What is the Scope of Laravel Developers In India?

Over a few years, the concept of PHP development has taken off in a big way! It’s Kind of a golden opportunity to make it big in the least amount of time. The following post emphasizes on what’s the benefit of being a big PHP development player in the market.

Table of Content

  1. What is Laravel?
  2. Skills Required to become Laravel Developer
  3. Why does the future of Laravel Development and other PHP Services seems at its peak?
  4. The Future Scope of Laravel Web Developers in India
  5. That’s All, Folks!

Now you may find several interesting PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, etc when it comes to developing robust applications. But among all, Laravel is the only name that has not just conquered the development space not once or twice but has maintained its position as one of the best MVC-based PHP frameworks all these years.   

“Yes, we too love beautiful code, but this particular statement is not ours.” This is Laravel’s official statement. 

1. What is Laravel?

In the present times, almost 79% of websites are developed using PHP frameworks out of which 50% of websites are created using Laravel only. However, now there are two kinds of people, one who just adores the concept of mediocrity and follows the herd without understanding the concept, and the other kind who tries to delve into the concept. They dig in deep and then decide whether to choose or not. I am glad that you lie in the latter category. 

What makes Laravel one of the leading PHP frameworks worldwide? First of all its features which might look simple but are unmatchable, the ability to create different projects irrespective of their sizes and other requirements, high-end scalability, performance, etc. 

github starts of top php frameworks

The major advantage of using Laravel as the web development technology is that tasks like routing, caching, and conducting sessions become way easier. As a result, developers no longer are required to focus here; they can work on enhancing the application by incorporating astounding features and functionalities. 

Introduced by Taylor Otwell, the main objective of laravel is to simplify complex coding to a great extent. Further below I would like to emphasize on top features offered by the Laravel Framework. 

1. Blade Template Engine

Laravel incorporates a blade template engine. Now, what does this simple yet not so simple template engine do? Technically speaking, developers are no longer restricted from using plain codes. Also, laravel aids them in adding zero overhead to their application. Other interesting features include template inheritance and crucial data can be displayed easily.

2. Eloquent ORM

Another interesting feature of the Laravel framework is the Eloquent ORM. Now with laravel, interacting with databases is no rocket science. In fact, it has become easier and less time-consuming. At present, database queries can be updated or modified without using SQL for updating and performed seamlessly by using PHP syntax.  

3. MVC Architecture

Like I said before, Laravel being an MVC PHP-based framework certainly results in high-end performance, enhanced security, robustness, and scalability. In fact, here presentation layers and business logic are separated precisely. 

However this is not it, there are several other intimidating features such as multilingual app creator, fine unit testing, artisan tool for command line, technical vulnerabilities fixture, integration with mail services, URL generations, inbuilt libraries, authentication and authorization and more. Apart from all these features Laravel is popular for other reasons as well such as: 

  • Tasks no longer take the time or a hundred lines of code as we have all the pre-built functions to use. For example, if you want to scale up in terms of performance choose cache. 
  • I am sure much like many, even you will find writing unit tests a pretty time-consuming task but it is somehow necessary. If you choose Laravel,  you may find that all the tests are well-integrated.

So now you know how Laravel gets into the world of technology and it’s making pretty much big! It’s time to uncover how to become an expert in the Laravel web development services realm.

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2. Skills Required to become Laravel Developer

Much like any other software developer, a Laravel application developer has quite similar tasks to perform but with a small twist. First of all, Laravel is a PHP web framework, therefore there should be no two ways about it. By hook or by crook you need to be well acquainted with PHP even before you start thinking of laying your hands on development procedure. 

And since it is built on the MVC pattern, you should be well acquainted with the fact that building blocks offered by Laravel are based on PHP language and are pretty easy to use. In addition to this, knowing CSS and Javascript can also result in better development.

In addition, he must carry an experience in managing API services (REST and SOAP), OOP (Object-oriented Programming), and MVC. Is he capable of using different test platforms such as PHPSpec, PHPUnit, and Behat? In addition, query optimization of databases (MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB and DynamoDB) and familiarity with server tools (Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM) and cloud servers (Azure, AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, etc.), an ideal laravel developer is supposed to know all this in prior. So these were just technical skills, as per soft skills any developer whether he is PHP or java or any other must possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills.   

Apart from that he or she is responsible for:

  • Developing modern web applications and providing adequate maintenance and support 
  • Writing clean and secure codes
  • Having a profound knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Debugging and resolving technicalities whenever occurred while development  
  • Create databases
  • Enhance different features and functionalities
  • Collaborate with other teammates 
  • Conduct best practices

3. Why Does the Future of Laravel Development and Other PHP Services seems at its peak?

Of course, one cannot predict their own future – thanks to the COVID Pandemic – but predicting Laravel’s future is not so difficult. The application development platform seems to be growing at a steady rate showing no signs of slowing down. 

If you take a close look at today’s ever-changing market you will find having a creative product idea is just not enough. I mean you never know, after a span of a few weeks, you might end up realizing that your competition has just surpassed you by creating a website based on the same idea as yours. Sounds mean, right? But this is the harsh reality of the development space. So does that mean there is no scope? Absolutely not! The future of laravel application seems to be pretty promising. 

Also, one should never forget that there is a hidden sword hanging on your head that states if the app is not launched right away you will get ripped into pieces. Fast delivery with no compromise on quality is something Laravel development can offer at its best. 

Imagine having an authentication process with less complexity. That’s exactly what Laravel promises to offer- its amazing configuration. In addition, Laravel is at its best when it comes to versatility where a business idea irrespective of its kind can be turned into a beautiful reality.    

4. The Future Scope of Laravel Developers in India

Before I say something about the future, here I would like to mention some of the MNCs which are already using PHP today. Google, Yahoo, Rediff, Facebook, Intel, Digg, Flickr, Zynga, Borland, eBay, Nokia, Oracle, etc. Know why we are adding this point. We are just saying that all these are based on PHP which is successfully running online. So where are you?    

If you ask us about the salary of Laravel developers in India, then we would say there is no fixed salary, not even based on work experience. It differs from company to company, plus how knowledgeable or how skilled is the programmer? 

Some of the most frequent designations include Laravel trainee, programmer, web developer, web designer, and software developer. So, you see the future is bright!  

5. That’s All, Folks!

I hope you enjoyed reading the post! Laravel’s success is rising day by day and I definitely would like to give a thumbs up for developing user-friendly, robust, and scalable web apps. 

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