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Crazy Craft

UI-UX / iOS App

Crazy Craft is an educational app developed for kids to show their creativity and become competent in drawing crafts. All their masterpieces can be displayed in gallery and shared in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and via Email. Our team has developed this iPad app for the little artist to ensure hours of fun and exploring! Kids learned and showed their creativity with the available cool objects to draw according to their wish. We had provided a very user-friendly user interface with several craft items to ensure.

Crazy Craft App

The Client

Our client wanted an iPhone app to enable the children to think creatively and keep them engaged using this fun tool. The tool provided with the wide range of drawing objects including, textual overlays, paintings, collage and other craft-based items. Building crafts helped the children to think from their perspective and worked on to create amazing designs.

Key requirements were:
  • A simple and easy to use app for children
  • Allow to work on any existing craft
  • Include different crafts objects like papers, painting, and funny faces etc. to draw easily
  • Give facility to take a snap or work with any photos from gallery
  • Allow sharing crafts on social media platform like Twitter and Facebook
  • Facility to access the app without internet connection
  • Give tutorial for self-learning the app

The Solution

Crazy Craft app was developed to provide a platform to the children to describe, think, analyze and interpret. It was a way to express the thinking without saying a word. A sleek and clean designed app to let the children excel in the arts. By having own creations, the children feel pride in bringing out their creativity.

Key Features were:
  • Facilitated an easy way to either create a new or modify an existing craft
  • Different types, textures and colors of papers provided to define background for crafts
  • Various drawing items like crafts, shapes, faces, natural, painting included in library to draw
  • Freedom to choose photos either by clicking through camera or from gallery
  • Crafts can be shared via. Email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • App can be accessed anytime without internet connectivity
  • Tutorials explained how to use the app