Top 7 Best Magento Development Tools

The launch of the eCommerce business is spreading beyond borders and its wings across the internet like never before. The credits for developing an eCommerce store go to the backend processes that make the web app processing smooth and convenient. Also, aesthetically, you might find many premium front-end tools and third-party applications to make your way to high-performing business applications. One of the most efficient platforms behind this is Magento and Magento development tools effectively help businesses to build high-performing online stores.

 Magento is a PHP-based platform that helps developers in the development of eCommerce websites. After hundreds and thousands of businesses using top Magento development tools, there is so much your brands have done. This includes major brands like Wikipedia, Tumblr, and Samsung, which have used this open-source Magento for their online store. Magento as a whole has the capability to provide robust and high-performing eCommerce websites that can easily manage load and improve the run time. Magento stores have various types of Magento tools such as version checking tools, different Magento migration tools, shipping management tools, and apps that are useful for enterprises of all sizes and shapes.

In Magento catalog management tools, there are several debugging and development tools that make it easier for Magento developers from India to save on time and effort while actively achieving all the required benchmarks.

Let us start off with some of the major names in Magento development tools and their features.

1. Best Magento Development Tools

Best Magento Development Tools

1.1 Xdebug

The first one in this list of 7 top Magento development tools is Xdebug. Undoubtedly, this definitely stands all right to be number one on this list. Xdebug is a popular PHP plugin that aids developers in the debugging and smooth development of their eCommerce projects. This allows them to watch and correct issues that prevail due to challenges. In Xdebug, the var_dump() function in PHP has been upgraded. 

Xdebug allows you to add breakpoints and halt the execution of the code at each breakpoint. This allows you to view varying output in only one iteration of the function. As a result, you’ll save time that might otherwise need to be spent on troubleshooting your code or any other activity. It uses the DBGp debugging protocol to aid in debugging PHP programs. This program can assist you in profiling PHP script details.

1.2 PHPStorm IDE

PHPStorm is a popular PHP IDE that aids in the effective categorization and management of huge eCommerce projects. From the existing Magento store, the PHPStorm Magento 2 extension is ideal for auto-complete and code generation. It can also allow browsing and navigating the massive Magento 2 source code. It has GraphQL navigation line markers, class methods creation, and declaration examination among other things.

When you need to duplicate the same code structure in several places without compromising the code quality, the PHPStorm Live Templates functionality comes in handy.

Choosing an IDE to work with is clearly a matter of habit and personal preference, however, PHPStorm is generally compatible with Magento development.

1.3 EcomDev PHPUnit

Our next name in this list includes EcomDev PHPUnit. So, to be brief about it, this third-party Magento extension helps you to seamlessly integrate the PHPUnit framework. This extension is faster and involves rapid tests of Magento modules, blocks, controller actions, and other layout rendering processes.

With this Magento extension, you may use the PHPUnit framework to test functionalities, modules, blocks, controller actions, helpers, and layout rendering quickly. Repair the problem and urge Magento developers to utilize test-driven development practices. During run-time, you can see that available systems and objects are taken over by other test objects until a secure test database connection is established. Thus you don’t manipulate or change core files or the Magento database.

1.4 MageTool

One of the most powerful development tools for developing Magento websites that use the Zend framework. The most important benefit of the MageTool is that it helps to reduce the number of repetitive jobs. Instead of hopping between different tools and the admin system, you can perform commands and optimize the workflow using this plugin. In addition, by establishing a controller or module, this great tool streamlines the development process. The migration of data to the Magento admin and MySQL database is also simplified for developers. Programmers can quickly execute commands to significantly improve the flow of work.

MageTool is all set to offer multiple advantages such as, 

  • All your common processes can be automated.
  • Clears the cache and reindexes the data as well.
  • Switch between Magento admin and MySQL database queries with ease.
  • You can improve the flow of work as well

1.5 Easy Template Path Hints

This tool turns on template path hints in both the front and back ends of the Magento store. A developer can rapidly locate and sync paths for blocks and template files as per the theme using the path hint tool. It is turned on by typing searches into the URL bar. It works like Joomla to turn on the template path and hints. There are ways you can use to ease out template pathways for both your front-end and back-end applications. It comes with features such as 


  • Simpler Upgrade Proof Module.
  • You can use Joomla for enabling template path hints.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has an option to enable/disable path hints.
  • You can also add an access code for security.

1.6 Magento Debug

Magento Debug has been derived from a popular framework called the Django framework. If you wonder why it is called a debug, then the answer is because it offers a debugger toolbar. Magento Debug is also a useful tool for debugging Django-based code. It is beneficial to display request attributes in order for developers to gain a better understanding of the script. Magento Debug is a developer debug toolbar that looks and functions similarly to the Magento development toolbar. Aside from that, both programs have nearly identical features.  Some of the features that make Magento debug different than others are,

  • During a page load, collections and models are called.
  • Data about the observer and events.
  • In addition to their parent classes, extended classes are available.
  • Information on blocks, including their handle names and associated template files, as well as their entire file paths.

1.7 Magento 2 Cache Clean

This last one in the list is quite intimidating when it states cache and cleaning in the name. Well, Magento 2 Cache Clean is also a development tool that allows you to clean the cache of your app automatically from the development environment. It works extremely fast as soon as you write code. Considering that developing on Magento 2 without any cache enabled might be slow and inefficient, this tool is a must-have. You don’t have to worry about flushing the cache every time you add new code because every change is noticed and caches are removed automatically.

2. The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if we were to conclude the importance of these tools, then it is definitely a daunting task to select one from many. But this comprehensive list of premium tools will help you understand how each tool differs from the other. There are distinct features that these Magento development tools have and hence choose wisely from the list. 

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