How much does it Cost to Develop an Application in React Native

Mobile Applications is one such Chapter in the books of the digital revolution that seems to have changed the whole story in one go. Being activated at a fanatic pace, millions of useful apps featuring superlative user experience, user interface, and compatibility with multiple platforms are available right on our fingertips; this technology certainly has no limits to what it can perform.


As far as smartphone OS go, earlier there was pretty much a two-horse race between the two dominating landscapes (Android and iOS). Businesses often get baffled while deciding on building apps with better user experience or creating apps that are faster to deploy? As a result, Developers were asked to consider the native mobile development approach to create separate applications for both the rivals.

With the time passing by, Cross-platform development came into existence. By using JavaScript, programmers were able to create some of the most intimidating and time-saving mobile applications supportable for both the platforms respectively. 

Using the Same Code For Android & iOS = Cut Expense + Saves Time 

Further speaking about cross-platform compatibility, React Native cross platform development is the name that must be brought into the limelight as it corresponds well with the current market situation. Being a JavaScript Framework, it enhances the productivity in the native mobile app development. React Native Developers now can accelerate the process of building apps across different platforms in a cost-efficient manner – all credit goes to the likelihood of reusing most of the code. No matter how far-fetched this concept sounds, it is a doable job.

Significance of using React Native Framework

After successfully ending the holy war of selecting the right development platform, many tech giants such as Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, UberEats seem to have shifted their eyeballs towards React Native Development. 

Technically speaking, the view always tends to look similar as React Native components are pure and do support side-effect-free functions too. In addition, writing state-dependent views becomes easy as you no longer require fidgeting about updating the view every time there is a change in the state (The framework itself does this honor for you). There are plenty of other reasons to use React Native Development for your upcoming project as mentioned below.

  • Low-Cost Development – In the case of Native development, you would have to pay a hefty amount in comparison to building a react native app (three to four-fold higher I guess). Why so much difference in the cost, you may ask? As mentioned above, the shared codebase and low resource requirement say it all.  
  • Great Performance– Another interesting aspect of React Native development is that apps created here are almost like the native ones. Instead of using the central processing unit, these technologies tend to take advantage of the graphic processing unit (GPU). As a result, things turn out to be much faster in comparison to cross-platform hybrid technologies.  
  • Community Support– Last but certainly not the least, React Native is an open-source platform which means every document is accessible for every programmer in React Community. After all, there are a plethora of advantages of utilizing a community-driven framework.  
  • Cross-platform – It may quite interest you to know that React Native as technology was created keeping iOS development in mind. Facebook, later on, decided to come up with a win-win situation. By using a single code-base, React Native developers can create apps for both platforms simultaneously resulting in increased fandom.   
  • UI and Performance – Another interesting advantage of the technology is it allows us to translate the markup to real, native UI elements, leveraging. Working separately for UI React Native always maintain robust performance.

What can be built using React Development Technology? Well, the most interesting aspect here is that you can build almost any type of mobile application with it. It acts as a good fit for almost any app created these days in regards to fast pace, graphic intensity, cross-platform, reliability and scalability, etc. So now comes the big question!

How much does it Cost to Develop an Application in React Native?

Since you are reading the post means you are on a tight budget and wish to build an efficient application for your business. Choosing a leading React Native Development company like eTatvaSoft seems to be the best option.

Cost Contributing Elements

Now we believe that the cost required to develop an application highly depends on certain factors like: 

Functionalities of the App

What level of complexity is used mainly depends on the type of app you are willing to create. One of the interesting aspects here is every application can be categorized in different segments ranging from high to low complexity. But how exactly can one depict the complexity range of a React Native app, you may ask?

  • Admin panel – Being at the core of any and every application, it is very important to decide on how feature-rich you want your admin panel to be. A high amount of complexity is equal to the high cost of development. 
  • Backend – BaaS or Custom, you need to choose from different backend development options. 
  • Third-party integrations – Being a trustworthy React Native App development company in India, we always recommend creating an app that connects with other application’s functionality. Unlike the native development process, React Native does act weird when integrating features such as login or payments.

Development Team Experience

The cost of building a React Native application increases or decreases based on the size as well as the experience of programmers. Much to your surprise, both the factors must contradict each other. If simply put, smaller team-size but high-end experience well on the other hand, if you expect a large team you can think of hiring junior experts who can build an app at a low cost for you. But make sure he should have experience in creating custom components in React Native for development advantages.

What doesn’t fit well is choosing a low experienced developer who won’t be well-versed with the best practices that might sooner or later improve the overall performance of your app. Which means the experience is a price altering factor.

App Integration

As I said before React Native does a commendable job when it comes to integrating with Third-party or enterprise systems. In terms of the cost-cutting procedure, it is very important to come up with an app that acts as a one-man army/standalone. In simple words, to reduce the cost we need to come up with something that works independently without any integration to your system. You can even think of an app that integrates well with your existing enterprise application. However, the one-man army will cost a bit less than the integrated app because believe us, integrations such as extensions, third-party APIs, host system app modifications are pricey when involved.

Maintenance and Support

Creating an efficient mobile application doesn’t mean that the work is done. You will come across several React Native development companies like us that offer maintenance and support for the long run. Dealing with constant updates, error/bug fixation at regular intervals isn’t easy but at the same time it is extremely important, or else you might require preparing another budget for the damage done. After all, you have strived so hard and got so far, everything must stay in its position.

Application Distribution

Other than maintenance and support, clever distribution of the app is also very important. Here your wise decision-making tactics will work and lead to a reduction in the cost. Commercial stores like App Store or Google Play store will charge nothing less than $100 for developer license costs. The apps will also be requiring permission from the host to make sure that the standards and security policies are met. The other option is Enterprise Mobility Management where the mobile apps are installed in the storefront for installation.

How to Hire a skilled React Native App Developer?

Till now, you must have understood the fact that React Native is a robust technology, and only a highly-skilled programmer can make the most of it and deliver you a versatile, budget-friendly solution. Many of you (the naive ones)think hiring such programmers is more like walking in an enchanted forest where you get nothing but disappointment.

React Native development Services

For example, hiring professionals at low budgets means not qualified enough whereas experienced ones have sky-high rates. So what to do? How to pick the right one? The answer instead of wondering everywhere around, go for the ideal skill-set, choose the one who has nailed all these down.

A solid knowledge of JavaScript (all the handy tools and technologies) – Knowing all the in and outs of JavaScript is a mandatory skill that must be possessed by a reliable programmer. He must know what it takes in creating an application logic and services at the same time understanding their flow. Apart from this, he or she must be familiar with the handy tools that make their work three-times easier. For example – Sentry, Bitrise, hockey app, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, and the list goes on.

Communication is the key – Another crucial skill is having great communication skills. Building an app is a team effort which means a good developer must communicate effectively with one another to avoid costly as well as unnecessary frustrations and misunderstandings. Everyone should be on the same page so that things can work out smoothly and effectively. 

A good sign of a great communicator is he must be open to ideas and suggestions made by others. Do not choose the ones who are self-blinded by their egos.

Bet on Experience; you will never lose – As I said before, instead of hiring a huge mass of people who just have vague ideas about the process choose an experienced React Native app developer who can always make a safe bet for you. Also do not forget to check on how many successful apps he has deployed in his professional React Native work portfolio.

In a nutshell

So that’s all! These all are the deciding factors of your upcoming app development cost. Lastly, having a low budget and still wish to develop your app at a faster pace; look no further than a reliable React Native development company featuring every possible ingredient to make your journey smooth and seamless in no time and of course, less budget.

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