Why is React Native an ideal option for the Mobile App Development?

We exactly know what you are thinking right now, How to capitalize on the growing mobile market as it seems to be the most profit-spinning space generating billions of dollars via different app stores. The only challenge is with hundreds and thousands of mobile apps available, how can one show them what they’ve got; a robust, seamless, and impressive-looking mobile app? Here’s a three-word answer for you – React Native Development. 

A Brief Introduction

React Native is being used in hitherto unheard of sectors in India and mobile app development is no exception. Are you willing to hop on the bandwagon? Well, you must because those who haven’t might have a lot to lose.

Earlier with the help of JavaScript (for Android) and Swift/Obj-C (for iOS), building native mobile apps was a doable job. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that earlier the creator itself had issues with its mobile app as they required maintaining two codebases for iOS and Android. All the features were supposed to be implemented on a separate basis which eventually led to a lot of work duplication and asymmetrical apps. As a result, React Native development comes to the rescue!  

The tech totally wipes out the need for building separate apps on the most on-demand platforms. All you need is just one coding language and things are done in a way less time. 

Developed a few years ago by a famous Social Media company named Facebook, React Native has now become a tech we all hate to love.

The Ever-Growing Popularity

Needless to say, most of the top apps are built with React Native Development in India as well as overseas. Also, top companies that have adopted the technology to its fullest include a bunch of renowned names like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Discord, Tesla, Walmart. As a result, more and more businesses (SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies) are planning to switch their development projects in the hands of a reputable React Native Development Company in India. Before we delve any further into why the tech is becoming the need of the hour, let us understand the different kinds of mobile app development happening around. 

Mobile App Development – Its Types

  • Web App – As the name implies, web apps are more simplified versions of a website created to make things way easier in case, accessed through smartphones. The only drawback here they possess a limited amount of functionality as they are supposed to run on a browser and not as an app. The end users may feel restricted while using a web app. 
  • Hybrid App – The best part here that these ones cannot just run on multiple platforms but can be created as one app. Moreover, you can also think of this as an app having an ability to be used as a responsive loading web page. Another interesting fact to consider here is that hybrid mobile app development is way further than a web app and just a few steps behind native apps. Now, why is this a way to go, you may ask? It is simple, less costly, and time-consuming than the native ones.    
  • Native App – You should look no further than native If you are considering apps for a particular operating system. On and all, native apps offer the same advantages as hybrid apps but what makes them more attention-grabbing is their nature of being more performance and optimization-centric. Going for this option could be quite a risky venture as updates or improvisations are few of Native apps over Hybrids. So if we do simple math then the cost and time taken is doubled or Tripled to be precise. 

Now coming back to React Native, half hybrid and half native mobile apps was the main concept behind the emergence of this framework. Here, you will find no black and white but a grey area, i.e. somewhat between native and hybrid, and neither of them on the flipside. 

Why Choose React Native for Mobile App Development?

Time + Money Saver

Do you think developing a mobile app is possible within a snap of a finger? Probably not! It requires an adequate amount of time, energy and a hefty sum of money. In addition, businesses often feel torn between iOS and Android development. However, you can think of incorporating all the new and improved mechanics which might eventually lead to faster deployment of the app. For example, the React Native technology demands one instead of two mobile app builders. Hiring a highly skilled React Native developer can save you from lengthy development procedures which eventually leads to higher costs.

According to several stats, the overall time required to build an app on the tech is 33% less than the time required to develop Android and iOS apps. At the same time, you will find a severe decrease in the cost of React native Application development. Another advantage is quite an easy catch which means everything depends on the developers you hire. All you have to do is find developers who are skilled and experienced in JavaScript, and you are sorted. Apart from this, let us assume a situation where you are planning to convert a web app built in ReactJS to a mobile app. Things might get way easier because starting everything from scratch is not worth it at all.     

Easy to Grasp

Another interesting aspect of React Native development is how readable it is, even to those who aren’t much familiar with it.

Hire an experienced React Native developer who knows how to make the most of standard language features that make the code more understandable to others including end-users as well as other developers. 

Overall, while developing an application in React Native platform-specific codes will be used for both iOS and Android and a majority of it will be understandable to budding developers. 

React Native development Services

Use/Re-use of Codes

React Native works much like a cross-platform app development concept that features a standard codebase which again can be used for our top mobile app contenders (iOS and Android). But what makes the tech a cut above is the way it performs is more like native applications.

Following the notion of writing once and launching everywhere makes things convenient to React to Native developers as they do not require wasting time in conducting monotonous tasks. On that note, we highly recommend our professionals to use most of the code of an existing app while developing a mobile app.

Apart from reusing codes, you will find a wide range of pre-built components available. Reusing all these kinds of stuff that were written by someone else especially for the feature you want will eventually decrease development time.    

Supports all the Third-party plugins

A high-end third-party library/ plugin support is one of the smartest things one could ask for. Whether you require a library for customization or one which assists you in adding elements or performs testing, You name it and there it is right at your service.

These libraries act as a small bunch of joy for most of the React Native developers in India and overseas as it makes things smoother and better across different verticals. Featuring unmatched potential, they can be used while working on various tasks such as testing or in-app purchases across the React Native app development cycle. Whether it’s about creating link variables or creating intuitive UIs or getting analytics, no matter what you do, there is always assistance available in the form of such pre-built libraries.

When combining the aforementioned point; i.e. the reusability of code with these third-party libraries, it acts as a cherry on the cake (you get the best of both worlds). Also, we are keeping a hawk-eye on libraries that are supposed to be built in 2020. Another interesting fact is web apps fail does to support all sorts of libraries and components whereas React Native development technology doesn’t. In a nutshell, the lesser hassle can be expected on the React developer’s part and end-users can expect better performance.       

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It keeps on Updating

Being under active development, React Native is such tech where Facebook and the massive community keep on working on constant improvements and improvisations.

In fact, the most interesting story is to React Native for Windows, Microsoft asked programmers to create their fork. As a result, several apps can be created for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One without much hassle.

Existing Apps No Longer requires rewriting

We, humans, are fickle-minded and entrepreneurs are no exception. So there might be a time when an existing app is made and running on any native or cross-platform framework but due to some reason or the other businesses aren’t happy and would like to switch. Most of the time switching frameworks is a tough overhaul but that’s not the case when it comes to React Native development.

React Native library supports huge incorporation of components without any mediator into the existing code with a nice plugin, saving ample time, energy and the need for rewriting the code from the scratch.

Bugs are Identified and Fixed easily

No matter what you create even a basic MVP product requires testing so that programmers get ensured that the app can function perfectly on various devices with multiple screen sizes. While working on this, from a maximum number of users is kept in mind while you are validating the app.

This technology, in particular, comes with a single testing code which means it is possible to test on both the platforms Android and iOS simultaneously. Moreover, React Native is a stand-alone framework for developing highly sophisticated MVP.

Modular Architecture

Last but certainly not the least aspect of React Native development technology is that the program can be divided into several modules via modular programming. This not only makes it easy for programmers to look at each other modules but also to update applications.


The future looks bright indeed! React Native development technology seems like a knight shinning armour who will eventually end the on-going holy war between Android and iOS. Killing two birds with one arrow is its forte’ but can be compared with other intuitive platforms. So what are you sitting tight for? Aren’t you willing to invest in futuristic technology? eTatvasoft is a reliable React Native development company which possesses extensive knowledge and experience regarding these emerging technologies and assists you in choosing the one that fits as your perfect business solution.

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