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PHP Development Services in India
Date published: 08/03/2016
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Being an open source web development technology, Laravel is freely available PHP framework with expressive and elegant syntax. It follows MVC structure and attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in majority of web projects, like authentication, routing, session, and caching. Laravel is accessible, powerful, providing vigorous tools suitable for large and robust application with easy maintenance and user friendly.

Our Expertise

eTatvaSoft is well qualified Laravel Development Company, offering to hire Laravel developers as well as Laravel Development Services from India. Our Software developer teams are experts in leveraging Laravel framework. Effective Website processing qualify us to deliver the pre-eminent solution as per our client's business idea, requirements and budget.

Our Experience

For a long time eTatvaSoft has served enormous numbers of industry by providing the web application or website as a business solution. We also deliver back end support and website maintenance being an IT company. It helps us to deliver the world class application to our clients and help them to enlarge their business.

Our Laravel Web Application Development Services

  • Website Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Website Enhancement
  • Maintenance and Support

Advantages of Laravel framework for web development

  • Save time due to its Instinctive Modular Packaging System
  • Superfast ORM that forms Database Relations easy
  • Unit testing for avoiding different regressions
  • RESTful Routing
  • Expressive Migration System that offers version control
  • For Security it provides Pre-enable tools
  • Inversion Of Control (IoC) manage dependencies

One of the most popular framework of PHP, Laravel is free and open source framework available to develop different types of website with less complexity and great amount of expressive nature. It is one of the cutting-edge, niche and lightning fast framework that has amazing code foundation and maintainability with tenacity of withstanding largest applications. Due to this Laravel Development Service has been boomed within shorter span and it has its own charm and maturity.

Laravel is preferable by developers and client due to its enormous benefits. It is easy to implement authentication procedure with confirmation mail services in Laravel. Clean and simple APIs make its very reliable and faster in operation, Revenue of any business will not be accelerated by making application only but also to create a fast application. Threats like SQL injection, cross - site request forgery and cross - site scripting can be wrapped and Laravel is secure against the threats. Laravel follows MVC framework so it's easy to manage business logic and design separately. Web application process is a mix of common and creative tasks and Laravel facilitate to do these common tasks in minimum amount of time.

Laravel implementation assures timely and cost effective delivery of any process. It is scalable and not a problem to find Laravel developer due to its popularity.