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Laravel Vs CodeIgniter – Which is Better PHP Framework for Development In 2020

Incorporated with numerous built-in web development functionalities, PHP frameworks have been evolving as the scripting language of choice in India as well as across the globe like never before. As a result, today we are not just encircled by the tech but totally rely on it. The following post acts as a quick rundown of the best and most popular PHP development choices as of now: Laravel & CodeIgniter

Table of Content
  1. Overview
  2. Laravel
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. Laravel and CodeIgniter Popularity Comparison
  5. Laravel and CodeIgniter Table Comparison
  6. When to Use
  7. Conclusion


Flexibility, ease-of-use, open-source, MVC pattern, tons of utilities and libraries, high-performing results, are some of the most obvious reasons stating the popularity of the technology. Now what happens is whenever you code in PHP or any other language for that matter, chances become extremely for things becoming monotonous and repetitive. That’s where PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, etc enter the scene.

Initially created to provide a basic yet strong foundation while building a web application, today PHP frameworks are used for several reasons starting from speeding up the development process to performing tedious tasks with the help of numerous pre-built modules saving a substantial amount of time and effort of web developers. Stability and simplicity can be considered as hidden assets and the prime reason why many Laravel developers in India prefer the scripting language.

One of the most-asked questions among amateur developers or naive ones is when to use PHP and when not to? Well, there is no cookie-cutter answer to this. It’s the situation that calls for the use of such ever-evolving technology. For example, if you wish to reduce or eliminate bad coding or speed up the build process or while working on tighter deadlines or a project requiring substantial amounts of monotonous coding – look no further than PHP development in India.

Best PHP Frameworks Available

  • Zend Framework
  • Laravel Framework
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter

There are many other frameworks available so irrespective of your requirement your programmer will surely be able to find one that fits your needs in regards to features, support, speed, scalability, and so forth. And since we have limited time, it is better to hop straight to the point; choosing the best among the rest for 2020 – Laravel Vs CodeIgniter

Meet the First Contender – Laravel

Well, the popularity of the PHP framework, in particular, does not require any justifications, still features like good routing, migrations support, easy authentication, blade templating engine are worth mentioning. Other than creating wonderful web applications, choosing Laravel development services will also result in well-documentation.

Some of the most intimidating features include: 

  • An MIT license framework following MVC architecture
  • The source code is easily available on the GitHub
  • Simple to use Modular packaging and Blade templating engine 
  • Built-in Caching & Authentication Mechanism
  • Integrating with third-party libraries is no big deal
  • Sessions can be controlled in an effective manner
  • Better IO capabilities

What makes businesses choose Laravel Development in India? Well for that matter, not one, not two, but we can mention three compelling reasons.

  1. Admin panel generator – An effective online presence does require a strong admin panel and nothing works better than this technology as by using tools such as Voyager, Laraadmin, orchid; Laravel Developers can easily generate an admin panel in a couple of minutes.  
  2. eCommerce packages – Bagisto and AvoRed are the most recommendable while building with drag and drop processes an eCommerce website, the way we do in WordPress. Moreover, you can choose a reliable Laravel development company in India which not only knows but is willing to share all the ins and out of the framework. 
  3. SEO packages – Laravel Meta manager, SEOable, October CMS, SEOTools, Laravel-SEO, Asgard CMS, AutoMeta, Laravel CMS, etc, with so many Laravel SEO packages businesses, can expect a sudden increase in the site visit and rankings. 
  4. Laravel Lazy Collection: This Laravel Lazy Collection is developed to help Laravel Applications to use low memory while working with Large Databases.

Other than this, Laravle is highly recommendable for building enterprises or B2B websites that keep on evolving with the changing web trends. Generally, mastering on the front-end technology is not that easy; it might take a bit longer but it is doable. Fortunately, we have numerous exhaustive libraries and robust templates, community support & maintenance making things way simpler and better.

Laravel Development Pros

  • Without spaghetti code, elegant solutions to HTML can be offered by the use of Blade templates 
  •  Due to its high-end availability of libraries, better documentation can take place
  • All the security requirements are adhered to while creating a modern website
  • Laravel framework making things better when creating an enterprise solution. 
  • Business solutions can be created for relational objects and organized structure.

Hire Laravel Developers Now

Laravel Development Cons

  • Query Builder and elegant ORM inconsistencies
  • Unfortunately, Laravel development doesn’t import legacy systems well. 
  • Heavy bloated codes 

Meet the Second Contender – CodeIgniter

Are you planning to build a simple but large web application? If so, it is always advisable to choose the framework. The main objective behind its inception was to scale up the procedures for all the new and experienced CodeIgniter developers by providing a rich set of libraries for common tasks. This platform provides a friendly interface to access the libraries. One of the obvious benefits of using this one in comparison to Laravel development is that it minimizes the amount of code needed for a given task.

Apart from large web applications, this framework is highly recommendable for shared hosting accounts or when developers are looking for something with a small footprint. Unlike Laravel, CodeIgniter isn’t a strict follower of the MVC pattern but it does assist in implementing complex functionalities by allowing the addition of third-party plugins.

Some of the most intimidating features include: 

  • As far as security is concerned, it offers advance security and XSS filtering
  • The framework is extremely light and offers Data Encryption
  • Search-engine friendly URLs
  • Session management and inbuilt class support for calendar, template engine, and unit testing 
  • Error logging and image manipulation library

Why should businesses consider project development in CodeIgniter?

  • Being a clear and well-structured framework, it becomes way easier to document things. 
  • Simple routing method 
  • Better stability and support
  • Allows caching of the website 
  • Enhanced performance due to easier loading times.

On and all, CodeIgniter is best suited for creating lightweight applications especially the ones which don’t require maintenance and support in the future. 

CodeIgniter Pros

  • Storage requirements only include 256 MB 
  • Best suited for executing fast and small-scale applications or personal websites
  • Easy to learn and fast enough to master

CodeIgniter Cons

  • No global template structure and a small library offering
  • Future maintenance could be severe pain in the head. Also, the chances of rewriting the codes are many. 
  • Modular separation is not being supported here. 

The Popularity of Laravel v/s CodeIgniter in Web Application Development

As far as numbers are concerned, both the frameworks give you a perfect head start by relieving you of the headaches that go with them. According to Google Trends Laravel might seem way ahead.

Apart from this, around 117,809 websites have been built on CodeIgniter whereas Laravel development has been used in the creation of 132,687 websites majorly across countries like India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, America, UK and so more.

In the previous year, around 1.5% of the total questions were asked on Laravel and 0.2% on CodeIgniter. And of course, the popular GitHub says Laravel has 56.2K stars whereas the other framework has 17.7K stars. The winner seems crystal clear, right?

Let’s delve deeper without any further ado. A detailed comparison is waiting for you to be explored. 

A Detailed Comparison

Overall StructureFollowing the MVC pattern, Laravel is also well-equipped with a command-line tool named Artisan.  Even though CodeIgniter adapts MVC to provide a prompt response, the overall structure is based on object-oriented programming. CodeIgniter developers can use the platform as per their requirements. 
PopularityLaravel development is at its peak right now. The aforementioned facts and figures say it all.  Due to its ease of use in the 2.x CodeIgniter framework isn’t that behind. Sooner or later it will catch up the lead. 
Support for RESTful APIHere Laravel developers without wasting any time can manufacture an assortment of REST APIs On the other hand, CodeIgniter does not facilitate streamlining development REST APIs. 
Built-in Modules With a plethora of in-built modularity features, Laravel experts can easily break down the project into smaller chunks which can be worked upon independently. Unfortunately, you won’t find such features in CodeIgniter so as an expert you have no other option than creating full modules and maintaining in a timely manner. 
Support of other DBMSORACLE, IBM DB2, Postgrrientdb, Microsoft SQL Server, JDBC, and MYSQL, compatibleMySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft BI.
Learning Curve Here Laravel offers many additional features that might be difficult for the beginners to grasp. Beginners might find the framework easy to learn and use. 

When to Use Laravel and CodeIgniter for Development

That’s pretty obvious! The answer totally depends on what you need or what is the basic requirement of your project. For example, do you require ORM/PDO or logging, unit testing, database management, template engine, mail, encryption, RESTful API, Multilingual, form-validation? In case, your project requirement includes 20-40% of the requirements mentioned then go for CodeIgniter whereas if the project requires all of them then consider no further than Laravel development.

We being a reliable Laravel development company in India are capable enough of offering everything that your project needs irrespective of the industry.


Both the frameworks are best in their own way; choosing one thoroughly depends on your development requirements. Smaller solutions can be expected from CodeIgniter whereas Laravel development surely leads to the creation of solutions that consider the board, long view. So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to know more regarding the same.

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