Hiring a Dedicated Developer in India: A Complete Guide

Good News – We are privileged to witness web development companies mushrooming everywhere and claiming big. 

Bad News – More often than not, it’s easy for anybody to get overwhelmed while choosing the right one.

Table of Content
  1. Dedicated developers
  2. Types of Dedicated developers
  3. Why Hiring a Dedicated Developer in India
  4. Dedicated Developers vs. Freelancers
  5. Dedicated Developers vs. In-house Teams
  6. Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team
  7. How to Take interview of Candidate
  8. Conclusion

In simple words, hiring skilled, well-experienced dedicated developers can be a real struggle which no one really talks about. Fret not, the following post covers everything related to how to hire a dedicated developer in India for your next project. 

With the dawn of 2020 & COVID-19, Work From Home is no longer a luxury or exception; it has become the way of living especially for the web development industry. It may quite surprise you to know that businesses are embracing this concept of remote working like never before.  

Working from home trend has taken pace and reached upto 173% from 2005 which is faster around 11% compared with rest. Source

Also, flexible working hours result in increased productivity & employee morale. In short, offices are no longer limited to 4 huge walls it can fit into a backpack or even pocket featuring smartphones, laptops and tablets enabling one to connect from anywhere and at any point of time. Developers can share reports, support methodologies or marketable strategies, talk about wireframes, and partake in telephone or conference calls even without going out. 

Introducing the Concept – Dedicated Developers

You should be very much familiar with predominant ideas like far off/remote working, outsourcing software development, IT staff expansion, freelance and dedicated developers are no exemption. What is the chaos about, you may ask? A web development company offering full-time engagement provides an assigned developer to accomplish the task with effective quality and in the estimated time. 

Dedicated developers types include

  • Freelancers – Dedicated developers or designers can work as consultants or perhaps in bunches who may telecommute and straightforwardly collaborate with the ventures that enlist them.
  • Committed Development Outsourcing Model – One of the three famous models of software development outsourcing is none other than our dedicated development in which you re-appropriate the advancement to a devoted group recruited and oversaw by an outsourcing software development company. 
  • IT Staff Augmentation – This one is said when the businesses enlist the specific designers from an IT staff increase specialist co-op to build up the application at the office itself. In the majority of the cases, the recruited designers go about as a help to the previously existing inner IT staff of the enterprise.

Generally speaking, a team of dedicated developers comprises frontend and backend engineers, QA consultants, UI/UX designers, DevOps, Business Analysts, Project Managers and so more.   

Initially, the concept of hiring dedicated iOS or PHP developers for mobile and web might sound something that requires lots and lots of commitment and rigidity but the fact is it’s quite the opposite – flexible and straightforward. Now let’s understand how this works in regards to scope, time and cost.

Scope – Being one of the most flexible models in terms of requirements. Of course, the scope and workload of the project are supposed to be decided by the client himself. Since these professionals are accepted as your workers, you speak with them legitimately and every now and again, which makes adjusting the extension snappy and less excruciating. 

Time – Transparent collaboration additionally lets you and the vendor concur on how you will deal with cutoff times (which is a very important aspect in any web development project). Recruiting the group for a particular work, undertaking, or period is how this methodology works frequently. Nonetheless, in the event that you’ve appreciated working with the group, you can generally arrange the expansion of your organization.

Cost – The dedicated team model is exceptionally clear with regards to cost following. As a rule, customers pay month to month, similarly as they would pay their in-house workers. The aggregate comprises the month to month compensations of the dedicated developers and the vendor’s charge (administrative, infrastructure costs, and overhead).

Why Hiring a Dedicated Developer in India

Everything is under your control

All you have to do is sit back and relax as your chosen warriors will work for you. What you require is establishing requirements, deadlines and enjoying the journey of getting things done. 


Time and money both go hand in hand. Moreover, you will be able to look after your running business. 

Increased Productivity

The task-based development team strives to work. The project goes for more recommendations and testing processes as soon as the tasks are completed, thereby helping to improve project efficiency and productivity as well.


The team leader assigned to your project can scale up your resources according to your needs. This will allow you to have versatility and adaptability in order to function more effectively to achieve your ultimate goal.

Pace to Market

High-quality web apps and software are developed by experienced developers, leading to increased business agility and an enhanced and increased ability to operate under competitive market pressure.

Technical Knowledge is a must-have attribute when hiring a dedicated developer in India but that’s not it! What else do we need is some soft skills/characteristics leading to satisfactory results. 

  • Self-reliance – Development whether it’s for web or mobile is not an easy task. Programmers often end up facing tons of challenges during the process. Choose a professional who has experience of conquering complicated business tasks and find the best possible solutions.  
  • Self- Motivated – Developers are humans so feeling some lack of motivation or depression is quite normal. All it takes is to get up and get going.    
  • Be Demanding – The software engineers need to consider all the project requirements and provide a good quality of the final product. So, the developers need to be demanding to build a unique project.
  • Go an extra mile – Everyday developers face many problems, so your specialist needs to be pushing to find an issue, solve it, and tell colleagues about the changes.

Dedicated Developers vs. Freelancers in Outsourcing

Both have advantages, but we believe in employing a dedicated developer over freelancers.

  • It is expected that committed developers will have a higher level of competence through skilled work experience.
  • They will be committed in real terms to one project at a time, while freelancers will work on several projects simultaneously.
  • The outsourcing company offering dedicated developers is more likely to have a better production environment, services and communication support wherein in the case of freelancers, that might lack consistency.

Dedicated Developers vs. In-house Teams

There was a report stating that almost 78% of web development companies would have a team of dedicated developers working remotely by 2028. It may be very costly to employ a team of in-house experts.

The method of assembling an in-house team can be tedious and time-consuming, and it may not prove fruitful either. When an organization wishes to employ a dedicated team, the difficulty faced while recruiting attempts are saved.

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Certain Aspects to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

As said earlier, choosing the right team of dedicated developers can be insanely tricky. Make sure that your project is not jeopardized just because you end up choosing the wrong candidate. Down below we have come up with certain aspects to keep in mind while hiring a dedicated developer in India as well as overseas.  

Check out the team’s portfolio

This factor works both the ways whether you are choosing an in-house development team/ outsourcing or dedicated team of professionals. Before having a decision make sure that you have evaluated all the levels of their service provided.

The more you dig deeper, the more you will be able to find out whether they are fit for completing your project or not.

eTatvasoft recommends: Do visit developer communities like GitHub, Dribble, and many others where many Web development companies release their case studies as a showcase.

Transparency is the key

After all, we are talking about recruitment. It has to be transparent at any cost. Accurate communication whether it’s verbal or non-verbal is a must with potential candidates. But first comes first, you are the one who has to be organized about the type of work.

Make sure to present a well documented format of your requirement while hiring a candidate and also you must have a good knowledge about company figures and facts. These practices will help the candidates to know more about your requirements and understand it well.

Are they Budget-friendly?

Being one of the most overrated factors, the budget still matters. We mean outsourcing isn’t limited to countries or states it can be done anywhere. At present India is second but sooner or later it will overtake the US by the number of developers and designers. 

A simple fact is, Silicon Valley consists of the most sophisticated technologies, but it is expensive for its programmers to employ.

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How to Take interview of Candidate

So far so good! Now it’s time to interview the potential candidates before hiring a team of dedicated developers in India. 

  • Via Phone – It’s your turn! First of all, you need to begin with sharing your expectations, business goals and project requirements. Arrange for a time for a video interview to test the candidate’s skill level. How about sending them some practical tasks to solve. 
  • Skype Interview – If you aren’t convinced with the telephonic interview go for the video one. Here you won’t just be testing their hard skills featuring demanded knowledge and experience to create tech products but also soft skills include communication skills, creativity, conflict management, adaptability, dedication and more. 

This is it

In the end, hiring a team of dedicated developers will enable you to keep your team on track with specific targets, regular contact, and a well-designed progress evaluation system. And if you choose the right country for remote production, including India, you can get satisfactory results; no second thoughts regarding that!  


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