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Inventory & Personal Mgmt System

UI-UX / Android App / PHP

The solution is multifunctional that helps control the journey of domestic workers with digital point, avoiding overtime with automatic compensation, calculating taxes, 13th salary, vacation calculation, eSocial DAE guide and terminations, online pantry with stock management and control, leading to more convenience and advancement to your home.

Kucco Inventory & Personal Mgmt System

The Client

To monitor a person who can help in household work have become crucial. With daily routine, it becomes difficult task to find, manage and maintain the houseworker as well as his/her pay amount and time schedule. To alleviate the daily awful process, one of our client came with a business idea to utilize information technology to provide a service where the management of worker and grocery can be handled painstakingly.

Core requirements were:
  • To manage easy way of multiple login to the solution and maintain subscription system through other solution
  • To provide genuine punching details for entry, lunch time and exit time according to the number of punches
  • To manage the product database coming from external API with additional information and allow the houseworker to utilize it
  • The mobile app and web application should be developed in multiple language with same performance and functionalities
  • To inform owner about the entry of houseworker and allow management as well as the calculation of payment on the basis of parameters
  • To generate a vigorous report to manage the business and inform users about the efficiency of the servant that has been hired

The Solution

A mobile application for the owner and tablet-based application for the houseworker make system convenient to use and maintain the data. The application helps to punch the timing of entry, lunch and exit. The application also allows handling the inventory management of grocery which requires being up-to-date. To enhance the business the solution contains an option to make aware owners about workers they have hired and their progress report.

Key Features were:
  • Two separate apps for the particular users such as the mobile application for owners and tablet apps for servant or worker
  • Passcode based punching system, once password will be entered correctly by a worker the solution will click the photographs and store the entity
  • To provide multiple time entries, algorithm has been settled that for the first time it will be treated as in time then Lunch time and then Out time in the solution
  • Owner will be notified with the help of push notification about entry and exit of worker
  • Load thousands of products on the basis of external API and inventory can be managed by adding the name of the product or scanning the barcode of the product
  • Weekly progress report generation and on the basis of that salary generation. It also includes complex calculation including Tax, to pay the salary to worker
  • Invoice generation while paying to the worker or subscribing to the package in PDF manner