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Scribe It

UI-UX / Responsive Design / CodeIgniter

The solution acts as a bridge between client and writer. It is a platform where marketers, companies, bloggers can post their projects and have writers write it for them. Writers can pick up the project they like, submit it to the concerned end-client and if the end-client is satisfied then writers are paid for it and can earn reward points. Thus it provides a platform for writers to freelance from their home and to clients who can have their projects completed without hiring individuals.

Essay Scribe

The Client

Client is based in USA and since years is in the business of content writing. Looking to the technological advancements, client decided to have a website for that which would allow editors from around the world to write content for end-clients who have posted their project's content requirement on the website.

Core requirements were:
  • Rating based on content written by a writer
  • Secure login to end-client & writer
  • User cannot sign in as writer and client using the same email
  • Payment Gateway for payment to the writer
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world and at any time
  • Set reward points for writer and writers whose rating is consistently below 4+ would be automatically removed from the website.
  • Writer whose write up is consistently rejected is automatically removed from the list

The Solution

The solution developed on PHP and utilizing HTML5 caters the writers an opportunity to sit at home and earn money by utilizing their skills. It proved out to be a fast method of posting and finishing projects. It has two type of users writer and end-client.

Key Features were:
  • Content writing for new article, website, eBook, specification Doc and email are carried via the web solution.
  • End-client will post the project through the web solution project creation form and also mention the amount that he would be paying for the project.
  • One can assign the project to all writers or specifically to 5+ rating writers, the choice depends on oneself.
  • One can set the deadline date for the writers to complete the project.
  • Writers can choose their area of expertise and search projects that are aligned with their knowledge and skills.
  • Writer after accepting the project does research for the project, creates the content and sends to the concerned end-client for review and approval. Later ratings to the writer is given.
  • The end-client will review the content and if it is satisfactory, payment procedure takes place.
  • If unsatisfied then the content can be sent back for revision or even can reject it.
  • The website automatically monitors the rejection ratio and remove the writers with reference to ratio counts.
  • Content can be received and shared in multiple formats and can be downloaded for further use.
  • Projects that receive 5+ rating also earn reward points for the writer. Once writers have acquired enough points, they can spend it in the reward store.
  • Dashboard and history of assignments are also provided