Why Startups Should Prefer Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Web development companies are mushrooming everywhere and claiming big! It’s time to make the most of them. The question is how? Simply, you have to pick the right PHP web development framework for your business. An advance warning, here you have to be extremely careful. Choosing a framework is more like choosing an asset for your company. After all, this is supposed to be the main fundamental of your entire building, I mean the website. Mere negligence can cause huge losses. 

 PHP frameworks are used to ease the process of the development of web apps. Moreover, the framework also ensures speeding up the development process. While looking for one, you will come across several reputable names such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Phalcon, Drupal, jQuery, and the list goes on. Does the following post emphasize why Laravel Framework among all the other options must be preferred for Web Development?

1. Meet Laravel

With the increase in tech startups, there has been a severe hassle around technology selection. I have been asked this question ample of times – how to succeed when dealing with any technology including Laravel? 

Well, before I give you a straightforward answer, let us get a bit acquainted with the Laravel development technology first. 

Currently, the Laravel framework has been used to develop more than 133,573 websites – all thanks to the advanced features and functionalities it possesses. 

Top Industry Verticals
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You see! Moreover, these numbers are never going to slow down in the future. Since its inception in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, Laravel seems to have merged as one of the most prominent web development frameworks for both developers as well as end-users. How it is beneficial for PHP developers we will discuss later. Right now it’s time to figure out how Laravel development is beneficial for its end users.   

What is the sure-shot rule of any successful business? It is to put yourself in the shoes of your end customers so that you can give them the best customer experience. And that’s what Laravel assists you in. 

Laravel Usage Statistics
Image Source: Laravel Usage Statistics

Right from appropriate MVC support to eloquent ORM, templating engine, packaging system, Task scheduling,  artisan console, the open source PHP web framework covers it all. I mean how one cannot create a robust, feature-rich, scalable website?  

1. Most Emerging Platform 

With the help of laravel advancements, more and more organizations are found jumping on the bandwagon at an immense pace. The dynamic capacities of laravel platforms make it very responsive and this is one of the key reasons it is likewise reliably included in the Google trends as well in the eyes of the end-users. 

2. Safe and Secured

Laravel as a platform is pretty much well-versed in regard to safety and security. Also, you can ask your Laravel developers to create the codes and their structure overall that is best in regards to its security. Laravel offers a CSRF token, high-end encryption, and API authentication. No other PHP frameworks offer this. 

3. Ready-made Application

Dealing with Laravel is pretty much easy for the techies as well as the non-techies. In fact, to ease your work, you can try incorporating those instant applications. By doing this several crucial features can be incorporated within a blink of an eye into your website. This also results in a reduction in the development cost. 

2. What Should Startups Do Before Developing Web Apps?

Conducting a successful web development project is much easier said than done but it is equally important. Of course, you will be facing unknown challenges like many others but with the right approach, such challenges can be easily overcome. For example by hiring a reputable web development company. But before you proceed any further, here are a few bunches of questions one needs to answer. 

Q1. Why do you need to conduct web development? Just remember never to do anything just for the sake of doing it or because your peers are doing it. Following the herd will lead you nowhere. Instead, try to conduct in-depth research, and know your objective better regarding laravel application development. 

Q2. Why only this platform and not any other one? Again I am not saying that you should be knowing your platform inside out but you must definitely have a basic understanding of the chosen platform. 

Q3. How much will it cost? This one is pretty basic yet necessary. The answer is it depends on exactly what kind of features and functionalities you would like to have in your web application. However, you might end up reaching at least a six-figure cost. In case there are any budget restraints, offshore development is always a convenient option available for you.

3. Why is Laravel Best Suited For Startup Businesses?

Reasons to Choose Laravel for Startups

Here comes the crucial part of the post, why Laravel turns out to be an ideal option to have an edge over competitors. You people ask me why.  Let’s dive into the details. 

1. Laravel is Easy to Learn and Use

Unlike other PHP development frameworks, Laravel turns out to be one of the easiest website development frameworks. 

In fact, it is a cakewalk to learn or use Laravel. Again, even if you end up choosing an amateur developer, your choice of framework, i.e. Laravel can work wonders.

2. Excellent Traffic Management

Any business is difficult to deal with, especially during its early days. And once it gains popularity and starts generating traffic, things get worse. No kidding! Because if you fail to manage these high customer requests, the bounce rate will also increase which is not good at all.  

Laravel’s unique ‘message queue system’ can prove to be of some help. It helps in balancing the leading as well as the seamless running of the web application.  

3. Maximum Audience Reach

The success or failure of any startup business mostly depends on its ability to reach its potential customers in the least amount of time possible. Laravel framework comprises an immense number of features and functionality that not just maximizes the audience reach but also improves the ROI of the business. 

4. High Adoption Rate

Laravel as technology does have a high adoption rate, no two ways about it. And it’s a great thing to consider. I mean if there is a technology that is being adopted at a fanatic pace, one can easily find relevant, well-experienced developers.

5. Large and Supportive Community

Since open source technologies are revolutionizing, creating unique apps for businesses has become easier than ever. The large and active community of Laravel is run by experienced Laravel experts.  In case, if a newbie or an amateur developer gets stuck, he can always ask the community for help! 

6. A Performance Like Never Before

Another strong reason to choose Laravel is that this one has the capabilities to enhance the performance of the web application. Being a non-techie you may not be well-versed with the fact that due to certain features and functionalities, the site performance does get affected. But Laravel as a framework is full-fledged. 

Tools like Memcached and Redis can be taken into consideration for the improvement of the app’s performance.   

7. Quick Time-to-Market

Choosing Laravel developers from India means you have already decided to speed up the development procedure and reduce the time to market for your end users. 

4. Conclusion

This is it! On and all, laravel has succeeded in creating a benchmark for all the PHP frameworks. They better buck up or else they won’t be even considered in the league. 

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Hardik Dhanani has a strong technical proficiency and domain expertise which comes by managing multiple development projects of clients from different demographics. Hardik helps clients gain added-advantage over compliance and technological trends. He is one of the core members of the technical analysis team.


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