How React Native can Improve Productivity if a Mobile App Developers?

We all are squeezed inside smartphones, especially mobile apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Uber etc. During such a situation, it is very challenging for any radical business to remain unprecedented! Taking the path of least resistance numerous developers are seen getting on board with the mobile app development fleeting trend. 

Getting Acquainted with The Mobile App Market

There is no denying the fact that these mobile apps end up playing a crucial role in raising our living standards. One cannot just have the access to whatever they want but also with the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology, they can interact with them like never before – Do you Remember Pokemon Go’? 

The mobile game was developed in 2016 to locate as well as capture these exceptional pokemon creatures. Apart from capturing, one can train them to battle against other players. And you know what’s the best part of all this, every pokemon appear as if they are in the player’s real-world location. And yes, the game was free-to-play.

According to Statista, the global number of smartphone users will rise to 3.8 billion over the course of years. Check the below-mentioned image out! 

SmartPhone Users
Image Source – Statista

Every year there seems to be immense growth in the mobile app market. Some more interesting statistics to take into account: 

With the ever-increasing demands of these applications, mobile app developers do need to come up with a solution that speeds up the development process in a short span of time. According to us, nothing beats React Native technology.

Introducing React App Native Development

Mobile app development, in general, is quite a lengthy process. This means one (a mobile app developer) needs to be calm, composed, poised while doing so. Before the existence of React Native technology, the situation was like businesses were required to create different apps for both the platforms Android as well as iOS users. After React Native, all developers need to do is use segments from the React Native UI which further can be embedded into a current application, without changing the application. 

What is React Native? Created by Jordan Walke, the innovation was intended to join the best parts of React with Facebook’s JavaScript library to target mobile platforms. In the event that basically, a solitary codebase can be utilized over different stages like Android and iOS.

React native is a framework that gets upgrades to the hybrid application platform. It is massively famous and gives a wide range of new procedures for mobile application building. Different advancement applications, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Netflix, have utilized the framework to create mobile applications. Developers are considering it the fate of cross-stage applications.

Companies Using React Native
Image Source – Appbrain

Some of the most interesting features of React Native technology include: 

  • Get a native-like User Experience in regards to high performance, quick load time, smooth navigation & aesthetic appeal.
  • Able to reuse the code, apps can be created in a short span of time for both iOS and Android. 
  • Supports live reloading and hot reloading 
  • Used by some of the biggest brands such as  Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Skype, Airbnb, Myntra, etc. 
  • Strong community support 

Moreover, React Native is the most popular framework used by developers all over the world. Here are some interesting figures to consider. 

React native Usage
Image Source – React native Usage

Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

Nowadays users have become equally knowledgeable regarding the existing digital space and crave for a better mobile app experience. Thus, a React Native App Development company takes the charge. The question is why? 

  • Fast Returns – Everybody wishes to achieve incredible returns in the least or no amount of time. However, developing something that stays for the long run and is fast enough can be pretty daunting and overwhelming at times. Therefore, you need a team of best React Native app developers who are skilled and well-experienced in doing so.
  • Cross-platform Development – As we mentioned before, creating a  react native app is all about using the same code to develop both Android and iOS applications. The outcomes are quite as expected. Gone are the days when you required a universal programmer who is skilled in several languages like JAVA, Swift, C++ or any other. 
  •  Migrating from a web page to mobile app is easy – With fragmented module and natural code overlays react native is interfaced obviously and appropriately. Relocating from a site page to the mobile application is simple, all you require is a team of React Native developers in India.
  • Less usage of Memory – Viable with a large portion of the 3rd party modules and React Native tools, the worthwhile framework is exceptionally utilized for platforms like iOS and Android that utilizes significantly less of the memory space, as the cross-connect connecting isn’t needed and the greater part of the codes are utilized during run-time.
  • Futuristic and Flexible approach –  With an immense amount of reliability and responsiveness, React Native acts as an all-in-one solution for time and money. Get in touch with our team of React Native App developers and we assure you to offer an experience of lifetime service.

Why is the productivity of developers important?

Before we delve any deeper, let us understand why there is a need to increase the productivity of a developer? The answer is quite simple actually increase in development speed leads to more revenue generation in the least amount of time.

It’s simple math, like 2 + 2 = 4, anytime now you can finish the application and dispatch it, the sooner you can begin bringing in cash with it.

How does React Native improve the productivity of developers?

Fast Cross-platform App Development 

As mentioned before, working on the React Native project means, programmers can build native apps. Due to its reusable cross-platform elements, one no longer requires to put an extra effort to launch on both the famous platforms. All it needs is 20% modification to deploy the app to another platform.

With code re-usability, one can kill two birds with an arrow – boosts the app development process and at the same time reduces it in regards to the cost too. Maybe this is why react native development is suitable for almost all types of businesses, enterprises, startups. 

Reusable Code

No matter how many times, code re-usability is a boon in the world of mobile app development. The most significant benefit offered by the framework is where React Native developers are able to work on several platforms by using the same code everywhere. eTatvaSoft is one such reputable React Native Development company where you will find a team of professionals who have mastered across various services such as consultation to cross-platform app development, Migration, React Native UI design, Support maintenance and so more.

Ease of Learning

Technically speaking, React Native is highly based on the JavaScript framework. So you need to choose a React Native developer who has deep knowledge regarding the same. Also, the high-end support to third-party tools and plugins makes things extremely easy and convenient. Now you see why most budding, amateur as well as experienced professionals tend to switch to React Native App Development in comparison to others.

An outstanding Developer Community

No framework is popular without strong and huge community support. You see troubles, conflicts, unwanted issues are inevitable. Therefore having such a community can significantly reduce the troubles and provide relevant solutions. Also, the only consolidation here is that you are not alone creating a React Native app. One can learn, catch up with all the ready-made components and security issues.

In case, of a problem? All you require is to share it with the relevant community and get things under control as soon as possible.

Robust and Future-Ready

Imagine the framework itself turns out to be robust and future-ready, your outcomes will be too. Having a robust framework means an ample amount of time is saved as one doesn’t require to spend days and nights on bug-fixing and maintenance. Moreover,  great user interface, intuitive design, and accessible third-party modules are some of the prime features acknowledged by React Native developers in India as well as overseas.

Live and Hot Reloading

This feature is quite astonishing giving a win-win situation; both React Native developers and end-users seem to be enjoying a magical experience. The app tends to be live all the time and in case of any updates, it can be reloaded on an instant basis.

Technically speaking, as soon as there is a change made in the code, the React Native Developer re-compiles it and sees how it works. Are the modifications done correctly, does the app require any further improvement or not. However, this is no one-take shot. It can be done hundred to thousand times depending on the size of your React Native development project.

After the establishment of hot reloading, programmers no longer require to recompile the code.

Craft the native-like UI

Native app development used to be like expensive and time-consuming all at once. But not anymore! With the emergence of React Native, our big rescuer, things did work out extremely well. Now developing the native-like interface no longer requires much effort.

No other framework approaches development space this way as React Native does; trimming the time by half.

Also, technically speaking, React Native features fundamental UI building blocks. This surely enables developers to distinguish well between building a mobile app for iOS and Android counterpart. After putting the building blocks together, the technology will automatically create a sequence of action and implement them in order.

Readymade off-the-shelf component

Again we would like to emphasize the fact that nobody likes reinventing the wheel of fortune every now and then. In this case, the wheel of coding especially when you have ready-to-use foam available. Here you will find an extensive list of pre-built components, third-party plugins, and ready-made solutions and libraries.  Your react native app will be certainly packed with a native feel.

It is very important for one to know that adding native functionality such as Google calendar, compass, zoom, rotating is no easy task.  But it is crucial to improve the overall app performance. And by choosing react native development services, you are saving yourself and your programmer from spending unnecessary hours in creating such functionalities and enhance the performance of the app.

Final thoughts

Of course, React Native development is fast and plays a crucial role in increasing the productivity of your developer.

But it won’t work any wonder if the personal productivity of your professional is low. Other than being knowledgeable and highly skilled, make sure you choose a React Native developer who’s personal productivity is high.

Remember only massive actions can lead to massive results -get in touch with a trusted React Native Development company today! 

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