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UI-UX / Responsive Design / Magento

Retrievur is a platform to find outsourcing service provider to manage all home tasks and other types of services. Establishment of this platform helped the suppliers to propose their customized services at their locations and people to hire their services within the budget. To make a website easily accessible by every user, we followed art of creating user-friendly, simple and easy to use website. Integrated PayPal Adaptive Gateway ensures safe and smooth transaction of payment between client, their suppliers and customers.


The Client

Online availability of Retrievur has helped the service provider and end-users to manage all types of services in one platform. Providing the outsourced services to the end-users, client has widened the opportunity for the specialists to target potential buyers that is challenging while doing business internally. Availability of several options offered users to order services according to their specific requirements at the best price. It has streamlined the search process of finding service at the nearby location, thus, saved time.

Core requirements were:
  • Categorize supplier services into two types based on Packaged and Customized services
  • Multiple subscription option
  • Auto split payment to supplier and admin based on commission
  • A simple process of user's inquiry submission
  • Integrate smart search facility to search service based on nearby locations and price
  • Initiate a facility to track service request received by the supplier
  • Facilitate referral program

The Solution

As our client wanted a business strategy to offer big opportunity to service providers, we developed a more accessible website solution to touch the bottom lines. We worked closely to agree our client's propaganda, developed a platform coupled with the requested facility and accessibility. Building this platform helped professionals to outsource their services in large scale and earn big profits. The added flexibility of choosing services added cost savings value to both suppliers and customers.

Key Features were:
  • Facilitated two distinct supplier registration - Market place offered packaged service and Supplier offered custom service
  • Subscription model featured - one-time fee for a specific time period or buy a lead with a fixed payment
  • Integrated PayPal Adaptive Payment gateway to automatically distribute payment (product wise/supplier wise) between admin and supplier
  • A simple customer inquiry form to submit request with attachment.
  • Service search facility to customers at their nearby location within budget
  • Admin Reports to track service request leads received by the suppliers and quotations provided by the suppliers
  • Notification via SMS and email to suppliers for new service requests; and to customers for orders, quotation responses, acceptance of the job etc.
  • Integrated Referral Program