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UI-UX / Bootstrap / Yii / MySQL

Chinuch is a rapidly growing virtual campus, organized by the Jewish Community members, to share the education resources to all the school children. We developed a creative and user-friendly platform in Yii, such that educators, contributors, and teachers can seamlessly share their vital piece of information online for the students. The students got a flexible platform to assess the quality study materials. Our designed website helped in strengthening the teacher's engagement with the students.


The Client

One of our USA-based clients brought an innovative concept of simplifying the education resource availability to the students. To bring reality to their concept, Chinuch - a virtual classroom was started which offered an exceptional learning experience for the students. Every submitted material goes through the screening to check the quality and accuracy of the content. Its accessibility is offered to everyone who wished to contribute towards the quality education for the school children.

Core requirements were:
  • Deliver the study materials in various formats
  • Provide a blogging facility to interact and collaborate with the members
  • Introduce a calendar to use for the different purposes
  • Facilitate commenting among the website members to share their views
  • Follow a grading system to organize the course materials accordingly
  • Allow educators to assign a course to the students
  • Live chat

The Solution

We developed an online learning system using PHP technology, where contributors, educators, and other professionals can connect with each other, and share their educational materials. This platform supported all major media files to provide with training in the best suitable way. All materials were designed to sharpen the students skills that will help them in pursuing a good career ahead.

Key Features were:
  • Online learning materials were accessible in four different formats- General (PDF and PPT), Clipart, Audio/Video, and Olomeinu Archives (Magazines, Issues, and Articles)
  • Facilitated a blogging platform, meant to provide an opportunity to share the information online
  • A calendar to define a brief description of every day of the month
  • Provided a 'Comment Book' section to strengthen the engagement of all members
  • Early childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Special Education were five different types of grading systems supported
  • Live Chat to provide fast, scalable, and reliable support to the users
  • Integrated Moodle to facilitate the educators in assigning a course to the students. Students receive a course registration alert via an email