Traditional meeting methods which includes tons of paper affairs, printouts of meeting agenda, carrying all the relevant documents and of course with updated version have become a bit outdated. With the advancement of technology, everything is on the verge to become paperless and electronically available. Conducting meetings or schedule management is just not enough as a solution. Thus, we propose an enormous range of modules like broadcasting news for meetings, documents library, online voting system, chatting functionality. The modules play a major role in increasing efficiency, accessibility, and transparency and reducing human errors.


Services used on this project

  • Platform

    iOS and Web App
  • Backend

    SharePoint 2010 foundation
  • Programming Language

    Objective C
  • Database

    Core Data and SQLite
  • Integration

    PDF Tron, Foxit PDF SDK, iAnnotate Api integration
  • Development Tool


The Client

The client is based in Canada is a reputable provider of secure cloud-based meeting management software solutions. Client serves multiple public and private sector boards, committees and councils to maintain transparency, stakeholder participation, and accessibility standards of meetings as well as to improve organizational efficiency.

Core requirements were:

  • Provide participants to have secure access to attain meetings anywhere from any device.
  • Develop a solution that fulfills the client's goal to introduce a paperless system with extensive functionalities
  • Offline management of data and accounts management
  • Easy to use administration part that can have eyes on each and every part of the functionality


As a cloud-based software service provider, the Client desired to go with recent trends so that the solutions can be delivered with a new and convenient approach. With the rise in mobile technology, we have built a tablet-based mobile application to provide a solution and achieve the goals. Building an application helps the client to deliver a better business solution, it also helps to gain the business and target more customers. The solution helps customers to build trust within the organization.


The Solution

Meeting management application offers a wide range of facilities to multiple sectors boards, committees, and councils to organize and maintain the meetings and related to documents for meetings. The platform will help to distribute meeting documents to attendees and also allow them to create a voting system for any decision throughout the meeting and renders final results to them. The document can also be edited and stored offline. The platform handles all the critical functions before, after and during meetings along with this it keeps track of meeting supporting materials.

Key features were:

  • Meeting initialization, scheduling and maintenance will be done through this application
  • Application has provision to update the user with the latest announcement, meeting schedule and keeps track of meeting supportive documents
  • Dynamic voting opinion system wherein administrators can collect votes of participants through application and in the end fair result will be delivered to participants.
  • Agenda will contain details about meeting such as Name, Sponsor, Topic that needs to be discussed, Necessary files and venue. Also, participants can make private notes, comments in the document.
  • The solution is having group chat functionality which enhances connectivity between participants and staff.
  • The application provides comprehensive reports, one-click publishing, and an integrated action log.

Highlighted Features

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