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Date published: 08/03/2016
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Biggest drawback of native development is that one has to maintain source code for each platform, which increases maintenance cost and turnaround time. Due to this, many organizations are inclining to Ionic app development. Ionic is one of the most popular hybrid platform and providing good value addition in business without compromising the performance. We have qualified experts who strive hard to build feature-rich hybrid mobile apps in Ionic for operating systems such as iOS, and Android. Being an open source framework, Ionic packs with mobile SDK, powerful plugins, widgets, and interactive UI library that lead to successful development of hybrid mobile applications like never before. By combining AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS with our industry-oriented Ionic app development services, we can unbox endless opportunities for your mobile app idea. We are at your disposal to discuss on your mobile app project.

Our Expertise

With multiple years of experience and knowledge, we have the potential to offer high performance and incredible applications, no matter how complex or challenging the project is. Protruding standard app development concepts and coming up with apps that are cross-platform, offer great performance and engages target audience is what we aim for day in day out. Overall, we are Ionic App Development Company that ensures to deliver up-to-date, seamless looking outcomes that are highly functional integrating irresistible features to suit your business.

Our Experience

The Mobile app market is growing at a fanatic pace. Due to which our Ionic app developers are bound to deliver what’s best in market. Until now we have created mobile applications featuring functions like camera, contact, social media logins, Google Map and hardware access that work across various platforms and devices. Right from automobile industries to banking, travel, wild life, Business management, we have successfully developed an eye-catching UI/UX experience in the mobile arena.

Our Ionic App Development Services

  • Custom Ionic app development
  • mCommerce App development
  • Ionic app update and migration services
  • Social Media App development
  • Enterprise app development
  • Ionic App QA and Testing
  • Ionic App maintenance and support

Some Of The Best Reasons To Choose Ionic For Apps Development Are

  • Being an open source, the framework gives a developer the privilege to convert your apps from one operating system to another (Android, iOS). Now you may feel that open source frameworks are usually unstable but we can assure you of its stability with our past experiences.
  • Although AngularJS is known as one of the most dominant platforms, Ionic leverages data-binding and extension to HTML’s syntax features and allow our professionals to build apps with ease.
  • With the help of Cordova plugin, we are able to access a plethora of features like geolocation, Camera, and Battery. In addition to this, the framework offers lots of options to customize the app with attractive buttons, menus, color schemes, etc.
  • Lastly, the support you get from the community is simply great. All you need to do is simply drop in your queries and wait for their quick response.

Mixture of AngularJS and Apache Cordova as well as being an open source SDK, hybrid mobile application processing framework is famous and it is known as Ionic framework. Due to its cross platform nature ionic is widely used for cost effective for progressive mobile application specialization.

One good thing about ionic implementation is that it cover major aspects of native mobile application and functionalities that can be found in native mobile development SDKs. Ionic based Application can be built and customized in Android as well as iOS, can be deployed through Cordova. Ionic includes mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms, and an extensible base theme. Besides the SDK, ionic also provide features like push notifications, A/B testing, analytics, code deploys, and automated builds. To make it easy for Ionic developers it also gives command line interface to enable all the features by writing single line.

Ionic applications are easy to maintain and that makes it more cost effective over native development. Platform independency will bridge the gap between same features and functionality available in all platforms. Thus, Ionic is suitable for almost all domain industry.