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UI-UX / Responsive Design / Magento

Kustomit is an online customize printing megastore for mobile phones and tablets cases. By integrating various designs and a printing layout for different models, Kustomit provides on-demand complete customization, freedom to the user to select product models and designs to create astonishing looking cases supporting the product. We had developed this online store on the Magento platform to offer a simple and automated mechanism to design a case selecting any default template or a personalized image.


The Client

Kustomit is a Peru based company that gives complete materials and training to create a customize unique case for the device. The client offers powerful online printing solutions to dress up the phones and tablets according to the specific user required design. The making process of the case design is simple that takes only few seconds to create a customized design for the case.

Core requirements were:
  • Build a platform showing high-resolution images
  • Extensive image editing features to improve image quality and meet customer�s expectation
  • Provision of different modes to upload images
  • Support rich digital media to engage customers
  • User-friendly website to easily complete customization process

The Solution

An easy to use Magento platform was built to take customers quickly through the customization process of their device case. Wide collection of high-quality images with intuitive filters were made available to standardize the image for various device models according to the customer unique needs. The process of creating a custom mobile and tablet case was simple.

Key Features were:
  • Incredible collection of completely unique design templates
  • Image upload via local drive and URL
  • Intuitive image editor featuring image auto-adjustment to fit case size, zoom in/zoom out, image rotation, reset image and many more
  • Simple drag and drop functionality to fit image across the device
  • Easy to search images from wide list of categories
  • Provided a section to display blogs
  • Admin access to original and customer edited image