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CodeIgniter / MySQL / CMS

What all online marketers demand, is handsome of revenue and a good reach and hits? But what and how to calculate this? The answer is the solution that we developed for our client which efficiently calculate the numbers for the publishers and let them manage the digits by just placing a link or a snippet of code in their post, isn't it cool now to track the results for online marketers!

Alex Affiliates

The Client

Rather than going with conventional advertising system, our Germany based client decided to create a portal to generate revenue through advertisement like Google Ads. The solution that allows to add the banner and generate logical code which will keep track of a number of clicks and visits. On the basis of performance, revenue will be calculated, generated and delivered.

Core requirements were:
  • Convenient and user-friendly solution to promote the brand and generate revenue based on an online advertisement
  • On the basis of clicks, sharing and visits of banner posted on multiple websites, a matrix calculation should proceed to generate revenue
  • Generate payment and maintain the status of it through the system for every advertisement
  • Manage database of user and advertisement so that it can be utilized again with some minor change
  • The system is huge so to maintain role and responsibility design and development need to be done accordingly to manage it
  • Active users should be benefitted with the procedure of recurring commission

The Solution

Based on the business requirement, an interactive platform and user-friendly interface has been tailored and deployed. We integrated multiple functions and dynamic code creation facility for attaching the advertisement to other websites. With technological expertise and rich interactive experience, we achieved the milestones and functionality of the solution.

Key Features were:
  • To maintain the user-friendly solution and its performance, Codeigniter-PHP framework is used to develop the complete solution
  • Administrator can upload the banners whereas publishers will choose one of multiple. After choosing the banner a code snippet will be generated dynamically
  • To promote the brand publishers will require to integrate that script code to the solution
  • To manage the number of clicks, the banner has a link which has been attached by administrator user while uploading
  • Through programming scripting, numbers of visitors and shares can be managed
  • With the come out of a number of visitors, clicks and shares, a mathematical calculation is developed and adjusted into the solution to calculate the revenue
  • Multi-admin roles allow admin to be a manager and manage the publishers and assign the roles and functionalities accordingly
  • The revenue generation has different constraints and algorithmic efficiency to provide one-shot or recurring payment calculation