the development process into smaller segments with the use of UI components. Some of the major companies like Airbnb and Walmart have incorporated this technology in their software. 

3. Mobile App Development

ReactJS is a technology that is widely used for creating both iOS and Android applications for different types of fields.

4. eCommerce Websites

Developers use ReactJS to create a feature-rich eCommerce site for businesses that want to go digital. It offers features like APIs, advanced search, and filters. Besides, implementation of these features is very easy for Reactjs developers from India

5. Social Network and Messaging Applications

Other types of apps that can be created with ReactJS are social media applications. It is a very popular technology when it comes to creating apps like Instagram and Facebook. Besides, it offers a great user experience to messaging app users.

2. Benefits of Creating Enterprise App Development Over Web Apps

Now we all know that developing any kind of application can be a winning move for your business. Whether you are working in manufacturing/logistics, healthcare, eCommerce, education, media/entertainment, travel, or any other industry, these innovations keep on brewing up every now and then. Before delving into the benefits offered by enterprise app development, it’s time to spot the difference between creating enterprise app development over web apps.

Web applications are those apps that succeed in offering an app-like experience. Now what is an app-like experience, you may ask? Well, if we ask you to open google docs in a web browser and make significant changes. 

In contrast to this, enterprise applications are nothing but discrete solutions created to tackle unwanted business challenges. These applications consist of different parameters to track performance and provide relevant suggestions or changes that must be made for better outcomes.

Some of the common examples of successful enterprise app development include Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, Freshsales CRM, Hubspot CRM, Asana, Basecamp, Trello, SAP, Sisense, Microstrategy, GoodSync and so more! Moving on, let’s go through these crucial benefits offered by an enterprise application.

1. Transaction Control

Enterprise app development is extremely important for retailers and other industries. Imagine you have an application at your service that not just tracks your money, and inventories but also ensure the payments are received and given within specific deadlines. 

2. Improved Data Management

Can you name some of the core operations for any business? It’s the managerial operations. An enterprise app can surely assist well in these areas. Whether you want to process critical data or monitor it regularly or make significant corrections, enterprise app development can surely assist. It means here you need to take a look at the big picture. Of course, earlier people used to choose web applications but back then they didn’t have any such option now we do. And it doesn’t matter as long as it assists in improving the overall efficiency of the business.

3. Better Supply Chain Control

Another way to improve any enterprise is by conducting accurate optimization.  Here you not just receive a better supply chain but also an enhancement in procedures such as planning, implementation, and transformation within the organization. Directly or indirectly you get to save a lot of money.

3. Big Companies Using React js

When we are talking about enterprise application development, we are sure to react js is the first and foremost name to pop up in our mind.  Since it arrived in 2013, the javascript framework has never fallen back. It has thoroughly grown as an open-source framework popular among ReactJS developers across the globe. Further, We would like to mention certain examples emphasizing how React.js is breaking records in the web development market.

  1. Facebook – This name has to top the list after all it’s one of the leading social media platforms. At present, there are 990 million users of Facebook. Though Facebook is built on React Native but did you know that initially it was React js whose library was used in the creation of Facebook’s Beta version?
  2. Instagram – React js here has resulted in the application’s amazing look and feel. I guess there is no need to mention how much we love using the platform.
  3. Netflix – Who doesn’t love binge-watching? Netflix published the blog by explaining how the React.js library helped to overcome the difficulties by improving runtime performance, modularity, and various other benefits.
  4. Myntra – One of the leading fashion eCommerce companies often known as a one-stop shop for clothing, home furnishings footwear, and other accessories. With ReactJS, you get to see amazing UI and UX for all Android and iOS users.
  5. WhatsApp – Since we are talking about some of the world-class social media platforms, how can we not talk about WhatsApp? Incorporating React in Whatsapp was the best thing to do. 

4. Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Enterprise App Development

Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Enterprise App Development

Here we would like to suggest certain reasons why one must consider ReactJS developers for creating enterprise applications. 

1. Legacy System Integration

One of the prime reasons here is the legacy system integration. By choosing ReactJS for enterprise or by hiring React developers, you can get instant access to upgrade your current system with an interactive UI. As a result, what you see next is the enhanced overall experience of the legacy system. However, we are not saying that there is no room for improvement in the existing UI even when React js is being integrated. But what we have now at present isn’t that bad! Also, this can save a lot of time, effort, and money. 

2. High-End Development Speed

In today’s times, it’s more like first come first served. More and more enterprises are found looking around for different technologies to be leveraged in no time. Well, as for React js, it does stand up to the expectations of the organizations in a short span of time. Featuring virtual dom, component libraries, and several multiple features, ReactJS app development is considered for the greater good.

3. Strong Community

ReactJS is no longer a new concept. So several individuals who are aspiring to become ReactJS developers do consider joining a ReactJS development company as well as its high-end community. Speaking of which it has close to 1300 contributors on GitHub. So even if you get stuck in between and feel you have no way to go, simply ask for help and surely you will be given a solution instantly. 

4. Enterprise App Scalability

Businesses are craving hard-to-develop rich enterprise apps/mobile apps which are on the contrary easy to use and scale. You may come across numerous applications that can be handled efficiently, especially in regard to the number of users, changes, and datasets. Have you wondered why it is possible for them to do so because frameworks such as React ensure precise app structure and coding? 

5. Access a Large Pool of Developers

Finding a ReactJS developer is more like finding a needle from the haystack. You see, ReactJS is very easy to get started with and maybe that’s the reason why more and more programmers are willing to dive in and make the most of the lucrative field. 

6. SEO-Friendly Framework

Nowadays, the end-user wants to have options in everything and this is why ReactJS developers make use of SEO, one of the best features of this technology. With React’s SEO-friendly approach, developers can reduce the loading time of the web page and this is very important when it comes to the rank of an enterprise app. You might think how does react work with Node, ReactJS works perfectly with the server that works on the node. And this enables the enterprise-level applications to set the desired ranking on the webpage.

7. Code Reusability

React development supports Android applications in many ways. And one of the reasons behind React being suitable for Andriod is the reusability of the code. Reusing code is a concept that guarantees the developers complete the workflow command. Besides, it also warrants a merging process of unidirectional data that helps in flux design. 

8. Responsive Web Development

Generally, web app optimization is a very daunting task for web development companies and this is why they consider ReactJS. It is a technology that prevents web app developers from dealing with unnecessary data while creating a website. Besides this, when an app is created by the developers using React, the main focus is on the appropriate data. This proves that using ReactJS not only decreases the loading speed of the application but also enhances the overall efficiency. 

9. Writing Custom Components

ReactJS enables app development companies to support HTML quoting with the help of JSX. And this acts as a lifeline for the developers. Besides, JSX has the quality that enables it to write custom components and convert HTML mockups to element node trees.

5. The Crux

You see enterprise application development isn’t going anywhere! And nothing works wonders than ReactJS here. All you need to do is look around for a reputable ReactJS development company that has the potential to create premium applications that will surely take your business to the next level. So relying on React JS for enterprise applications isn’t bad at all! 

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