Glimpse of Drupal 8 Advancements

Drupal 8 development started a long back in Mach 2011. From that time, developers of Drupal are looking forward for the outcomes of every development, feature completion, clean-up, API completion and mode. Drupal 8.0.0 was released in November 2015, creating a curious murmurs- what’s that all about?

Drupal Content management system led to a great heights with the Drupal 8 for users, administrators and developers. Sharp focus was incurred on terrific content management framework, user friendliness, API’s and more.

There are 7 Drupal features, you must know

Symfony2 puts the more force on Drupal 8 backend service by offering tons of capabilities for modules and themes. There are many reasons to switch on to the Drupal 8. Check out this amazing features showcasing why Drupal 8 is awesome!!!

New Theme Engine

Twig is one of the brand new theming engine, which is based on PHP. With Twig, it enables you to create a beautiful and attractive and functional Drupal websites. It’s templates are written in a syntax which is less complex than a PHP template and it is highly secure.

Mobile First From The Get-Go

Drupal 8 was the first to introduce in the mobile. It has got built-in themes, that are responsive and admin themes have adapted to the screen size, “Back to button” go back to the front page. Tables fits good on the screen sizes and new admin toolbar works well for the mobile devices.

More HTML5 power to you

When it comes to web markup, HTML5 is the standard one. The same features are now available with Drupal 8. It gives you the access to the input fields like date, e-mail and more functionality and compatibility with mobile and handheld devices.

Multilingual support

Drupal 8 has got the extensive multilingual features out of box. The admin interface has built-in translations. It also enables you to create pages with language based views and block visibility. Translations updates are automatically facilitated.

Manage your configuration

Configuration Management of Drupal 8 has built in file system level so that carrying over configuration elements from local development is a breeze. Version control system is needed to keep a track. Configuration data is stored in files separate from the site database.

Easy Authoring

WYSIWYG editor and CKEditor are the editors that bundled with core to bring unprecedented powers in the hands of content editor. Due to the Spark Initiative in Drupal 8, it has got the most touted improvements in the editing service. It enables the content creators to edit the text without switching to the full edit form. And due to it, drafts are created in a much easy way by implementing with high security.

Quick Edits

Quick Edits is the backbone for the Drupal 8 in place editing for fields. If you are already logged into the Drupal site, you can edit the text directly for quick fixes and additions from the front-end.

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