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Greetings App

UI-UX / iOS App / Android App

The Audible Greetings is a playback audio greeting app developed for callers. To initiate an audio playback, callers have to first configure an audio greeting within the app and make sure that both the caller and listener have got each other's contact number stored in their phone. Our team has filled the app with intuitive features to personalize the user's experience. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platform.

Audible Greetings App

The Client

The client wished to have an audible greetings app supported on both iOS and Android platform. Having a music sound after disconnecting the call makes the listener feel special. A custom recording audio adds a personalized experience to the listener. Client believed it was a good way of pleasing the caller instead of playing boring call disconnected sound. One can wonderfully represent feeling or message to the other person.

Core requirements were:
  • Integrate a list of different types of audio greetings
  • Support app on both iOS and Android platform
  • A reminder to schedule a greeting for a certain time period
  • Support audible greetings received by an android user
  • Give high priority to the greetings set for loved ones
  • Add receiver's name in the greeting

The Solution

Our team developed an Audible Greetings app to cheer callers during the conversation. The app was developed to entice both iOS and Android users to play audio greetings for their callers. It became a fun way to greet callers and make them feel special. Not only we developed a successful app, but also reduced extra step of calling by accessing phone contact, instead integrated phonebook directly in the app for the iPhone users.

Key Features were:
  • Accessibility to various audio greetings with the facility to set with a single tap
  • An audio greeting or a recorded voice audio can be scheduled for a specific time period (date/time).
  • Inbox, exclusive feature for iOS, display greetings received from other iOS and Android users
  • Set special greetings to 'Loved ones' contact
  • Text to speech setting to append a contact's first name and last name in their greeting