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Responsive Design / Moodle / E-learning

The online learning platform that helped school administrators in improvising the quality of education and also allowed them to grow their educational network across the globe. It created a global channel of communications for people to share their ideas and also enhance their knowledge. Precisely, it is a unique network for learning and development of professionals and students to share and collaborate on online learning medium.


The Client

Client is based in UK and is a market leader in education domain for providing e-learning solutions. They collaborate with different universities for providing the e-learning solution in their academic patterns. The client wanted to provide a regional based e-Learning solution to increase the efficiency of students and to enhance and improve the education domain.

Core requirements were:
  • Platform must be rigorous, secure, and fast and cope with minimum 250,000 users.
  • Provide a platform to give teachers access to upload additional resources
  • Secure login to teachers, students for viewing their diaries and daily activities
  • Message notification system to boost up interaction between users.
  • Digital media for students and teachers to keep their knowledge up to date with the current affairs and trends.
  • Single set of code but able to manage different organization through different databases.
  • Able to support all different types of browsers
  • SaaS based product so that client can add new schools from the back-end and can also provide them with the different template.

The Solution

At initial phase, the web solution was launched for personal use but looking into the importance of the solution, the client decided to develop web solution as a SaaS-based product. Later, a richly formatted dictionary for the students & teachers was tailored by us to accomplish client's purpose. The client was approached by the various organizations for adoption this web solution for their personal organization.

Key Features were:
  • A content management system displaying information, help guides, resources, personal note section for recording miscellaneous information.
  • File Sharing functionality for the users to share amongst different users such as only authorized users can access these files.
  • The administrative feature includes School account management, user account/groups management, website layout management, adding advertising objects to advertising list, managing school information, CMS management, Global settings.
  • Online real-time presentation facility with whiteboard
  • Integration of Moodle with core PHP so that the courses module of Moodle can easily be accessed via client's website.
  • With single setup, Admin can have multiple copies installed for different organization
  • The application is compatible with the browser including IE6. It can be accessed and used for different smartphones even.
  • User can navigate between Moodle & LMS easily through SimpleSAML authentication.
  • Messaging feature where teacher and parent can do one-to-one conversations and teacher and students can indulge in one to many conversations.
  • Courses Module developed in Moodle that will allow the teacher and school admin to manage various functionalities such as Grades, Course Completion Tracking, and Reports of the activities for any particular teacher.
  • There is library developed in WordPress for the students & teachers to help to improve their knowledge.
  • Users can also add the contact in the contacts sections and also search for the users of their organization.
  • User statistics report to help admin know about the traffics of the user in the system as well monitor various activities of the users.