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Kiraku Clothing

Responsive Design / Magento

Kiraku Clothing is a brand, featuring two clothing styles, aimed at unveiling their wide collections of clothes to anticipate an amazing launch. Their clothing styles for wholesalers and customers included both mix of every season's fashion, and garden clothing inspired by gardeners and plants to bring the best elements in designing the garments. We had developed four responsive websites - two each for generic customers and wholesalers on the Magento platform, to provide an easy browsing and navigation experience to everyone across all their devices.

Kiraku Online Clothing Stores

The Client

Located in the UK, Kiraku Clothing was launched with a concept of bringing forward, two types of fashionable clothes - one inspired by the Japanese old and new culture, and second was everyday outfits inspired by the plants, plant shapes, and gardeners. Quality has always their central focus, therefore every single piece is made by the experienced craftsman. Every garment is designed using sourced fabrics to give a comfortable feel.

Core requirements were:
  • Required four websites, each two of them targeting the generic customers and wholesalers of both types of the clothing styles
  • Display both back and front image of the product on its thumbnail, to reveal the product clearly
  • A fully responsive Image gallery to demonstrate all products
  • A detailed guide to the customers, focusing on their purchase
  • Secure payment gateway

The Solution

Kiraku Clothing had got their online stores developed for the customers who admire new trends and wholesalers who looked for the products to resell. Our team had designed four websites, two each targeting Japanese styles and plants for generic customers and wholesalers. Their websites had rapidly grown in the UK, having new active users every month. We emphasized on making the design simple and easier for shoppers to find the product.

Key Features were:
  • Designed and developed four responsive websites. Each two of them targeted the customers and wholesalers to buy clothing inspired from Japanese and European culture, and plants and gardeners
  • Image flipper facility to reveal back view of the product by mouse hovering on it
  • Embedded a fully responsive image gallery to make the website more interactive and informative
  • Integrated SagePay payment gateway