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Responsive Design / OXID

Biotikon is a Germany-based online pharmacy shop; a platform to effortless sell quality medicines. Anyone can buy medicines from any corner of the world with the assurance of easily finding and getting them delivered at their doorstep. Loaded with dynamic features to incorporate our client ideas, we had developed this website in OXID platform to manage essential medicines record, and order placement followed by providing secure and superior online shopping experience.

Biotikon Online Pharmacy Shop

The Client

Biotikon was set up in Germany with the aim of providing the natural medicines by utilizing the plant substances. Since medicine is an important requirement of everyone's life, so our client had decided to help the people in getting their choice of medicines from the comfort of their home. The medicines are prepared after scientific research and, optimal composition of nutrients and vitamins are done to bring good health for the patient.

Core requirements were:
  • Maximize product query results by optimizing the product listing and giving smart search facility
  • Give more details of a product by featuring its multiple images. Each images can be scrolled and zoom
  • Allow adjusting the product quantity values in the product page. Also, allow Therapists registration by adding the additional details
  • Display all "related products" on the product checkout page
  • Customize default "contact us" form to match the business requirements
  • Link a small popup address form on the product order page. Also, allow the admin to check the website usability by providing two different templates for an address section
  • Check out should contain a newsletter subscription checkbox, cancel or change an order, and a custom message to avail free shipping
  • Accept payment through credit card method. Display default payment method during checkout to the customers
  • A thank you page for the guest users post their order and email them discount coupons
  • Efficient way to publish customer testimonial upon admin approval

The Solution

We developed an interactive eCommerce website for our client. This all new platform had transformed the way people bought medicine. We incorporated vast list of medicines with easy search facilities, smart pull down menus, stunning graphics, medical information, easy contact and payment details. Buying medicines became easier and website experienced high traffic with rise in the sales.

Key Features were:
  • Products were listed in multiple variations like category wise, grid, list, alphabetically, main and subcategory, smart suggestion etc. to allow an easy search
  • Given multiple images of a product. An image slider is integrated with zoom facility to allow detail view of an image
  • Featured product page to easily increase and decrease product quantity value. Also, user can register as a Therapist by inputting the few additional details
  • Given suggestion of all related products in the product cart page
  • Added customized contact us form, fax order, social networks, and others
  • A small address pop up form was added to enhance the website usability. Availed two different address forms to perform an A/B testing process
  • Facilitated customers to subscribe a newsletter from the checkout page. Availed facility to change order quantity or cancel an order on the checkout summary page. A customized message alerting customers to add more amount to get free shipping
  • Integrated payment methods to accept the credit card payments. Default payment details were displayed during checkout
  • Prompted a thank you page with a registration link to the guest users. Also, an email with €5 discount coupon code was sent to them. Admin can customize every block of information. The other information provided were free-shipping to use it on the next order, Biotikon premium membership registration, and bank details of user etc.
  • All testimonials received from the customers were published after admin's approval