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Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when responsive web design was just a trend, it has proven itself to be much more than a fad. Digital content is being viewed by millions of people on a plethora of devices these days. And switching towards RWD that changes portrait orientation to landscape in an instant is the only way forward. eTatvaSoft is a responsive web design and development company that creates navigable web pages keeping a few points in mind like namely clear readability with fluid navigation and eliminating horizontal scrolling at all cost, etc.

Responsive Web Design Services

  • Responsive website design and development using bootstrap
  • Convert existing website to responsive design
  • Fluid navigation
  • Standardized testing
  • Cross browser & cross-device support
  • SEO friendly
  • High-performance and adaptive web designs

Reasons To Choose Responsive Web Design For Web Development


Being compatible with all kind of devices, it increases amount of opportunity and business


RWD being fluid allows the content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices

Excellent User Experience

Providing the optimal user experience irrespective of devices, desktop, smartphone or a tablet


Having a single site for all devices costs less than two, and the savings can be substantial

Easy to manage

Managing one site is far easier than managing different sites for desktop and mobile version

Lower bounce rates

Excellent UX means users will stick around for a longer period of time

SEO friendly

Well-optimized website improves search engine rankings

Improved offline browsing experience

It is easier to continue viewing content within HTML5 web applications without an internet connection

Experience Our Experience

Designing, building and managing applications that is not only our forte but we push our mobility experts to their maximum potential. As a Responsive Web Design & Development company India Our responsive web designer team has years of experience in delivering the customized responsive website across all the devices with different widths and resolutions. And of course, with a huge client base spanning across industries, we take pride in the fact that we have provided satisfactory results and on-time delivery, for all our B2B and B2C clients.

Expertise Our Expertise

A slight abstract way of thinking is something we crave for and our highly efficient team maintains a widening competitive advantage over other web designers. Our team works closely with the clients to offer the extensive responsive web designs that offers the high tendency to set business in the global market. Also, being result-oriented professionals, we end up delivering unique websites. eTatvaSoft's core offerings, allows the company to provide utmost niche services.