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Safe Sleeping

UI-UX / iOS App / Android App / PHP

Red Nose Day is founded to provide kids care and save their lives at the time of pregnancy, birth, infancy, and childhood. Taking forward the concept, Safe Sleeping app was developed to deliver reliable information about children 'Safe Sleeping', 'Safe Wrapping' and 'Tummy Time'. We made a simple to use app presenting all necessary information in six different languages including donation option.

Red Nose Day

The Client

Red Nose Day is dedicated to saving the kids life by undergoing through the world class research, bereavement support, and advocacy. They work on identifying the cause of baby's death by funding vital research and practices of safe sleeping (SIDS or fatal sleeping accidents).

Core requirements were:
  • Content should deal with the most concerned questions by the parents
  • Ease of use and attractive user interface
  • Support six different languages to display information
  • Easy navigation with option for online donation

The Solution

We developed safe sleeping app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It was an informative app covering the most common questions asked by the parents. Designed clearly using attractive colors, app can be used easily to access the information. For further help, user can access 'FAQ' section and know about the client in 'About' section of their website.

Key Features were:
  • Listed stepwise information on kids 'Safe Sleeping', 'Safe Wrapping' and 'Tummy Time'
  • Easily accessible app displaying information in lesser taps
  • Supported six languages, English, Maori, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese and Arabic
  • Integrated online donation for quick and easy donation from mobile users.