Build a Perfect eLearning Solution with Moodle – The Fastest Growing LMS

With the advanced technological era where the things are moving fast and technology has spread its wings across several platforms, learning platform is not untouched. eLearning is a new concept which represents quicker delivery than traditional classroom. Lots of advantages can be taken by the companies, educational institutions and individuals who want to get trained or learn new concepts. A new method, which has emerged popularly as an eLearning source is Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), which is an open source LMS (Learning Management System) used globally.

Moodle is a landmark in technology, which has completely defined the new face of the classroom management and learning solution. With Moodle, users can experience several facilities that can be used by the enterprise, like podcasts, wikis, blogs and quiz, along with doing graphical representation, creating several questionnaires, interactive sessions and many more. It enriches the learning experience of the students and professionals. To redefine the complete process of learning, choose the best Moodle Development Companies in India to deliver the right learning management system.

Benefits of Moodle as an eLearning Solution

Open Source and Free

Moodle is an open source platform available for free which is distributed under the GNU (General Public License). Offering the platform for free means, users and organizations can modify it according to their requirement, share, run, and use it that way they want to meet their unique needs. Due to its extensive features, it has been used by several users. Even though, who cannot use it by own can hire Moodle developers who will perform the specific task at the reduced cost.

Having professionals working on a project ensures work to be completed in a little fraction of the time. A Moodle expert will serve with the various services to help the business provide customized solution to the individual.

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Apart from being an open source and available for free, Moodle is highly flexible which means it can be easily customized meeting the organization objective. Additionally, Moodle offers hundreds of plugin to enrich its functionality and tailor specific needs of the users, configure the Moodle using the plugins the way one wants.

Currently, over 500 plugins have been developed by the Moodle developers, learners and managers to make the learning platform more engaging, collaborative and fun.

Global Community Support

Moodle being an open-source is supported by its global community of developers. Meaning that, its codes can be accessed by anyone globally and modification can be done accordingly.  A major advantage hold by Moodle is that users who implement this platform for their eLearning solution will get the best user experience as the worldwide developers can access these codes and simultaneously modify according to the user requirement.

Endless numbers of learning resources are available to this largest open source platform which offers the ability for the users to get the answers to their questions easily with them.

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