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Archeological Database

UI-UX / CodeIgniter

To preserve the artefacts and ancient properties, archaeologists are trying hard to work upon, but what to manage its complete information and maintain the data repository of each chunk of element present. To store the details in depth of the heritage masterpieces, the solution was tailored. Access is granted based on the roles and responsibilities.


The Client

To manage all the records of finding antiques and manage cultural heritage through the paper gets more tedious. With the rapid advancement in technology, the Government of Finland made up their mind and planned to build a solution where information about projects going on antiquity and activities related to it can be stored. Thus, it can help to save the environment and go green.

Core requirements were:
  • To ensure the management and creation of a project with information along with applying filters in the project. The project can be also be created location based
  • The efficient solution that can be accessed by multiple users as per the roles and responsibilities
  • The administrator will be given all the access and authority to create and manage the user based on roles and responsibility
  • While dealing with important data it is essential to provide a high level of security to users while login to the solution
  • To ensure the up to the mark content of any project or information about antiques, provide an environment where content will not be prone with an error
  • Split the user data and information and manage synchronization the data with each other to maintain the solution

The Solution

With the advancement and cost-effective nature of open-source, an inquisitive platform has been created using Codeigniter technology, a PHP framework. There are certain functionalities which discriminate projects with the conventional solution such as integrating spell checker, creating a secure sign-in procedure without any obstacles and manage multi-lingual solution within the time frame.

Key Features were:
  • Intuitive yet handles the complex task with the robustness of open source technology, the solution was achieved
  • To provide search solution with rich functionality, a dynamic filter and dynamic sorting functionality has been integrated into the solution
  • As a Finland government be the targeted users, multiple roles and responsibilities have been designed and developed to manage the hierarchy of users
  • Maintain the communication with different operating system based server and store the data accordingly
  • When it is about data management of things that belong to ancestor time, it becomes important the correctness and accuracy of data. We have developed spell checker to implement this functionality
  • To provide secure access and distribution to the multiple users we have integrated LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)